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Third Quarter Thoughts

Posted by Brian Tinsman on November 6, 2011 – 4:22 pm

The headline for this post might be a little misleading, as there isn’t much to think about after the third quarter.

At this point, it’s a battle against the clock, as much as it is against the 49ers.  The Redskins need a spark on offense, and they need to stop Frank Gore on defense.

The Redskins defense did a good job at keeping the 49ers at bay, and have done so for the entire game.  The only touchdown that they have allowed came on an offensive turnover near the red zone.  Other than that, they’ve held the 49ers to three field goals of 34, 45, and 52 yards.  Unfortunately, kicker David Akers has delivered.

No matter how many times the Redskins offense appears to be on the verge of building some momentum, a key drop, penalty, or turnover seems to derail them.  It’s difficult to say what the problem is, but the 49ers defense is stifling the Redskins offense in the second half, and it’s come from all directions.  There is a sense of frustration that’s visible on the field, and the Redskins need big plays to shake the funk.

The Redskins need a turnover on defense or huge play on offense to get back, in this in the final frame.  This game isn’t over yet, but it’s a race against time for the Burgundy and Gold.

San Francisco adds three to go up 16-3 with the final quarter to play.

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3 Responses to “Third Quarter Thoughts”

  1. By Tom on Nov 6, 2011 | Reply

    Is Sonny drunk or has he gotten that bad

  2. By julian on Nov 6, 2011 | Reply

    Its not difficult to figure out the problem. Yes the offensive line has problems. But Beck is awful, and no mystery why he couldnt start on another team. Last week he couldnt find receivers clearly open and he had enough time to get the ball off. . he focus on one receiver. same problem this week. A crazy person is one who expects a different result from trying the same thing over over again–get him out.. Grossman does throw some interceptions but he can move the ball. we are going to go the whole season with this loser? Shanahan won in denver–with john elway one must remember. he has to admit Beck is awful and make the best out of it with grossman

  3. By robert on Nov 6, 2011 | Reply

    I can tell you what the problem is!! QB position,when a team doesn’t have a strong leader in a QB then they make bad plays and role over and die on both sides of the ball!! I’m not saying that Grossman is any better then Beck I’m saying we don’t have a good QB at all on our roster. We haven’t had a strong QB in over 20 years!! Redskins really need to focus on drafting a top QB in the draft next year!! they keep drafting and picking up WR but don’t seem to focus on the guy that will get those WR the ball. and when you QB’S longest pass of a game is 13 yards and they go 3 and out even the best defence in the league can’t stop an offonce every time when they only get to rest 3 plays at a time all day. I’ve been a skins fan for a very long time and i’m tired of field goals all day and having GREAT WR,GREAT RB and alot of them & a very good defence but no QB! I’m not even saying we need a Aaron Rogers i’m saying all we need is a QB that is consistant and isn’t scared to throw the ball down the field and when he does he can get the ball there and not look like he had his eyes closed when he threw it like Beck & Grossman look like. my vote is for Kellen Moore from BOISE STATE OR LUCKY FROM HOUSTON IN THE DRAFT WE NEED TO GET A QB LIKE THEM ON THE REDSKINS. And i would bet money if we draft a rookie that is good enough to play his first year in the NFL you will see every position offence & defence start playing better and we will end the season with a recored no worse then 12 – 5 and in the playoffs

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