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Stanford Prospect Is Redskins’ Namesake

Posted by Brian Tinsman on February 28, 2012 – 4:25 pm

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At the time of birth, parents have the obligation to name their child.  With that naming, they hold the power to set their kid up for life with either a great name, or a very difficult standard.

One unfortunate example comes to mind.

In high school, I had the opportunity to work with a kid from Arizona named Michael Irvin.  By the time I met him, he had already heard all of the jokes.  No, nobody had ever called him “The Playmaker.”  No, he wasn’t a triplet.  And no, he really wasn’t any good at football.

But his parents were such big Cowboys fans at the time of his birth, that they elected to name him after they’re favorite player.  Seriously.

At around the same time, somewhere near Lemont, Ill., Michelle and Bill Fleener were watching a Redskins game, when famed Redskins Hog Joe Jacoby was pictured on the screen.  Family legend says that Michelle, quite pregnant at the time, turned to her husband and asked him what he thought of the name “Jacoby Fleener.” Read more »

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Radio DJ’s Not Ready To Be Cheerleaders

Posted by Brian Tinsman on February 28, 2012 – 2:20 pm

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Over the last few weeks, the Redskins Cheerleaders have been making the rounds to local radio stations in anticipation of their upcoming classes and auditions for the 2012 season.

At the end of last week, they visited 95.5 WPGC and partied with DJ Flexx, who was wearing his favorite Redskins jersey, No. 21 Sean Taylor.  He calls himself in the video, “The No. 1 Redskins fan, period.”

So what would make the best experience for the No. 1 fan?  How about learning some basic Cheerleader moves from Mila and Monique, two of the most recognizable First Ladies of Football.  Check out the video here.

DJ Flexx did pretty well for himself, and maybe by September, he’ll be ready to go.

Another pair of ladies–Ashley A. and Maigan–also visited Boxer and Intern Tim at 98.7 WMZQ, and got both men to show their best moves.  Let’s just say those moves were something short of Jagger’s: Read more »

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Shanahan: Fair To Judge 2011 Draft Now

Posted by Brian Tinsman on February 28, 2012 – 12:10 pm

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Conventional NFL wisdom will tell you that it’s unfair to judge a draft class after one season on the team.  Sure, the great drafts in Redskins history (see 1981, 1983, 1999) had early indications of greatness, but most players don’t blossom in their freshman year.

The 2011 Redskins draft class has the potential to be a historic draft, simply based on its size.  With a dozen picks, the Redskins were able to address a lack of depth at some positions, and upgrade the talent at others.

Their collective play has caused Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan to abandon the prevailing theory on judging a draft class, as he explained to Redskins Nation’s Larry Michael at the Combine:

“You can always judge a draft after one year. But if you have a lousy draft and nobody’s doing good, then you wait two more years and you say, ‘Well, at least there’s hope.'”

“I feel very good. I feel very good about our draft, and we got a lot of depth on our football team. We need that kind of draft this year. We need a good, solid draft, as well as free agency, like we did on defense last year at a few key positions.”

“Hopefully, we can have that kind of success…It’s exciting, and you gotta have a gameplan.”

Hear more about it, below: Read more »

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