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Fourth Quarter Observations

Posted by Brian Tinsman on December 4, 2011 – 5:53 pm

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Frustration and disappointment were the flavors in the Redskins locker room this evening, as the team knows that they let a golden opportunity slip away.

For the offense today, it was the tale of two halves, with 183 yards in the first half, and 121 in the second half.  On defense, it was the tale of three quarters vs. the fourth quarter, with 168 yards and 13 points through three quarters.  In the fourth quarter, the wheels came off as they yielded 98 yards and 21 points.

The common thread with every loss this season is ball control.

Last week, the Redskins confirmed that they need a ball-control offense, as they improved to 4-0 when they control the time of possession.  After today, the Redskins are 0-8 when they don’t control the clock.  This is also not a team that does particularly well when they turn the ball over, something that they managed to avoid until the fourth quarter when they turned it over twice

The key to the defense’s demise this afternoon may have stem from a third quarter in which they spent more than 10 minutes on the field.  Even though the third quarter only yielded three points for the Jets, it set up a destructive fourth quarter against a weary Redskins wall.

No question that today was disappointing, but there were some bright spots today, including your Most Valuable Redskin, running back Roy Helu.

Today, Helu went over 100 all-purpose yards for the third time in three starts, and has effectively shaken the label of change-of-pace back.  He is the first rookie Redskins running back to post back-to-back 100-yard games on the ground since Reggie Brooks in 1993.  He did suffer his first setback with a fumble in the third quarter, but it was benign as far as the scoreboard was concerned.

Fred Davis had another stellar performance at tight end, and is proving that he’s not a luxury at tight end, but rather a focal point, and a fixture in this offense.  He was one yard short of 100 yards for the day, but was Rex Grossman’s top target and top producer.

On defense, London Fletcher had a typically productive day, finishing with 17 total tackles.

Barry Cofield had two more passes defensed, adding to his career-high eight for the season.  His previous high was four last season, and his career total now is 19.  His eight this season leads all nose tackles and ties him for the league lead among defensive linemen.

Cofield reflected after the game about how this team has a lot of quality pieces, but isn’t quite there yet.

“I’ve been on good defenses, and I’ve been around good defenses for a long time,” he said.  “This team can be very good, but it’s not there yet.”

Right now, this team is showing it’s undeniable talent, and showing it’s potential.  Greatness is something that takes a while to build, and as Cofield noted–it just isn’t quite there yet.

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13 Responses to “Fourth Quarter Observations”

  1. By jim horath on Dec 4, 2011 | Reply

    cofield is partially rite—– want a GREAT team but would settle now for a tad above average with the will & strong desire to win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. By Rich on Dec 4, 2011 | Reply

    I’m sorry, but any gameplan that calls for Rex Grossman to have 49 pass attempts against a team that prefers to defend the pass, it is a horribly designed gameplan. Lot of really good efforts out there, but that is such a badly designed gameplan. Especially when Rex went cold.

  3. By gordon lawrence on Dec 4, 2011 | Reply

    Well, the ‘SKINS kicked this one away. Heh! Thank you GG. Another winnable game ‘kicked’ in the head. Not just his doing however. The GROSS-man was all in today as well. Got a tip for ya’ REX …………..QB should throw close to the receiver at least two of every three times.

    But hey, if it keeps us in the MATT BARKLEY derby, I can take it.

  4. By gordon lawrence on Dec 4, 2011 | Reply

    The d-line needs JENKINS and a high DE pick in 2012. Give NEILD extended PT so he can show out, or let coaches know another NT is needed in the draft.

    Looks like PERRY RILEY is for real. I love not having to spend on a w-ilb pick sometime in the next three drafts. We will need to secure LONDON FLETCHER’s replacement sometime during that time-frame however.

    A serious cover-corner to go with HALL-WILSON-WESTBROOK-THOMPSON is needed however,, and a back-up to ATOGWE of equal ability. GOMES keeps getting hurt although he could develop into the answer. Got to get a serious SS as well in the next three years.

    This 2012 draft requires a franchise QB and RT, 1-2, plus a C/G. COOK is not the answer, and although MONTGOMERY has good technique and plays hard, he’s too small to be the front-line center in this league.

    Lay off drafting RB’s, TE’s FB, and WR in 2012. Hell, we still don’t really know what we’ve got at the WR position because the QB can’t find them when it counts.

    And after the season’s over please find a real kicker. Someone who can do for kicking what ROCCA has done for punting.

  5. By Thomas on Dec 4, 2011 | Reply

    Gordon- I agree completely!! If we can’t make the playoffs why win games? We get our franchise qb in the draft plus a good wr and we will be fine. With a good free agency and a great draft we are on our way !!

  6. By RussianBreadMaker on Dec 4, 2011 | Reply

    Grossman might be the worst QB in the history of the NFL.

  7. By John on Dec 4, 2011 | Reply

    RussianBreadMaker – Grossman may be the 2nd worst QB… As I recall, Heath Shuler was pretty darn terrible.

  8. By Rich on Dec 4, 2011 | Reply

    Grossman is light years ahead of Jawalrus Russel and I don’t know Ryan Leaf.

  9. By Carl on Dec 5, 2011 | Reply

    Grossman’s main drawback is the fact that he has absolutely no feel for pressure in the pocket. But that’s like saying a a catcher in baseball can’t handle the slider.

  10. By Carl on Dec 5, 2011 | Reply

    What’s the matter with the Skins?

    (1) Their WRs achieve absolutely NO separation from opposing CBs, especially in press coverage.

    (2) This offensive line isn’t very good at zone blocking, something that created severe congestion at the line of scrimmage. Since Helu isn’t a “shifty” RB, the chances of him bouncing outside are minimal.

    (3) They get virtually no pass rush from their DEs, forcing the defensive coordinator to have to dial up blitz packages, which in turn leaves an already vulnerable secondary even more naked with less OLB help.

    (4) There never seems to be a commitment to managing down and distance — Helu gets stuffed for no gain or a loss, Grossman throws one of his wacky incompletions, then has to deal with third and ten or more.

    (5) The Skins have good talent on defense, but very few game-changing players on that side of the ball, excepting Arakpo and Kerrigan. We need more ball hawks in the secondary.

    Sunday’s Jets game was very winnable. Teams that know how to win, teams like the Tebow-led Broncos, would have beaten the Jets today. In fact, they already have! Maybe the Shanahans should have played film of that game last week.

  11. By nasirjones on Dec 5, 2011 | Reply

    As a huge Tim Hightower fan I have to say, give the damn ball to Roy Helu. That guy is the ticket to victory.

  12. By Carl on Dec 5, 2011 | Reply

    Roy Helu gets stuffed at the line too much, a lot like Portis used to. I don’t think he’s an every down, all game type of back. For Helu to really break out, the zone blocking will have to improve.

  13. By Bee Gee on Dec 7, 2011 | Reply

    A message to the Colts… you can avoid 0-16 by playing the Skins. The Jets have not been playing well of late. So, another team resurrects their season and remains in the hunt for the playoffs by beating the Skins. How many bad performances and losing streaks have the Skins ended now? Many of you fans are much better than me; I’m just not as optimistic as you are. We were already looking ahead to next season after game 8. If our players were healthy throughout the season, we’d still be no better than 6-6. For some reason, we just don’t get the best athletes in D.C., or they wanna come here, because they know Snyder will pay any amount if he thinks it’ll guarantee a championship. Look at the Wizards, Nationals, and Capitals (all bottom dwellers) — and now, the Skins. Now, I’ll say something you’ve all heard before… maybe next year.

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