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In The Name Of Grandma, Call Him Joshua

Posted by Brian Tinsman on March 19, 2012 – 5:04 pm

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Last season in training camp, we learned that O.J. Atogwe wanted to be “Oshiomogho Isaac” and H.B. Blades would rather be “Horatio Benedict.”  This year, in the opening hours of free agency, the Redskins added another player that really doesn’t prefer the nickname game.

Meet Josh Morgan–or should I say Joshua.  He may not really care, but his grandma reportedly does.

“I really don’t care man, it’s Josh, Joshua, it really doesn’t matter.  I really don’t care,” he said with a broad smile.  “But my grandma named me Joshua after the guy in the Bible, and she really likes that name.”

It turns out that Grandma Morgan is a D.C. resident and lifelong Redskins fan.  She may not be well-versed in Twitter and Face-space, but she knows how to Google her grandson.

“See, when I played out in San Francisco, she didn’t always get to see my games, because they were on the West Coast,” he explained.  “But she would always read about the games later to see how I did.  And when she did, she wanted to read ‘Joshua.’

“She’s old-school.  She named me Joshua, and that’s what she wants to read.” Read more »

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Fletcher: I Have Another Three-Four Years

Posted by Brian Tinsman on March 19, 2012 – 3:32 pm

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As holes continue to be filled with free agency signings here at Redskins Park, the murmur from the fans continues to revolve around the status of free agent linebacker London Fletcher.

When Fletcher first signed in Washington five years ago, he was widely believed to be making the final stop of his dazzling career, and would surely be retired by time his contract expired at age 36.  But in that span of time, Fletcher has switched from the middle linebacker to a 3-4 inside linebacker, and raised his level of play to epic proportions.

Fletcher is a fan favorite, and rightly so.  With his style of play and work ethic, he’s a natural leader, and rightly so.  He deserves to sign what is presumably his final contract at a fair market rate, and rightly so.

But how is a team, player or agent supposed to gauge a fair market contract for a 36-year-old who led the league in tackles?  Fortunately, that answer is way out of my department, but there has been mutual interest expressed in a reunion.

Read more »

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Sign Ups For Alexander’s ‘Ride To Provide’

Posted by Brian Tinsman on March 19, 2012 – 12:55 pm

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In what has become a springtime tradition, Redskins linebacker Lorenzo Alexander is hosting his third annual’ Ride To Provide’ bike riding event across scenic northern Virginia.  The date is Saturday, April 21, and sign-ups are now open at the event’s website.

Why the advanced warning?  It gives you time to dust off your bike from last year’s event, and get your knees and ankles back in working condition.

The bike ride is a fun and challenging event that lets both children, parents and the recreational and avid cyclist raise money for Lorenzo’s ACES Foundation and the Bethesda Cycling Program of Walter Reed and one of its specific programs, Ride 2 Recovery.

There are four different distances to ride: 10-mile ride, 20-mile ride, 35-mile ride and 53-mile ride.   Read more »

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Back When ‘Truck Neild’ Delivered Offense

Posted by Brian Tinsman on March 19, 2012 – 11:30 am

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In only his rookie season on the team, Redskins nose tackle Chris Neild developed a reputation as a quality defender.  He earned his snaps as the season went on, and proved to be many things on the field: a reliable run-stuffer, a vicious blocker in the return game, and an able-bodied pass-rusher when the pocket collapsed.

Off the field, he endeared himself to fans with his facial hair and amusing interviews, becoming a locker room character and always answering my stupidest questions.

But one thing he will most likely not be known for in his pro football career is a great offensive threat.  That part of Neild’s game is a thing of the past, with only an awesome Twitter picture remaining: Read more »

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