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Common Ground On Grades For ’13 Draft

Posted by Stephen Czarda on April 29, 2013 – 2:17 pm

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Almost 48 hours removed from the annual tradition of Mr. Irrelevant closing out the three-day festivity known as the NFL Draft, hundreds of draft reviews are circulating around the Internet.

Experts attempt to examine each individual pick and then collectively add the grades together to give a draft grade to each franchise.

These grades, however are about as important as mock drafts—meaning they really don’t care any relevance other than individuals giving their thoughts about “winners” and “losers”. They often add disclaimers too to prove that they are indeed meaningless and will no doubt have to stand corrected for some of their choices.

A prime example of that can be the 2012 class for the Redskins that features an AP Offensive Rookie of the Year, the franchise’s single-season rushing yardage record holder, and a backup quarterback that can claim to be undefeated as a starter and have a victory over the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens.

What letter grades were handed out to them last April?

Two B-minuses.

Still, these grades can give you a quick background of these players highlighting their chances at making an impact early. Plus what’s the draft without the grades?

The Redskins 2013 draft class graded as follows:

USA Today’s Nate Davis: C-

Sports Illustrated Chris Burke: C+

ESPN Draft Guru Mel Kiper: C+

Yahoo! Sports’ Jason Cole: B+

Davis understood why the Redskins draft gameplan centered on picking up multiple secondary players, but questioned the team’s decision to not address the offensive line considering the fact that they traded this year’s first rounder for the man behind the line, Robert Griffin III.

They’re still paying for RGIII — no shame in that — and the tab will linger into 2014. However given the state of Griffin’s knee, we would’ve liked to see improvements to the offensive line.

Burke liked the Redskins draft as a whole but didn’t see any instant headliners like Griffin III due to their first round pick being with the Rams and rewarded them with a slightly above average grade to reflect that hole.

Washington knew this year would be lean after dealing its 2013 first-rounder as part of that package to land RGIII. The fourth-round pick of ball-hawking safety Phillip Thomas moved the needle more than that of up-and-down CB David Amerson in Round 2 (even if the Redskins later took sleeper Bacarri Rambo, a very similar player to Thomas). TE Jordan Reed could be fun to watch in this offense. There’s nothing great here, but all in all, it’s decent.

Kiper and Cole decided to throw Griffin III into their draft analysis since he was technically their first round pick after the trade.

Cole sees Phillip Thomas as a possible steal after being selected in the fourth round.

The one nugget pick in this group might be Thomas, who is a pretty good hitter and might provide some presence on defense.

So now that its all said and done, what grade would you give this year’s group?

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8 Responses to “Common Ground On Grades For ’13 Draft”

  1. By southern man on Apr 29, 2013 | Reply

    i give them an A-…they did a great job with the way they were restrained!!! got some steals in the draft that fel in their lap…HTTR…

  2. By James on Apr 29, 2013 | Reply

    Nothing I hate seeing more than fools like Nate Davis saying Redskins should have drafted o-line. Where? When? And better, why? Both times RG3 got hurt had NOTHING to do w/the o-line, but everything to do w/WRs not getting open and him having to scramble or doing so to try and win the game. People need to get a clue.

  3. By Anubis on Apr 29, 2013 | Reply

    People must forget we had 1 of the top rushing offenses last season with our current O line. We grabbed a few players for the right side of our line to get us thru the season. We are projected to have $47M in salary room for next season We can cement our O line next season if need be. We just took heavy hitters in the secondary and our banged up D starters will be back. Our D should have Orakpo Kerrigan Carriker, Merriweather, Wilson, Hall, Bacarri, Amerson, Jenkins Thomas, Crawford, and Fletcher. I guess maybe I am the only 1 thinkin we are deadlier than what we are getting credit for. Remember our D held Seattle under 14 pts in the playoffs till the very last 4 mins of the game. We are the sleeper cell breaking out. No matter if Cousins or RG3 is leading the offense our D will be stopping pts and adding pts as well.

  4. By Paul Sherman on Apr 30, 2013 | Reply

    I don’t underst the C+ grades. They had no first but still were able to get 3 secondary guys and some targets and speed for RG3. They got the secondary guys lower thah where they were projected. To get Amerson,Thomas and Ramboo was a steal. Being able to get Reed and the OLB in between Amerson,Thomas and Rambo was unexpected. They drafted speed and playmakers. This draft will prove all these draft pundints wrong 5 yrs from now! HTTR!

  5. By CavemanCatching on Apr 30, 2013 | Reply

    Still not sold on the Amerson pick – Jamar Taylor seemed like the safer CB choice, and DJ Swearinger the better overall choice. Reasoning being, we don’t need a rookie CB to start this year, but we certainly need at least one, if not two, of them to start at S. That said, we did get great value on the two safety picks, considering where they were taken.
    Jordan Reed has the potential to help make the offense unstoppable in two TE sets. Though, Coach Mike said he thought Reed was faster than Aaron Hernandez – he’s not! AH’s 40 time is .10 better.
    LB Brandon Jenkins will be a beast if healthy. Without blitzing last year, we had a hard time putting consistent pressure on QB’s … especially on third down. BJ could be a 3rd down game changer if that Lisfranc injury doesn’t linger.
    And, totally scratching my head on making TWO very similar RB picks . If Helu comes back healthy, both will have trouble making the roster … if not, only one will have a shot.
    Overall, I’d say a B- is about right: B+ for value, C- for need/priority. However, I give our UFA signings a solid A. WR’s Jason Thompson and Josh Jarboe, LB’s Will Compton and Jeremy Kimbrough, and OL’s Xavier Nixon, Kyle Wilborn and Jacoby Ashworth all offer intriguing possibilities. Watch the tape on Nixon … dude should have been drafted!

  6. By JMG111 on Apr 30, 2013 | Reply

    Thought we had a solid B, and the UFA class brings it to a B+. Still mystified by getting two RBs. I would have said 1 RB at most, then find a monster OL, or Hankerson-type WR. Glad they addressed that issue with the UFAs. Now let’s hope we start seeing some of these draft picks on the field in 2013-2014. HTTR.

  7. By Milltyme14 on Apr 30, 2013 | Reply

    We got O-LINE LAST YEAR!!!! apparently we are happy with that..which makes me more excited…

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