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Robert Griffin III: ‘Moms Are Moms’

Posted by Andrew Walker on October 10, 2012 – 5:24 pm

(AP photo)

Jacqueline Griffin’s motherly instincts took over when she saw her son being taken to the Redskins locker room during Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons.

Unbeknownst to Jacqueline at the time, her son, Robert Griffin III, had just suffered a concussion after taking a hard hit to the head by a Falcons defender late in the third quarter.

But she still knew it wasn’t normal for Robert to be anywhere but on the field or the sidelines during his games, so, joined by her husband, Robert Jr., they ventured to the Redskins’ locker room to check on their son.

“Moms are moms,” Griffin III recalled to the media today. “They all came in the locker room … and found me and they made sure I was OK.”

Griffin III was sent home and did not return to the sidelines for the remainder of last Sunday’s game, head coach Mike Shanahan said. But Griffin III knew he was in good hands when he got there.

“I told them I was alright,” Griffin III said, “and they stayed a lot of the night with me that night at my house to make sure I was fine.”

Griffin III, it turned out, was fine; he said he didn’t feel any lingering effects from the concussion he had suffered just the day before.

But that doesn’t mean Mom wasn’t calling at 8 a.m. Monday just to be sure.

“I woke up in the morning on Monday and my mom called me at 8 o’clock because I told her I was coming to the facility at 8 o’clock,” Griffin III said. “I was here and picked up and said, ‘Hi, Mom.’ She said she just wanted to hear my voice. That’s how moms are going to be — they’re going to worry about their children.”

Griffin III said Sunday’s injury was a “learning lesson” about when to protect himself in future situations.

“The one thing I learned was I can’t do that to my team, to the fans or to my family because life is more important than the game of football,” Griffin III said. “These things that happen to us, getting hurt, getting hit in the head, that affects us down the road and I have to make sure I limit that.

“At some point, all players and our fans stop becoming players and fans. We start becoming people, and people care. I have to make sure I keep myself safe while still being the same player that I am; keep myself safe so that my family and the fan sand my teammates aren’t let down.”

After all, Griffin III loves his teammates, coaches, fans and friends. But he knows there’s two people at home who only want the best for their son.

“Like my dad told me, he said he’ll be 100 before I am,” Griffin III said. “So there won’t be a day that he’s not worried about his son. I love my parents for that.”

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2 Responses to “Robert Griffin III: ‘Moms Are Moms’”

  1. By Allen on Oct 10, 2012 | Reply

    is that honey boo boo’s mom in the background?

  2. By Hanna, fan for life on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    Allen,yes that is is mother. Now for imature remark, that’s. what parents does when their child gets hurt ,or sick. So your remark just let me know that your parents don’t care a DAM THING ABOUT YOUR WELL BEING. YOU NEED TO GROW UP AND BE A MAN AND, NOT A LITTLE boy.

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