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Kerrigan Quietly Mic’d On NFL’s ‘Sound FX’

Posted by Brian Tinsman on January 5, 2012 – 1:36 pm

It recently came to my attention that Redskins rookie linebacker Ryan Kerrigan was featured on the NFL Network’s show “Sound FX,” which features microphone’d players and whatever they have to say over the course of a game.

The microphone in his helmet was used to catch his interactions between teammates, coaches and opponents during the Redskins-Vikings game on Christmas Eve.

Kerrigan is a ferocious athlete, and has been called one of, if not the strongest Redskins on the team.  As a converted defensive end out of college, he played every snap of his rookie season and was in the Top-10 of every meaningful defensive category for his position, including tackles, tackles of a loss, sacks, forced fumbles, interceptions and defensive touchdowns.

He was thrice nominated for NFL Rookie of the Week, and was the September recipient of Rookie of the Month.

But he strikes me as a curious designee for the microphone treatment, a role normally filled by the iconic smack-talkers  on a team.  

Kerrigan is the definition of Teddy Roosevelt’s “Speak softly and carry a big stick”–go about your business quietly and let your play talk for you.

All of this is not to say that Kerrigan doesn’t have interesting things to say, but you can tell from the video that he doesn’t  normally talk much on the field, and it’s good that he doesn’t ham it up for the listening audience.  The most excited that he gets during the entire clip is when he calls for teammates to go get a loose ball.

Other than that, he’s a quiet professional on the field, totally focused on football.

Also during the clip, Vikings running back Adian Peterson compliments him on a form tackle.  To make a play on one of the top backs in the league, and for him to then approve is quiet an accolade for the young man.

At any rate, listen to the highlights here and share your thoughts.

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