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#BALvsWAS: Halftime Summations

Posted by Andrew Walker on December 9, 2012 – 2:30 pm

(AP photo)

(AP photo)

The first quarter today was a marathon for both the Washington Redskins and the Baltimore Ravens.

The second quarter, meanwhile, continued that way for the Ravens, while the Redskins — marred by several penalties — couldn’t keep up.

At halftime, the Redskins trail the Ravens, 21-14.

Here’s some key plays from each drive:

Washington ball; continued from first quarter:

3rd and 7: Robert Griffin III’s pass to Pierre Garcon is incomplete. First four and out for the Redskins today.
Punt: 57-yard kick returned to the Baltimore 23-yard line.

Ravens’ ensuing drive:

1st and 10 >23: Bernard Pierce runs for three yards.
2nd and 7 >26: Holding called on Anquan Boldin on a run by Pierce.
2nd and 13 >20: Joe Flacco’s pass intended for Torrey Smith falls incomplete.
3rd and 8 >25: (Neutral zone infraction on linebacker Lorenzo Alexander) Flacco’s pass is complete to Ray Rice for nine yards and a first down. The penalty turns out to be a killer..
1st and 10 >34: Flacco finds Pierce for no gain; nice open-field tackle by cornerback DeAngelo Hall.
2nd and 10 >34: Flacco finds Smith, who evades several tacklers to get 21 yards to get to the Washington 45-yard line.
1st and 10 <45: Pierce runs for seven yards to the 38.
2nd and 3 <38: Two-yard run by Vonta Leach.
1st and 10 <31: (Encroachment on the defense on 3rd and 1) 31-yard touchdown from Flacco to Smith.
Extra point: good by kicker Justin Tucker.

Redskins 14, Ravens 14; Scoring drive: 9 plays, 77 yards, 4:29

Redskins’ ensuing drive:

Kickoff: downed in the end zone.
1st and 10 <20: Alfred Morris runs for four yards to the Washington 24-yard line.
2nd and 6 <24: Morris fumbles on his way down; recovered by the Ravens and taken to the Washington 14-yard line.

Ravens’ ensuing drive:
1st and 10 <14: Flacco, pressured by outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan, almost throws a touchdown, but the ball falls to the turf.
2nd and 10 <14: Flacco’s handoff to Pierce is fumbled; recovered by Pierce.
3rd and 10 <14: Flacco’s pass for 14-yards and a touchdown to tight end Dennis Pitta.
Extra point: good by Tucker.

Ravens 21, Redskins 14; Scoring drive: 3 plays, 14 yards, 51 seconds.

Redskins’ ensuing drive:

Kickoff: downed in the end zone.
1st and 10 <20: Morris rushes for five yards.
2nd and 5 <25: Griffin III completes to receiver Joshua Morgan for five yards and a first down.
1st and 10 <30: Griffin III complete over the middle to fullback Darrel Young for28 yards to the Baltimore 42-yard line.
2nd and 18 50: (Holding on Logan Paulsen) Griffin III to Garcon for 17 yards
3rd and 1 >33: Griffin III has a bad pitch to Morris, which loses nine yards.
Punt: downed in the end zone for a touchback

Ravens’ ensuing drive:

1st and 22 >8: (False start; holding) Rice runs for five yards
2nd and 17 >13: Rice runs for no gain
3rd and 17 >13: Flacco to Pitta for 11 yards to the Baltimore 24-yard line
Punt: Richard Crawford returns kick to the Washington 33-yard line

Redskins’ ensuing drive:

1st and 10 <33: Griffin III goes deep to Santana Moss, but it was incomplete. It was a tough, over-the-shoulder catch with a defender in his face.
2nd and 10 <33: Pass interference called on linebacker Jameel McClain on a pass intended for Moss.
2nd and 10 <40: Griffin III complete to his tight end Paulsen for an eight-yard gain.
3rd and 7 <43: (False start) Griffin III is flushed out of the pocket, runs for five yards
Punt: Fair catch at the Baltimore 13-yard line.

Ravens’ ensuing drive:

1st and 10 >13: Rice runs for no gain.
2nd and 10 >13: Flacco finds Pitta for a nine-yard gain.
3rd and 1 >22: Flacco sneaks the ball for a 5-yard gain and a first down.
1st and 10 >27: Pass to Rice five yards to end the half.

CHIME IN: What did YOU think of the first half of action from today’s game? Feel free to comment below.

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