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Inspiring Footage Of NRG Construction

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 15, 2011 – 3:51 pm

Earlier today, NRG and the Redskins unveiled the brand new green energy initiatives and solar panels at FedExField.

Because we live in a fast-paced news world, you can now watch the entire NRG solar panel construction in 1 minute, 36 seconds:

Redskins owner, Daniel Snyder, also shared some facts with the media during his press conference:

  • This is a 10-year deal with NRG, and through the solar panels and the NRG power sources, will provide 100 percent of the energy for FedExField.
  • The panels create enough electricity to fuel 300 homes.  By using them as a source of energy, the stadium is effectively giving back 300 homes worth of energy to the grid.
  • There will be charging stations at the stadium (and many more are being planned) so that drivers of electric cars can charge their vehicles during the game.

Watch the full media session with Dan Snyder:

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Redskins Go Green With NRG Solar Power

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 15, 2011 – 2:46 pm

This afternoon, NRG and the Washington Redskins unveiled the state-of-the-art solar installation at FedExField.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • NRG is the first energy company to conceive, design, develop and implement a solar energy solution of this type and scale.
  • The NRG solar power system at FedExField can produce up to 2 megawatts of power – enough to meet 20 percent of the stadium’s power needs on game days and all of its power on non-game days.
  • With more than 8,000 solar panels, this is the largest solar power installation in the metropolitan Washington, DC area and the largest of its kind at a professional football stadium.
  • On game days, solar power can provide upto 20 percent of FedExField’s power. On non-game days, the solar system can provide up to 100 percents of the stadium’s electrical needs, depending on weather conditions.
  • About 350 people worked to design and build the system – including designers, construction teams and local electricians.
  • NRG is a major sponsor with presence in the stadium, including the NRG Solar Deck above the west end zone.

And here is what you need to see:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As for the majestic, 30-foot, eco-friendly football player at the entrance to the stadium?  Inside the figure, thin-film solar panels are laminated between two layers of polycarbonate panels used to construct the sculpture. When the light hits these panels, it generates electrical current.

Talk about a power-ful player.

This is the latest trend for the responsible operation of stadiums and venues of all kinds.  It’s pretty cool that Redskins fans will be the first in the country to experience is live, this Sunday, against the Cardinals.

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Hightower An Asset In Game-Planning

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 15, 2011 – 1:46 pm

AP Image

Another game for the Redskins, and another opportunity for an offseason addition to spill the beans on their former team.

So far head coach Mike Shanahan said that running back Tim Hightower has been an asset in the game-planning.  Although the team has reviewed everything from Week 1, Hightower has been able to reveal things that don’t show up on film.

“You get a little more relevant to the person than you do about the X’s and O’s,” he said.  “Like Barry [Cofield] last week, we get into detail about the players about their personality, work habits, strengths and weaknesses – things along those lines.”

Not only has Hightower been an asset in the film room, but Shanahan has been very pleased with his effort on the gridiron as well.

“I like what I’ve seen,” he said, reviewing the trade.  “You don’t know for sure if a running back’s a three-down back or if he can handle the blitz, run the football or catch the ball. What I’ve seen since he’s been here is he can do all three so that was a good addition to our football team.”

During six quarters of preseason action, Hightower ran the ball 25 times for 170 yards.  Last Sunday alone, he ran a career-high 25 times for 72 yards.  After reviewing the tape, Shanahan knows that they were very close to breaking loose.

“I just know if you run the ball 25-30 times a game that eventually those plays will break,” he said.  “We had three, four, five situations where those runs could have gone another 50-60 yards and, if you do, everyone is bragging on the running game.”

“Those runs will come in time.”

Hopefully one will come against Hightower’s former team on Sunday.

Check out Shanahan’s full press conference below: Read more »

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Thursday Practice Notes

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 15, 2011 – 1:08 pm

And so the gray, overcast months of every-season-except-summer-in-the-mid-Atlantic have begun today in Ashburn.  After yesterday’s upper-80’s, this afternoon featured low-70’s, and a increased usage of burgundy sweat pants.

The team continues to use the seldom-used back-left field, as it was punished the last by the recent torrential downpours.  The typical practice fields over to the right of the back entrance to the facility seem to be drying out nicely and “healing.”

Here are the quarterbacks warming up before practice:

Read more »

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Vonnie Holliday Inspired By Theismann

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 15, 2011 – 12:34 pm

AP Image

At this point in his career, former Redskins defensive end Vonnie Holliday could be considered a ‘grizzled veteran.’

But there was a time when he would have described himself as “a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed kid.”  And that’s that day that he met former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann.

According to Bob McManaman of The Arizona Republic, Theismann is responsible (or to blame) for Holliday staying in the league into his 14th season.

I still feel like I have those multi-sack games in me. That’s why I’m still playing the game. I remember coming in as a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed kid and talking to Joe Theismann and he said, ‘Look, Vonnie, keep that look in your eye. Play the game for as long as you feel like you feel now.’ And that’s why I’m still at it, because I still have that same feeling. I still feel like I can be productive, play at a high level, and I’m enjoying it. I still have that love and passion for the game.

Read more »

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Fred Davis Gets Musical On Arizona

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 15, 2011 – 10:45 am

Thanks to SportsBUZZ.com’s Rebecca Mejia for pointing out tight end Fred Davis’s interview-turned-Auto-Tuned song about how to beat the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday.

It’s…interesting.  Definitely worth a listen.  He might be a young T-Pain.

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Hightower: The One That Ran Away

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 15, 2011 – 10:31 am

AP Image

Last April, the Cardinals were on the clock in the second round, sitting at pick 38.  There were plenty of quality players left on the board that would bolster the roster: linebacker Akeem Ayers, tight end Kyle Rudolph, defensive end Jarvis Jenkins, and quarterback Ryan Mallett.

But instead, the Cardinals rolled the dice on Virginia Tech running back Ryan Williams, making it the third time in four years that they had selected a premier running back.  Something had to give.

Tim Hightower, the one-time franchise running back, was shipped to Washington on July 31, in exchange for reserve defensive end Vonnie Holliday and a sixth round pick.

For Hightower, he still isn’t sure how he ended up 3,000 miles away in Washington.

“I’m not the one who makes that decision,” he said.  “But for whatever reason, that kind of is how it is sometimes in this league. One guy fits a scheme a certain way and another guy doesn’t.”

“I just felt like I wanted my role to be a little bit different.”

He rises from third on the depth chart in Arizona, to seizing the role of every-down-back in Washington.  His preseason numbers ranked him ninth in the league, despite only appearing in six quarters of football.

“I think the overall philosophy – the mindset – is a little bit different here,” he said.  “At the end of the day, they say football is football, but coaches on different teams approach things a little different. It was a different transition when I came here.”

It was a tougher transition for the Cardinals.  After shedding Hightower, the man who made him irrelevant, Ryan Williams, went down with a season ending knee injury after six preseason touches.  Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt knows he let a good one get away.

“Tim did a number of great things for us,” he said.  “As far as looking at the backs we had, Beanie [Wells] and after having just drafted Ryan Williams, where we felt he fit and his role on our football team was going to be different than he would have with another team.

“He certainly has verified that with coming to Washington and now becoming the starter,” he continued.  “I am happy for him. It was just a situation that we felt at the time was beneficial to both parties–to Tim and the club.”

We’ll see how he feels in retrospect, on Sunday.

Check out Hightower’s full press conference below: Read more »

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Rocking Out To Redskins Highlights

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 15, 2011 – 9:39 am

And now, Redskins-Giants game highlights with some pretty appropriate background jams.  Thanks to @c4man5282 on Twitter for the heads up.

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