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VIDEO: Griffin III ‘Will Steal Thanksgiving’

Posted by Andrew Walker on November 19, 2012 – 12:15 pm

(AP photo)

The Grinch stole Christmas, and the NFL Network’s Mark Kriegel believes Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III will steal Thanksgiving.

Kriegel made his prediction on this morning’s edition of “NFL AM,” just minutes after the crew interviewed Redskins defensive end Stephen Bowen.

He’s of course referring to the Redskins’ Thanksgiving Day matchup against the Dallas Cowboys Thursday at Cowboys Stadium. Kriegel said he’s been impressed with Griffin III’s performance in his rookie season.

“Forget the numbers, though; remember this,” Kriegel said. “Six months out of college, he has talent without hubris; youth without folly; the capacity to thrill without making the fatal mistake.”

NFL AM then cut to the clip of Tony Romo botching the hold on a game-winning field-goal attempt in a 2007 playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks.

“Hey, some guys spend their entire careers making rookie mistakes,” Kriegel said. “So do yourself a favor, take the ‘Skins over the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, OK?”

Here’s the entire piece by Kriegel and NFL AM:

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6 Responses to “VIDEO: Griffin III ‘Will Steal Thanksgiving’”

  1. By blackqbwhiterb on Nov 19, 2012 | Reply

    I want to believe, Oh, how I want to believe!!!
    I feel great about RG3 and the job he’s done, and perhaps more importantly, how he’s handled himself in the spotlight. Here’s the problem- The play calling. Dallas will watch film of the last 4-5 games the Redskins have played, and see option running to the outside over and over and over, whether it’s Morris or RG3. No timing patterns, no short-to-intermediate passing game whatsoever. RG3 has shown the ability, but for whatever reason, Kyle’s play calling/game planning has been too much Baylor, not enough West Coast Offense. Yesterday they beat a substandard team. I hope they can move the ball against Dallas, but unless they throw like they did against New Orleans, it isn’t going to happen. He has shown he can be an NFL passer, yet Shanahan keeps him playing a college-style offense. Even in the Eagles game, there were no 8-10 play, 7 or 8 minute drives for TD’s. They scored 4 TD’s on 2 short fields and 2 bombs, one of which should have been a pick, but Moss made a fantastic play. Against Dallas and going forward, they need to get things back on track. Yesterday they ran the same stuff that lost to PItt and Carolina. I’m hoping, I believe the guy and his team mates have the ability, but they’re running what Kyle tells them to run. Kyle needs to make sure he plans things right.

  2. By JT on Nov 19, 2012 | Reply

    While I agree with you in part, the truth is, they went back to doing what allowed them to win the games they did win. They need to stick with this approach. The 3 losses in a row came after RG3 suffered a concussion and teams knew they could just sit back in pass coverage. Once this option game starts being used correctly, like yesterday, it will be close to impossible to defend. Yes, on some plays they will guess correctly and catch morris or rg3 in the back field, but on most plays they have to respect that the ball could be handed off and flow that direction…or in the QB’s direction…or they may have to cover someone downfield on the play action. I think its all still in the works, and getting Garcon back was a huge help. If Davis was still there they would be scoring more. Yesterday was a step into the right direction for what has to happen to win games this year.

  3. By kevo the moneylova on Nov 20, 2012 | Reply

    Kyle shanahan called the plays that was gonna get the job done…he seen that the eagles safties was struggling to cover our fast wide recievers nd as they say “TAKE WHATEVER THE DEFENSE GIVES YOU” the cowgirls got a rookie CB if u put santana moss wit that rookie santana moss will get open all game long…its really about our players getting healthy enough to play good on thursday…i hear london fletcher got a sprain ankle nd prolly wont play so its all about getting healthy

  4. By Rickey Parker on Nov 20, 2012 | Reply

    Kyle Shanahan should call more deep passes like he did Sunday. He is to conservative. He needs to go down field more on first down.

    I think the defensive back needs to get closer to the receivers and cover them better.
    The Redskins need to rush the quarterback more with the linebackers. They would have a better pass rush.

  5. By Jeremy Seeley on Nov 20, 2012 | Reply

    I agree with all of you. I think that RG3 has been the best thing for the Redskins in quite a few years. He can throw it and run it. It is incredable how he make split second decisions when he is being rushed and come out with a positive gain. By watching how the Cowboy’s played on Sunday, and with the injuries to the team, we should be able to take advantage and win Thanksgiving. Hope for a great finish. Love to see them make it through the Playoffs.

  6. By Jaume on Nov 21, 2012 | Reply

    All what Mark Kriegel says in the video is right… RG III has been owesome in his first games of the season, he never have looked like a rookie and is making extraordinary things more than statistics can show. I’m hapy him being a Redskin and I’ll pay all the draft selections again whitout blinking.

    It’s also true that the surprise in the offense of the first games has vanished and we need to go further to win, but I think we can and we have players to make it. But, maybe, we don’t have an OC to get it. I hope i’m wrong.

    Talking about the season, maybe we’ll get playoffs or even win the division, or finish 5-11, but one thing is sure, we’ll enjoy the ride….

    HTTR and Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!!!!

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