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Rookie Spotlight: Josh LeRibeus

Posted by Andrew Walker on July 26, 2012 – 1:02 pm

Each day during training camp, the Redskins Blog will be highlighting one rookie as they participate in their first professional camp and try to find their way onto the final roster. Today’s spotlight is on guard/center Josh LeRibeus.

The football stuff
Josh LeRibeus, the Redskins’ third-round (71st overall) pick in April’s NFL Draft, is considered an aggressive guard that could also fill in at center when needed.

The SMU product said he’s getting adjusted to the zone-blocking scheme Redskins coach Mike Shanahan uses.

“Zone blocking was our big thing at SMU, but here it isn’t just taking a single zone step,” LeRibeus said after the team’s first walk-through session of training camp Thursday at Redskins Park. “It changes based on the play. Just knowing the different tendencies of the different players and adjusting off them is probably the biggest thing.”

One item helping LeRibeus and the rest of his rookie teammates better understand the playbook is the iPads that were recently issued to each player.

“I like the way it’s organized,” he said. “And it’s got the notes for every play and I love it. I just transfer it from my journal to the iPad and have them in a doc.”

Sure, technology helps, but actually going out on the field and executing is LeRibeus’ main concern.

The speed, he said, is an adjustment from college to the pros.

“It’s something you think about because when you think college, it’s fast at some points,” LeRibeus said. “But practice here is faster than the games in college pretty much. It’s intense.”

Just a phase
One of the best aspects about the younger players in the National Football League is the ability to easily go back to their high school days and see what kind of recruit they were considered going into college.

And LeRibeus was a pretty good recruit — he was named the 23rd overall guard prospect in the nation by ESPN.com and was a three-star recruit by Rivals.com and Scout.com.

But I had to have LeRibeus explain his high school photo that fortunately still lives on Rivals.com:

What’s with the mustache, man?

‘It was a phase,” LeRibeus admitted. “Not attractive. Looking back, it definitely had a bit of a pedophilia look.”

LeRibeus said he’s been paired with fellow rookie guard Adam Gettis as roommates for training camp. Things have gone smoothly so far.

“It’s going great,” LeRibeus said. “No snoring — it’s been good.”

We’ll see how he feels about that in a couple of weeks.

I know you fans also like a good nickname. LeRibeus said he’s embraced a couple of nicknames: “Rib-Eye” and “The Rib.”

He’s also been known to be referred to as “XBox 360” and “Kung Fu Panda.”

Five W’s and one H:

Who is the greatest TV character of all-time?
“Michael Scott from ‘The Office.'”

What is your favorite football moment ever?
“The game against Central Florida last year” (a 38-17 win for SMU) … ” I just threw a linebacker.”

When did you first realize you were going to be a large man?
“When I was about 2 years old.”

Where is your favorite place to go out to eat?
“I love seafood.”

Why did you never become a Cowboys fan (he’s from the Dallas area)?
“I was a (Houston) Texans fans.”

How excited were you to sign your contract?
“I couldn’t get here fast enough.”

Go to training camp
If you’d like to attend the Redskins training camp, click here for a form and instructions to join the Redskins as they prepare for the 2012 season.

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7 Responses to “Rookie Spotlight: Josh LeRibeus”

  1. By jeff on Jul 26, 2012 | Reply

    As a Redskin fan of 31 years, I am disgusted by my fellow fans adoration of RG3. I can already see that he will be shielded from any criticism and all blame on his failure will be placed on teammates and coaches. I wanted to draft Matt Kalil for RT. We wouldn’t be worried about Brown’s bum hip now if we did. No one with RG3’s style has ever translated that to success in the NFL. Why will this be any different? I’ve already given up my season tickets and will renew them as soon as the RG3 era is over. Why does this guy get a free pass? We’ve never done that before.

  2. By ALLinSKINS on Jul 27, 2012 | Reply

    Jeff he hasn’t gotten a pass if anything the pressure is on. When have you seen Redskin nation be quiet about anything? Like most offseason as a fan base we get excited about acquisitions but this is different. As a fan and I cannot speak for all but there is for the first time something to rally around in hopes of us getting back to the glory days. All starts with the QB. Nothing is guranteed but he is potentially better then anything we have had in the last 10 YEARS! Let’s find out what we got

  3. By At on Jul 26, 2012 | Reply

    Shut ur hate ass up and support the man.. Ur gonna hop on the bandwagon as soon as you see em doing his thing.. Always hating on a brutha that plays qb

  4. By D.C.DieHard69 on Jul 26, 2012 | Reply

    Hey Jeff,
    You’re exactly the kind of fan I prefer to see rooting for the Dallas Cowboys. I can’t stand negative, whiny, pessimistic, complaining fans. Stop annoying us REAL fans with your hater, fake fan crap. Dudes like you are getting old. Go back to your KKK rally and focus your hate where it’s wanted. None of Redskins Nation needs your support, and RGIII damn sure doesn’t. Bye, bye.

  5. By D.C.DieHard69 on Jul 26, 2012 | Reply

    Oh yeah!! Jef, I wish you would’ve given me your season tickets, so I could laugh at you while I enjoy the fun. As far as success in style, you obviously haven’t been watching very closely recently, and you’re still stuck on John Riggins and the old crew. Get over it and support the now, or get lost. Can’t stand, can’t stand, can’t stand fans like you. What a joke!!! RGIII all day, every day old man, and I’ve been a fan for just as long, so don’t waste your breath. Go root for the Cowboys. Root for Romo. Rock the star. The Real Redskins Nation DOES NOT NEED OR WANT YOU!!!!

  6. By jeff on Jul 27, 2012 | Reply

    Thank you all very much for proving my point that RG3 is criticism-free in D.C..

    I saw him in person at camp today and he was worse than I expected. Highly inaccurate, poor footwork, and a tendency to want to take off with the ball as soon as he senses pressure. We’re in for a 3-13 season.

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