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Facts And Figures On Josh LeRibeus

Posted by Brian Tinsman on April 27, 2012 – 11:54 pm

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Even though the first two nights of the NFL Draft each yielded one Redskins selection a piece, they couldn’t be more different in kind.

Last night brought Robert Griffin III, the much-ballyhooed, Heisman-winning quarterback from Baylor University.  He received more attention in the lead up to the draft than the No. 1 overall pick, and instantly launches the Redskins into consideration as the most-improved team.

Offensive guard Josh LeRibeus did not inspire that kind of reaction, but then offensive guards rarely do.  Not many boards highlighted his technique or physical prowess, but he’s clearly a guy that the Redskins coaches loved at No. 71.

We’ll get more explanation on that tomorrow when head coach Mike Shanahan addresses the media, but I wouldn’t write off the pick in the mean time.  The Redskins needed help along the offensive line, and all reports indicate that LeRibeus excels in the zone-blocking system.

If you look up zone-blocking in the football dictionary, you’ll find Shanahan’s headshot grinning back at you.

So without further adieu, meet your second Redskins draft pick, Southern Methodist University Mustang Josh LeRibeus. If it puts your mind at ease, he and fellow Redskins teammate Aldrick Robinson were part of the 2009 Mustangs squad that broke the 25-year bowl game drought for the school: Read more »

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Redskins Select SMU OG, Josh LeRibeus

Posted by Brian Tinsman on April 27, 2012 – 9:50 pm

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For the second year in a row, the Redskins have selected a Southern Methodist University Mustang, this time targeting offensive guard Josh LeRibeus.

A 6-3, 312-pound specimen, he is ideal as a run-blocker and excels in the zone-blocking scheme.  Here are some of his mentionables, according to his Combine Draft Profile:

Leribeus returned for his senior campaign after being academically ineligible to play for SMU during his junior season. He returned to be the scrappy, reliable inside blocker that he has been throughout his career.

He has the size and technique inside to play early at the next level or be a reliable backup, which gives him fifth-round value as a guard or potential center.

Taken in the first half of the third round, LeRibeus will be expected to fill a role in improving the Redskins offensive line in 2012 and beyond.  Coming from the Run-n-Shoot offense, he shouldn’t have the transition time to the Pro Style offense that plagued Aldrick Robinson, but his adjustment from Conference USA competition could take time.

LeRibeus missed a season of college because of academic ineligibility, but sounds like he’s re-dedicated himself to football and academics since then.  He was also born and raised in Texas, and says he hated the Cowboys as a kid.

Here’s an interview from his Pro Day earlier this spring.  By all reports, he’s a funny, easy-going guy: Read more »

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Griffin III Comes Home To Redskins Park

Posted by Brian Tinsman on April 27, 2012 – 8:18 pm

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After a day of plane tracking, Twitter photos, and blog teasers, new Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has finally come home to roost at Redskins Park.

Griffin arrived with his family at the facilities late this afternoon and was escorted around his new place of employment by the Redskins brass.  This was his second trip to the facilities, but the first wearing a Redskins emblem.  The last time he came by was several weeks ago for his official visit with the team.

This visit was a lot less awkward, and lot more exciting for everyone involved.

Redskins broadcaster Larry Michael and Jordan Beane made the trip up to New York early this morning in order to document the Griffin trip back to Washington.  Here’s a video recap of the first of many Redskins days with Robert Griffin III: Read more »

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Tweet Your Way Into #RG3toDC Mosaic

Posted by Brian Tinsman on April 27, 2012 – 7:49 pm

Over the last 24 hours, the Redskins have endorsed a Twitter campaign based on the hashtag #RG3toDC.  The Twitter gatekeepers at Redskins Park (i.e. me) have kept an eye on the tweets throughout the day to monitor the excitement level from fans.

Not surprisingly, it’s off the charts.

Over on the Redskins.com homepage, a landing page has actually been set up to track these tweets, by turning the twitpics into a Griffin mosaic.  If you hover over the mosaic, the pictures become visible, and if you click on a given pixel, the corresponding tweet appears.

It’s pretty cool.

Most of the mosaic is being filled in by average, die-hard Redskins fans, but a number of celebrities have rolled out the burgundy carpet for Robert Griffin III, recording video greetings.  Those videos have been tweeted out throughout the day on our Redskins Twitter handle (@Redskins), and I encourage you to check up on each video.

After watching the videos, put together your own welcome video, and tweet it to @Redskins with the hashtag #RG3toDC.

Here’s the VIP list of welcomes to the district for Robert Griffin III. Click on the twitvid link to watch: Read more »

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Redskins Players Inspired To Get To Work

Posted by Brian Tinsman on April 27, 2012 – 6:56 pm

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In the nearly 24 hours since the Redskins made Robert Griffin III their No. 2 overall pick, the word has spread up and down the Redskins roster.  Some players were quick to the draw with welcoming tweets, while others responded throughout the day today.

One thing to note is that it’s not necessarily the offensive players that are most excited about his new presence on the team.  Indeed, it has been the defensive players that are the most outspoken in their support of the Redskins’ top pick: Read more »

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Griffin III Boards ‘Redskins One’ For D.C.

Posted by Brian Tinsman on April 27, 2012 – 3:59 pm

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Earlier this afternoon, new Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III boarded Redskins One bound for Washington D.C.  This is Griffin’s first trip to his new home as a member of the organization, and he enjoyed the relaxation of the team’s official charter plane.

Griffin will arrive at Redskins Park later this afternoon, to meet with the coaching staff and get started on his journey as a Redskin.  #RG3toDC is in full effect, and we’ll be covering every step of this young man’s path.

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Facts And Figures Behind Robert Griffin III

Posted by Brian Tinsman on April 27, 2012 – 3:28 pm

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When the Redskins selected Robert Griffin III last night, it was a first in many respects.  But as with any storied franchise, there are also dozens of seconds, thirds, and fourths to consider.

Thanks to the fine folks at Redskins Public Relations, we now have a comprehensive list of information on just about every angle of the Redskins’ selection.  For your viewing pleasure, enjoy: Read more »

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Griffin Voted Biggest Rookie Impact In 2012

Posted by Brian Tinsman on April 27, 2012 – 12:15 pm

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I’m not one for superlatives without substance, but a bold prediction is always of interest.  Enter Robert Griffin III to the discussion, and it seems like anything is possible.

The NFL Facebook page posted a poll earlier this week, in advance of the Draft, to determine which rookie fans were most excited about.  The actual question posed to fans was:

Which rookie will have the biggest impact in 2012?

And here are the results:

Read more »

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First Ever Chants Of ‘R-G-3’ At FedExField

Posted by Brian Tinsman on April 27, 2012 – 11:01 am

As the clock ticked down to 8 p.m. last night, Redskins Nation swelled with pride, as fans around the world huddled around their television sets and waited for the good word.

The team hosted its first ever Draft Day Viewing Party at FedExField.  Sponsored and impromptu Redskins Rallies cropped up all over the district, and at various bars across the country.  Fans on Twitter posted from as far away as Europe and Asia, foregoing sleep to watch the pick live.  At Radio City Music Hall, the overwhelmingly Redskins crowd booed Andrew Luck and the Colts, chanting ‘R-G-3!’ until long after he left the stage.  Into the wee hours of the morning, all anyone could talk about was the career trajectories of the first and second overall picks.

And last night was just the beginning.

The fan reaction was the perfect storm for years of frustration combined with insatiable pride.  It was a move that was three years in the making, of roster building and preparation to find that franchise guy.  Last night was only the first step, but today will be largely devoted to the celebration by the fans, for the fans.

The first stop we make is at FedExField, the new home field for Robert Griffin III, and the new-look Redskins.  Fans mobbed the Club Level of the stadium, and roared with the announcement by Roger Goodell.  For the first of hopefully many times, the crowd broke out in a spontaneous chant of ‘R-G-3!’ holding up three fingers: Read more »

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Audio: Griffin Sings Redskins’ Fight Song

Posted by Brian Tinsman on April 27, 2012 – 12:17 am

Off the football field, Robert Griffin III has the reputation of a smart cookie, who finished high school and college early while juggling the demands of football.  He was also reported to have a fine singing voice, which he used while asking his fiancee to marry him.

In a move that should impress Redskins fans worldwide, Griffin combined the two skills in his interview with Larry Michael on a special draft edition of Redskins Nation.

Nothing like starting off your Redskins career with an abbreviated rendition of “Hail to the Redskins.” Read more »

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