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Kerrigan’s Dentist Trip: He Knows The Drill

Posted by Stephen Czarda on April 10, 2013 – 3:01 pm

Ryan Kerrigan

2011 first round pick Ryan Kerrigan has quickly becoming one of Redskins Nation’s favorite players, as the Purdue product has led the Burgundy and Gold in sacks the past two years.

Recently, I looked into why some Redskins players wear a visor on game days and while some prefer it as a fashion statement, others wear a protective shield due to injury history. Kerrigan is one of the top performers on the newly minted Redskins “All-visor team”.

While a visor protects Kerrigan’s eyes and nose, the face mask protects his mouth and unfortunately for No. 91, he couldn’t have either piece of football equipment when he went to the dentists office yesterday.

You see that smile above?

Find out why it might be looking slightly different after his most recent visit to the mouth doctor.

For any of you out there in Redskins Nation, I’m sure you can feel Ryan’s pain right about now.

Usually you don’t hear about an NFLer getting their wisdom teeth removed, but with Kerrigan at the ripe age of 24, he still had time to let the annoying back row chompers make their debut.

However, Kerrigan decided to cut their cameo appearance short and got them extracted from his mouth.

With OTAs still days away, Kerrigan will make a full recovery by the time he returns to Redskins Park.

Send your best wishes to the 2012 Pro Bowler (@RyanKerrigan91) and let us know how excited you are to see him back in Burgundy and Gold for the 2013 campaign

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