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Redskins Cheerleaders On ‘Fox & Friends’

Posted by Brian Tinsman on January 12, 2012 – 11:55 am

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Some of your First Ladies of Football appeared on the ‘Fox & Friends’ program this morning to talk about the military tours that the Redskins Cheerleaders did overseas in 2011.

Cheerleaders Dawn, Toccara and Jessica were joined on the program by Alan Krutchkoff, President of Adopt A Soldier Platoon, US Air Force Col. Ralph Romein, and treasurer of Adopt A Soldier Platoon, Allan Virginia.  All together in 2011, Redskins Cheerleaders did five tours with military members and personnel, four of them overseas.

“We were the first group in Iraq that actually visited all [militarized zones] in Iraq through one of our tours,” explained Cheerleader Dawn.  “Y’know, we know it’s a celebration, but also holding your breath moment.  I lost someone in Iraq–a close friend–and you want to say thank you.  It’s the perfect time to say thank you to our military, it’s in person face to face.”

One of the things that was particularly interesting about the trio that was on the ‘Fox & Friends’ show, is that they were touring in Iraq on Dec. 15 when the US ended military operations in Iraq.  This was a surprise to the Cheerleaders, who were then witness to a very historic moment.

But even caught up in the importance of the moment, the Cheerleaders remained focused on the goal at hand: to provide soldiers with a little piece of home.

“That’s what we’re there for,” said Cheerleader Jessica, who said the Cheerleaders refuse to leave until they’ve greeted everyone.  “We make it a point to meet and greet every single one of them because they made the time to come to our show and we flew all the way out there to say thank you. So we’re going to make sure we say thank you to each and every one of them.”

The executives of Adopt A Soldier Platoon were very appreciative of the ladies’ efforts, and the hosts of ‘Fox & Friends’ heaped on the praise.

Back stage, the ladies had an opportunity to meet well-known politicians Rudy Giuliani and John McCain:

A. Alfano

A. Alfano

Many thanks to the brave men and women that serve and protect our country every day, around the globe.  A visit from the Redskins Cheerleaders is surely a memorable moment for these soldiers, but I’m sure that the cheerleaders will tell you that they were the lucky ones.

[Editor’s Note: A big thanks to public relations guru Angela Alfano for the assist with this story.]

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