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Inside The Park: The Pads Come On

Posted by Ryan Kerrigan on July 29, 2012 – 11:25 pm

Note: Each day during the team’s training camp, Washington Redskins’ outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan will blog his insights about the team and his own life as he begins his second season in the NFL. To ask Ryan a question for the blog, you can leave a comment below, tweet your question to the Redskins’ account (@Redskins) with the hashtag #KerriganBlog, or leave a comment on the Redskins’ Facebook or Google+ pages.

What’s up ‘Skins fans?? I’m back from a one-day blog hiatus, here to shed some light on our first day in shoulder pads on Saturday.

There’s always a of anticipation going into the first days with pads on. Guys are anxious to lay that first hit and hear that all-too-familiar “crack” that truly signifies that football season is officially here.

It was another productive day for us on the field. It was a very physical practice as well. Once the shoulder pads come on, you’ve got no choice but to be physical.

For us on the line of scrimmage, not much changes from the days when we are not wearing pads to the days that we are wearing shoulder pads. The O and D lines are still physical whether the pads are on or not. The main difference is that we are wrapping up the ball-carriers which is what makes the days in shoulder pads fun because tackling is what football is all about as a defender!

All in all, it was a great way to finish out the first weekend of practices of the season.

Today (Sunday), Coach Shanahan gave us the day off. It was nice to be able to get some more sleep than usual, although my internal alarm clock made that a little more difficult than I would have liked. I started off the day at church, then spent the next hour or two looking for some furnishings for my new place.

I just moved right before the start of the season, so I’ve been working on getting settled over the past few weeks. It’s been a tough task, but that’s part of moving, I suppose.

Now I’m back at the team hotel, relaxing a little bit and checking out some of the Olympics coverage. It’s good to see the U.S. basketball team start the Games off well with a win. I’m anxious to see how this team does against the international teams who seem to be getting better each year. Should be interesting.

Here’s today’s questions:

From ‘Janet Correia Lopez’ on the Redskins Facebook:
My 10th grade son made varsity this year. He’s excited, of course…If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself?

Congratulations to him, first off! Quite an accomplishment for a sophomore, but I would just tell him to do what is asked of him and more by the coaches. Whether that’s putting in more time conditioning, lifting weights, watching film, etc.; to be successful you need to be willing to do more than what is asked of you. I would also tell him to have fun. I know its cliché, but some of my fondest memories of my life are from high school football. I hope your son and his friends can bond the way that my friends and I were able to have with football.

From ‘Franco’ on the Redskins Blog:
“Who’s lifting more in the weight room Ryan… you or Rak (Brian Orakpo)?”

To be honest, I’m really not sure. I know in college Brian had bench-pressed something like 520 pounds, which is absolutely insane. The most I ever did in college was 475, so at least collegiately he bested me. I don’t know how much either of us can lift now when we max out, but he’s an animal either way.

Well, that’s all I got for you today. I’ll catch back up with you guys tomorrow.


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4 Responses to “Inside The Park: The Pads Come On”

  1. By Cujo on Jul 30, 2012 | Reply

    Just like every year, I can’t wait for the season to start. How does RGIII look now that training camp has started. And don’t try to be modest with your opinion.

  2. By Franco on Jul 30, 2012 | Reply

    520?…475?..dang..Feels good knowin you have two beasts on the edge …#PickyourPoison… (PS.Thanks fo a response..all the Way from Texas…HTTR!

  3. By Lavar56 on Jul 30, 2012 | Reply

    I enjoy reading your entries but not nearly as much as i enjoy watching you tip balls and return them for touchdowns 🙂
    My question to you is what does a guy have to do to get his Kerrigan jersey signed by you? I damn near begged you… I know it was hot and I know you signed plenty of autographs but you looked right at me and smiled cause you knew i was a lunatic… hahaha I had a great time Sat but getting my jersey signed by you would have been icing on the cake for sure. Give me some pointers for next time. 😉

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