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The Redskins Cross Country Travel Expert

Posted by Stephen Czarda on April 8, 2013 – 5:00 pm

Eric Kettani

While the offseason is meant for players to rejuvenate from the grind of a long season, Redskins fullback Eric Kettani has been doing the opposite. In fact, he may be doing even more traveling now then during the season where players travel at least 10 times, including preseason games.

In February Kettani, who attended college at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, was the guest of honor at the 59th Annual Touchdown Club of Annapolis Football Awards banquet. The Touchdown Club of Annapolis is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing youth programs at the community and school levels in and around the city.

His return to Maryland, however, has been just one of several states that Eric has set foot upon this offseason.

Find out why Eric has been racking up frequent flier miles and how his night back in the Chesapeake Bay State went here:

At the beginning of January temperatures plunged to record lows in the DMV, but Eric was far from the frigidness  as he took his talents (and body) to South Beach and the rest of the Sunshine State.  During his stay, he was treated to the love from his family and a premade bed to come home to at night.

Florida was just the beginning of his nationwide journey. Next up was Arizona and California! Throughout his career, Kettani has shown a relentless approach of never giving up on his dream of making it to the top of the professional football mountain by playing in an NFL game.

While he was in Arizona, however, he had a different obstacle to climb: Camelback Mountain. Camelback is well over 2,700 feet above sea level and its sharp and jagged terrain makes it difficult for some climbers to reach the summit. Kettani, however, had no problem reaching the top!

After conquering one of the highest points in the Grand Canyon State, Eric was ready to check off another state on his tour, California.

San Diego is home to Naval Base San Diego, one of the nations largest military bases in the country and the largest Naval best on the West Coast. Being in the Navy, it only seems fitting that he took a ride over the waters of the Pacific!

So far, Eric has stepped foot on the tropical grounds of Florida, the deserts of Arizona, and flown over the coasts of California! So it only seems right that he balanced his fun in the sun with some chilly winter winds.Knowing that Eric is ready to tackled any hurdle placed on his path, he decided to go to the coldest and most northern state in the Union, Alaska!

Along his trek to the Last Frontier, he had to stop at the home of coffee pioneer, Starbucks, at its place of birth in Washington state!

Anyways, back to his adventures north of the Canadian borders. Kettani was part of a trip with fellow military officers. Along the way, Eric was treated to a photo shoot with some die hard Redskins Nation members in Alaska!

We are digging those sweatshirts back here in Virginia!

Finally, after weeks of traveling the country, Kettani headed back to the state that he called home for four years, Maryland.

Seems like you’re enjoying your offseason  so far, Eric. We have one question for you though—when will you be checking Virginia off your cross country tour to swing by Redskins Park?

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