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Shanahan: Taunting The Football Is OK

Posted by Andrew Walker on December 20, 2012 – 4:25 pm

(AP photo)

(AP photo)

Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garçon has taken to spinning the football on the ground after several catches this season.

It’s an act that teammate Santana Moss made famous years ago, but head coach Mike Shanahan recently praised this specific display of excitement after a big play or a first down that, when done correctly, in no way should be looked at as taunting the opposing team.

But the officials in last Sunday’s Redskins-Browns game apparently took exception to Garçon spinning the football on the ground after the catch and pointing at it, and flagged him for taunting — a 15-yard penalty.

Shanahan was asked today by the media if Garçon was guilty of taunting.

“He didn’t taunt the ball,” Shanahan said. “[If] the ball doesn’t taunt back, you’re all right.”

It was immediately unclear if Wilson — which makes the NFL’s official football — had a response to Garçon’s “taunting” of their product.

Anyway, Shanahan said he didn’t necessarily agree with the taunting penalty, saying the spin is more an act of enthusiasm.

“A guy like Pierre Garçon, I love what he does. He is so into the game,” Shanahan said. “When he spun that ball, he was just looking at that ball … So those type of things I like. But there is a fine line between enthusiasm and taunting, so you have to play within the rules. So, you have to be yourself, whoever you are.”

Shanahan said he’s “never been big on trash talking.”

“A guy like Jerry Rice with all the touchdowns he scored, or Terrell Davis, he just flipped [the ball] back to the official,” Shanahan recalled, adding that he wouldn’t necessarily classify Garçon as a trash-talker.

“You just watch him. He keeps his point out there and he will compete. Well, maybe a little trash talk,” Shanahan said with a laugh.

The Redskins’ third-year head coach said he’s been impressed by Garçon’s “angry” style of play in his first year in Washington.

“That means you’re very physical,” Shanahan said. “A lot of times receivers don’t block. He takes as much pride in blocking as he does in running routes. Every time he catches the ball, he wants to go the distance. At least the great receivers that I have been around have that mindset, that anytime they touch the ball, they are going to go the distance.”

It’s a style of play that’s rubbing off on the Redskins’ younger receivers.

“Without a question — and you learn how to be pros,” Shanahan said. “And you have a guy like Pierre who takes pride in blocking and every time he catches it, he wants to go the distance. Yeah, it gets everybody to play at that high level.”

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4 Responses to “Shanahan: Taunting The Football Is OK”

  1. By kevo the moneylova on Dec 21, 2012 | Reply

    What redskins wide reciever can u double team???? Nobody, cause it will lead to sumbody bein open…at first they will only double team santana moss or they will double team joshua morgan….now with everybody playing they cant be stop…nd i believe they gonna get rid of brandon banks nd bring in another good wide reciever next year to fill in that last wide reciever spot…eagles gonna try to stop our run this sunday so they should be hype to go out there nd embarass them in they own home

  2. By kevo the moneylova on Dec 21, 2012 | Reply

    I think p.garcon attitude put fear in whoever thats covering him witch is a good thing…i tell him to keep doing what hes been doing ….the officials shouldnt called a penalty on the redskins as i recall 1 of the browns players push p.garcon cause he made a good play nd he jus spinned the ball after the play he made…

  3. By itx on Dec 21, 2012 | Reply

    yep, he was pushed by a browns player kevo.

  4. By Bob Elder on Dec 23, 2012 | Reply

    I agree with the coach and could not bellieve the refs threw the flag after Garcon did the ‘Santana’ spin. I think it was a bad call and hope the ref association reviews this and makes sure they don’t ever call it again. It is like the Cowboys getting the Redskin ‘fun bunch’ end zone celebration outlawed.
    The real story of the Redskins isn’t necessarily just RGIII but the most impresive play by Santana Moss–eventhough he was ‘releases’ after summer cuts he is playing backup and has made some of the most spectacular, game-changing receptions in the NFL. His catches and wizardry to escape would be tacklers after the catch have turned around several games that could have easily been in the L column. He doesn’t get the credit or notority but in my view has been the real reason the Skins could make the playoffs and win the Division. He is obviously a team player cause he taught all the new recievers how to do the Santana Spin.
    Go Skins beat Eaglea—and Cowboys!!.
    Redskin loyal since 1968 and the Vince Lombardi days
    Bob now fm Va Beach, VA

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