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Mrs. Lichtensteiger Happy Kory Is Healthy

Posted by Brian Tinsman on March 20, 2012 – 5:37 pm

AP Image

Not to startle you with profound headlines, but I assert that Mandi Lichtensteiger is happy that Kory is rebounding from a traumatic knee injury in Week 5.

There really is a point to this story.

When Kory tore his right ACL and MCL on an awkward play against the Eagles, Mandi embodied the role of his ‘better half.’  She had to do many of the things that he physically couldn’t do, as he recovered from surgery (via his exclusive interview with Redskins Nation’s Larry Michael):

“Probably the first month after my surgery, it was just a lot of pain, and more than I was prepared for,” he said of his lowest point in the recovery.  “It took me a while to get off the medication and get my quality of life back.”

Five months later, he may not be 100 percent yet, he’s moving around fine without crutches, and can drive himself around without his wife as a chauffeur:

“It was my right leg, so I couldn’t drive.  I had to have a chauffeur–my wife filled that role for me,” he said with a small grin.  “She was pretty good about it, but I could tell there was some frustration there.  A lot of frustration on my end–but understandably so from her end too.

“It’s good to have the low point over with, and it’s all up from here.”

Check out what Kory has to say about getting back to running, and how he handled watching football from the couch: Read more »

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Carriker Excited; Warmly Welcomed Back

Posted by Brian Tinsman on March 20, 2012 – 4:32 pm

via @BigPoppaPump94

Not many players dress up in three-piece suits to sign a new contract with their football team.  Not many players are as excited to come back as defensive end Adam Carriker:

The last several times I spoke to defensive end Adam Carriker before free agency, I always asked if he thought he was coming back to D.C.?  And his answer was always the same: I want to, but I just don’t know yet.

But in the early hours of free agency last Tuesday, the Redskins made the push to finish the deal and bring back an important piece to the defensive line.  Now that he’s been back, he has filled his amazing Twitter account with all kinds of employer enthusiasm:

Read more »

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A Two-Tight End Set Of Garçon And White

Posted by Brian Tinsman on March 20, 2012 – 3:34 pm

via Scouts.com

In the opening hours of free agency, the Redskins upgraded their receiver corps with speedy youngster Pierre Garçon, and drew the approval of another young player already on the team.

Outside linebacker Markus White is an old friend and teammate of Garçon’s, and actually learned a lot from the elder Floridian at John I. Leonard High School.

Back when White was entering high school (at the turn of the 21st century), he was a skilled basketball player trying to make the transition to football.  Garçon was a senior tight end in the Mighty Lancers’ offense, and helped freshman tight end White make the transition to the gridiron.

“That was back before I hit my growth spurt,” explained the 6-4, 266-pound linebacker with a smile.  “I was probably…170 back then, but I had pretty good hands.” Read more »

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Vote Cover Of Redskins Facebook Timeline

Posted by Brian Tinsman on March 20, 2012 – 2:21 pm

The Redskins are in the process of introducing a brand new franchise timeline to the team’s Facebook page, and are looking for your input into what the cover will look like.

Yeah, that’s right, we’re looking for (*insert your name*)’s help.  This is not some generic invitation, it was intended for (*insert same name*) and all of his or her closest friends.

It’s pretty simple: go to the Facebook page devoted to the vote, and select your favorite image from the available list.  It’s divided up into decades, with an iconic Redskins shot from each of the eight decades that the team has been in existence.

I have to imagine that the 1980s image is going to get a lot of consideration from voters, but there could be a lot of octogenarians on Facebook who fondly remember the 1940s.  I’m just saying.

This project is particularly fitting, given that the team will be celebrating its 80th anniversary this season, and 75th season in Washington D.C.  Happy voting, Redskins Nation.

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Armstrong’s NFL Celebrity Hoops Game

Posted by Brian Tinsman on March 20, 2012 – 11:29 am

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When it comes to discussions of who’s better at football, there aren’t many NFL players that will oversell themselves to teammates (with obvious, Prime exceptions).  With the decision ultimately falling to the coaches, and egos on the line, there isn’t room for much fruitful discussion to be had.

But any other sport is fair game.

Players are happy to tell you about their skills on the court, or pitch, or diamond, and the stories get better as time goes on.  But when it comes to basketball, the time has finally come for players to ‘put up or shut up,’ as Anthony Armstrong is helping host a Celebrity All-Star basketball game to benefit his Lucky13 Charitable Foundation.

On March 30, Redskins and Ravens fans will be treated to a jointly-hosted event by Armstrong and Maryland grad Torrey Smith in Fredericksburg, Va.  This is the second annual “Ravens vs. Redskins themed Celebrity Basketball Game,” and brings great football players together for a great cause. Read more »

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