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Inside The Park: Cold Tubbin’

Posted by Ryan Kerrigan on August 1, 2012 – 9:08 am

(AP photo)

Note: Each day during the team’s training camp, Washington Redskins’ outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan will blog his insights about the team and his own life as he begins his second season in the NFL. To ask Ryan a question for the blog, you can leave a comment below, tweet your question to the Redskins’ account (@Redskins) with the hashtag #KerriganBlog, or leave a comment on the Redskins’ Facebook or Google+ pages.

Well, would you look at that! We’re not but five or six practices into the season and our new indoor practice facility already comes into use.

That thing is going to be great to have this season, especially when November and December rolls around and it’s much colder outside. It was also way cooler in there today, too, so I give the indoor facility two thumbs up so far.

As training camp rolls along and soreness starts to become a constant, you can find a lot of us players in the ‘cold tub.’ The cold tub is exactly what it sounds like: a big tank with freezing cold water and ice in it. The cold tub does a great job of reducing the amount of lactic acid in your body, thus alleviating soreness.

The water at times can be as cold as 40 degrees. It can be painfully cold at times. But once you’re in there for about 4-5 minutes, your legs go numb and it’s not so bad. You eventually get used to the cold as well.

The cold tub becomes most players’ best friend by the end of the year. It was a must for me last year; I used the cold tub every day. I would imagine it’d be the same case for me this year as well.

With that, I’ll dive into a couple questions:

From ‘Kyle Kerrigan’ (@KyleKerrigan) on the Redskins Twitter:
@Redskins Q for #KerriganBlog: Does @RyanKerrigan91 prefer using “man,” “dude” or “bro” when addressing friends & teammates? #CuriousFan

Well, bro, I don’t like to minimize my vocabulary. So, I’ll use whatever comes to mind, man. I mean if I’m chattin’ it up with my dude Logan Paulsen, I might say, “Yo dude, what’s up?” or, “Hey what’s going on,  Brony Montana?” You know, just whatever comes to mind, man.

From ‘Richard Jimenez’ on the Redskins Facebook:
“Who inspired you to play football? And everybody has a favorite player(;) who was yours and does his style of play make you a better player?”

(AP photos)

I’ve always been a fan of guys that could rush the passer. Growing up near Indy, it was fun getting to see Dwight Freeney pass rush and try to learn what makes him successful. I also liked watching Michael Strahan. His speed to power combo was awesome, and I try to emulate that in my game.

Well, that’s all I got for you today. I’ll catch back up with you guys tomorrow.


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