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No, Mr. Harbaugh: DC Is For The Redskins

Posted by Andrew Walker on August 13, 2012 – 2:34 pm

(AP photo)

John Harbaugh thinks the Washington D.C. area should pull for his Baltimore Ravens.

In fact, Harbaugh said he’s more of a Philadelphia Eagles guy than a Washington Redskins supporter.

Hear that sound? My forehead just slammed against my desk.

Harbaugh was asked about both teams’ fans’ loyalties Sunday, and said the Ravens should be king in D.C., northern Virginia (where the Redskins’ headquarters are located) and in southern Maryland (where the Redskins’ FedExField is located).

“I’d like to see all the fans in Washington , southern Maryland, northern Virginia, let us be your AFC team, and [the Redskins] can be our NFC team,” Harbaugh said. “Except I am always going to kind of be with the Eagles myself. But we can be fans of more than one team. It’s a great sports area, and the Ravens are a big part of that.”

The big problem I have with this comment — other than the fact that he plugged the Eagles as an area team to root for — is the “we can be fans of more than one team” thought.

So what happens when the Redskins and the Ravens play each other? Who do you root for then?

The funny thing about Harbaugh’s comments is that he seemed to dance around the question, but then apparently couldn’t help but take the reporter’s bait.

“You’re going to get me in trouble,” Harbaugh said. “It seems like most of the people here are definitely big-time Ravens fans, and it’s very encouraging to see all the fans down here. We’re in a small area – it’s a tight area. There is enough room. There are enough people to support all the teams.”

I will say this: the Ravens are year-in and year-out a very good team, and have been more successful than the Redskins in recent years. That alone might make some fans jump off the Redskins’ bandwagon and onto the Ravens’.

But I also didn’t see the Redskins packing up and leaving in the middle of the night — and alienating their fan base — at any point, either.

Nope. The Redskins franchise simply has 75 years of devotion to the Washington D.C. region.

Question: What do you think of John Harbaugh’s comments? Do you think the D.C. area should root for the Redskins or the Ravens? Feel free to comment below.

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17 Responses to “No, Mr. Harbaugh: DC Is For The Redskins”

  1. By mel andrews on Aug 13, 2012 | Reply

    Mr. Harbaugh, That is the most laughable request we have EVER heard–WE are loyal to One Team–THE REDSKINS–Go kiss the rear end of the Eagle FANS!

  2. By david on Aug 13, 2012 | Reply

    NO f’ing chance!

  3. By skinsaneasylum on Aug 13, 2012 | Reply

    I am a lifelong Skins fan in Annapolis, MD. Yesterday, however, I could not resist showing up to the Ravens TC practice that they held at the Navy Stadium in Annapolis. Entry was free and I have friends who live just steps away, so the tailgating was a bonus. I also wanted to catch an NFL TC live, as I had never done so before.

    Needless to say, I rocked by #91 Ryan Kerrigan jersey all day. I was absolutely the only one in a Skins jersey (though about 15 people randomly came up to me and high-fived me or told me \’Go Skins\’). I got the customary ribbing by most of the Ravens fans, but a large number of them also engaged me in discussion about how good they think RG3, Orakpo, Kerrigan, Fletcher, etc. are or will be. Since I was wearing a Kerrigan jersey, a lot of people expressed how much they wish he played for them or how they wish he or Orakpo could replace TSuggs.

    Anyway, I am sure that the above questions came to Harbaugh due to the fact the team traveled to an area where there is a strong mix of both fan bases. Thank god he was asking for Skins fans to root for the Ravens in the AFC and not trying to say they should switch allegiances all together.

    I wonder why the Skins don\’t do more practices in TC away from Ashburn? Yes, they will be relocating to Richmond but wheres the love for Maryland? Maryland is the battleground for fans, not Virginia. If the Redskins want to maintain or strengthen their fan base, they need to be more active in Maryland.

  4. By Donnie on Aug 13, 2012 | Reply

    I pulled for the Ravens the year they played the Giants in the Superbowl. Never again will I root for them under any circumstance. From that day I have been baffled by the hate the Ravens fans spew toward the Skins…their fans have no class and are hell bent on dethroning Philly as being the worst fans in the NFL.

  5. By DC aka Skins4Life on Aug 13, 2012 | Reply

    He obviously does not know what it means to be a true fan. I am a die hard Redskins fan. My 2nd team is the Redskins and my 3rd team is the Redskins. Real football fans are loyal to one team. Who cares what Harbaugh has to say anyway. You can tell from his comments that he has no knowledge on the area and it’s fans.

    I agree that the Redskins should do more in Maryland and DC. That is just money hungry Daniel Snyder that is doing business in VA. I’m just glad he is staying out of our players/coaches way.

  6. By matt_1124 on Aug 13, 2012 | Reply

    “But I also didn’t see the Redskins packing up and leaving in the middle of the
    night — and alienating their fan base — at any point, either.”

    No they don’t like to alienate their fan base. They stick to alienating minorities through their team name and being forced to integrate by the US government.

  7. By HTTRgymierat on Aug 13, 2012 | Reply

    What planet is Mr. Harbaugh living on?!? I would become a Ravens fan if they were playing Dallas. Period. Saying he is more of an Eagles/Pigeons fan is not going to win him or the Ravens any popularity contests with the best fan base ever…Redskins, Hail Yeah! I have been a diehard Redskins fan for 30 years, always will be. This is our season to shine. HTTR!!!!

  8. By NASCAR Will on Aug 13, 2012 | Reply

    While people in Maryland may be fans of the Skins, just as big as those in D.C. and Va, the Redskins have always been Va’s team since they moved to D.C. Hell, you can go as far down as South Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee and find Avid Redskins fans, since they were the main South-Eastern team prior to the Panthers, Falcons or to a lesser extent the Titans.

    As far as alienating and racism, etc… That’s all been so long ago, under different management, etc. It’s ancient History. A poll by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania essentially confirmed that 91% of American Indians surveyed in the 48 states on the mainland USA found the name “Redskins” acceptable.

    Redskins are Rich in history, Proud, and will find their way back to the top sooner than people wish to believe. I say good riddance to all the bandwagon fans. HTTR all day every day.

  9. By Derek Haywood on Aug 13, 2012 | Reply

    what ? what ? Whaaaaat? Come on now Mr.Harbaugh,that’s some reallt good stuff you are smoking.This is Redskins Nation,the best fans in football.route for the Ravens,i don’t think so buddy.We are on the rright track back.HTTR!!!

  10. By mel andrews on Aug 13, 2012 | Reply

    Love All of the Above comments, YOU have ruffled our REDSKIN FEATHERS!

  11. By GOSKINSDMV on Aug 13, 2012 | Reply

    He gone crazy get summore rings HTTR!!! 4 my whole life

  12. By jag on Aug 13, 2012 | Reply

    Lets first see Harbaugh go on Baltimore TV & radio stations and tell Raven fans they should also root for the Redskins……

  13. By vaughan on Aug 13, 2012 | Reply

    a big ol h e double hockysticks no

  14. By mel andrews on Aug 13, 2012 | Reply

    I have a nephew in Glen Burnie—When he roots for the Redskins, I WILL root for the Ravens, I feel safe saying this ,Ain’t going to happen—NEVER—GO SKINS!

  15. By leonard kirby on Aug 13, 2012 | Reply

    I remember last year in preseason when our 1st string was dominating the Ravens 1st string and winning the game,then it was time for 2nd and 3rd stringers and rookies to get some play time,but the Ravens kept their 1st stringers in to catch up and win the game. D.C. is REDSKINS territory,and the Nations team,being the Capital of the USA. We go back 80 years. Balitmore’s team sneaked out in the middle of the night,Colts. Ravens one of the best AFC teams,but no much history,heritage, and time in the NFL. Ravens cant hold a candle to the Washington Redskins. HAIL,HTTR

  16. By Lavon Reynolds on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    How can you ask such a thing? We are Redskin fans forever. Is that what you do when things don’t go your way, jump ship. And to a Eagles fan as the coach of the Ravens, if I was the owner of the Ravens I really really take a good look at you!

  17. By Larry Sentelle on Aug 14, 2012 | Reply

    I’ve been a Redskins fans for as long as I can remember. I live in San Diego now but, I’m no Chargers fan…HTTR…I am a Maryland/ DC suburbs boy and when I was a kid we were all Redskins fans where I came from. Harbaugh stuff a crabcake in it already! No self-respecting Washington Redskins fans will ever root for the Ravens, are you kidding me dude? And he isn’t smoking anything good, not in Baltimore anyway, everyone knows about Baltimore, Heroin is the drug of choice…What’s that tell you about the place? Why do you think they call it dope? Stop nodding Harbaugh…WAKE UP ALREADY!

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