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WAS-ATL: Fourth Quarter Conclusions

Posted by Andrew Walker on October 7, 2012 – 4:05 pm

(AP photo)

The Redskins certainly had plenty of opportunities to make a statement with a win over the undefeated Atlanta Falcons today.

And though Washington had a 3-point lead into the fourth quarter, it couldn’t eventually keep Matt Ryan and the Falcons’ offense at bay.

The Falcons (5-0) defeated the Redskins (2-3) 24-17 in front of 75,337 fans at FedExField.

The thought on just about every Redskins fan’s mind, however, is the condition of rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Griffin III was “shaken up” after suffering a huge hit near the end of the third quarter. He was taken into the locker room for evaluations and didn’t return to the game.

Redskins.com will definitely keep you updated on the latest on Griffin III’s condition.

As for the rest of the fourth quarter…

The Falcons took the lead early in the fourth quarter via an 18-yard touchdown grab from Matt Ryan to Julio Jones. It was a great display of focus by Jones, who was able to catch the ball with one foot in the end zone while dragging the other. Capped off a 6-play, 47-yard drive that gave the Falcons the 14-10 lead early into the fourth quarter.

The Redskins’ offense — led by rookie quarterback Kirk Cousins — responded in a big way. When things were looking bleak on third down, Cousins found veteran receiver Santana Moss wide open for a 77-yard touchdown pass — Moss’ second touchdown reception of the season — and, after the extra point, the Redskins took a 17-14 lead.

The Redskins’ defense then responded with two big plays by nose tackle Barry Cofield, who got a sack on second down and knocked down a Ryan pass on third down, setting up a Matt Bryant’s 53-yard field goal that tied the game at 17 with 7:42 remaining in the fourth quarter.

Cousins and company couldn’t find the same magic on their next drive and were forced to punt, setting up the Falcons on a potential go-ahead drive late in the game. They cashed in on a 13-yard touchdown by Michael Turner with 2:46 left in the game, and, after the extra point, went up 24-17.

The Redskins got 46 yards away from potentially tying the game on the ensuing drive, but Cousins was picked off by Atlanta cornerback Dunta Robinson.

The Falcons were held off on their next drive as they tried to run out the clock, however. The Redskins’ offense came back on the field with 1:21 left and no timeouts. Cousins, in the shotgun, got hit as he threw from his blind side on the first play and was picked off again, this time by safety Thomas DeCoud, which essentially ending things for today’s game.

Should Redskins fans be happy with a loss? Absolutely not. But considering the circumstances — like Griffin III’s injury — the Redskins still had their opportunities to come away with the upset and just came up short.

CHIME IN: What are your thoughts about today’s game? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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18 Responses to “WAS-ATL: Fourth Quarter Conclusions”

  1. By Chris on Oct 7, 2012 | Reply

    The tackle on Morris, to save the touchdown was huge. Not only did the Skins have to kick a field goal, but they lost RG after that tackle too.

  2. By Glenn Darr on Oct 7, 2012 | Reply

    We are an interesting football team, but not a good football team. We do need a better kicker, though. cundiff has not shown very much, other than he is what he is—average.

  3. By robert griffin the turd on Oct 7, 2012 | Reply

    Let’s see, Griffin 3 points. Cousins 7 points. enough said. I don’t judge QBs down by 7 with less than 2 minutes left. Let’s judge them when they have the option of the run. 3rd time this season Griffin goes a whole half with 3 points. Defense is not to blame this game.

  4. By Faygo on Oct 7, 2012 | Reply

    I had so much faith in this game =[ still love yall though redskins nation !

  5. By akacraney on Oct 7, 2012 | Reply

    OK, it’s time for Dad to step up to the plate, get rid of Kyle and get a new Defensive coordinator. The Offense is heading in the right direction but the Defense takes one step forward, then two steps back.

  6. By Scott Williams on Oct 7, 2012 | Reply


  7. By Scott Williams on Oct 7, 2012 | Reply

    Anybody heard update on RG3?

  8. By robert griffin the turd on Oct 7, 2012 | Reply

    the offense is headed in the right direction? did you not notice they only scored 3 points after 3 quarters? …2nd half of rams game- 7pts 1st half of bengals game- 3 pts 2nd half of tb game – 3pts. 1st half of atlanta game- 0 pts. … can’t blame the secondary when you mortgaged their draft picks on a qb that racks up 91 yds.

  9. By Sgt. Rudd on Oct 7, 2012 | Reply

    You can’t judge a QB down by 7 with less than 2 mins left? You’re the turd! That’s when you really need a quarterback the most! That’s when fame is made. John Elway’s drive, Peyton Manning! Drew Bree’s, and on and on. Real quarterbacks lead game winning drives, just like RG3 did last week. He’s the real deal and you are a joke.

  10. By Go Eagles! on Oct 7, 2012 | Reply

    I hope RG3 realizes he’s on a terrible team once he comes to his senses…

  11. By Ghost of Sammy Baugh on Oct 7, 2012 | Reply

    Where is NEIL RSACKERS when you need him?

  12. By Ghost of Sammy Baugh on Oct 7, 2012 | Reply

    RYAN KERRIGAN is awesome!

  13. By Ghost of Sammy Baugh on Oct 7, 2012 | Reply

    The pivotal play was the CUNDIFF missed FG.

  14. By Brian on Oct 7, 2012 | Reply

    “Considering the circumstances” ? You got to be kidding me.. A team with a rookie QB like RG III ( all the running around) and you have a rookie backup ?.. What is this like the 8th home game in a row they have lost ?
    RG III aside, I’m just tired of waiting and waiting and waiting for next year etc. The Defense Sucks, the Offense is a hit and miss. Field goals are once again an adventure..What has changed other than RG III ? 5 Games into his career and he has a concussion already ? the Vikings are 4-1, Jim Harbaugh comes in and turns around the 49ers with Alex Smith. The Cardinals are 4-1, the rams are 4-2. the Seahawks are 3-2.. When are we really going to improve ? Win or lose it seems every game is a nailbiter. If it wasn’t for a snake bit Tampa bay team this team would be 1-4….I’ve been a Redsdkins fan since before Sonny, I’ve seen this before. Just like Jurgenson teams, great offense and entertaining but never really won anything… After scoring so many points in the first few games on a day when 25 points instead of 40 would have won they can’t even score 20..Hey Atlanta is a good team, but this game was at home. Well, we still have Division games coming up and if they beat the Eagles, Cowboys and Giants only once each thats 3 more losses. Unless they do a big turnaround this is already a lost season.. I hope it isn’t, but we will see.
    And as I have told all the Michael Vick Fans over the years, a running QB is just gonna get hurt eventually..

  15. By robert griffin the turd on Oct 8, 2012 | Reply

    our GREAT offense is averaging 23.2 points a game. thats called DECENT.

  16. By Richard B on Oct 8, 2012 | Reply

    Shanny is not going to succeed in Washington. Sorry but our team is managed poorly. We cannot compete with a Defense that is consitantly un able to stop the pass. We give up mega points in the second half and 4th quarters. Haslett looks baffled on the sidelines. We are getting 0 pressure up front which is a must in the 3-4 scheme. I live near Denver and when Shanny was here they never had a solid D. You must play good defense in the NFC east!!! RG3 will get slaughtered when he plays a D like the G-men, Boys, and Eagles. How come other teams can hire a new Head Coach and compete right away? When Gibbs returned to caoch the skins again it was clear the game had passed him some and his age played into things. However, we competed again right away and were actually in the playoffs with sub par talent. Some HC’s have a way of getting the most from the players they have. RG3 is only one man. He is not going to save the redskins no matter how much talent he has. We cannot give him a pocket to pass from and he is getting punished which dont work in the NFL. Even though I like the direction and change I do not foresee success under the current regime in Washington. Shanny it is time to step down and retire. Your not going to build a winner in Washington. Got to love Alfred Morris…… Total stud and runs with a purpose and attitude.

  17. By TUTiger4life on Oct 8, 2012 | Reply

    Wow, I see the trolls and pessimists are already on a roll…
    I hate listening to people, especially ‘fans,’ who know nothing about football and how to build a winning program talk about what they’re sick of…I played this game so I watch each down, each play like a surgeon…I can pinpoint whose at fault really on each blunder, offensive and defensive–no matter what it looks like to the casual observer or ‘fan.’ I’m a Redskins fan and a true homer, but I’m not stupid…Things take time. Be patient. What else are you going to do about it? Get a life and enjoy the rest of your Sundays with your families and friends…
    RG3 is who we paid for and we CAN win a SB with him. There are many inferior pieces on this team that lead to losses. The team that disguises their flaws the best WINS on any given Sunday…
    This team is worth watching for a change…They will not win more than 8 games and were never going to–no matter how electrifying RG3 is or can be. Other teams got much better than we did in the offseason. It comes down to, “are you better than the other guy at the key positions?” More often than not, “we are not,” and no amount of being pissed off and trashing coaches, players, schemes, etc…is going to change that.

  18. By TUTiger4life on Oct 8, 2012 | Reply

    Hey ‘Turd’ watch your back, and get off our site!

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