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Ashburn’s Newest Reflecting Pool

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 8, 2011 – 7:01 pm

During the 20-minute pause in afternoon rain, I stepped outside to observe the aftermath of Mother Nature’s dishwasher.

Introducing the Redskins 140-yard long, 6-inch deep swimming pool:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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NFL Debuts Special Game Balls For Sunday

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 8, 2011 – 4:58 pm

The NFL has really gone all-out to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of 9-11-01.

There’s a fine-line between ignoring a tragedy and turning the memorial into a circus, but the Redskins, Giants, and NFL have really gone above and beyond to meticulously plan a fitting tribute.

The NFL on FOX just tweeted a photo of the game ball that will be used in all of the games on Sunday:

Sunday should be a special moment of memorial for those that lost their lives, but should also be considered a celebration of how far we’ve come.  It’s going to be a very special afternoon of football in America.

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Former Redskin Darryl Grant Hits The Airwaves

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 8, 2011 – 3:50 pm

Or at least the Youtubes.

Former Redskins defensive end Darryl Grant has made the transition from NFL defensive tackle to microphone moniker “World G.”  Along with the help of Kenny “Doc” Hughes and Halima Peru, we have the musical masterpiece “Move The Chains”:

The song sounds pretty legitimate and the video is a fantastic dose of Redskins nostalgia to get you through this week-long rainstorm.

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Roger Goodell: Let’s Get It Started

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 8, 2011 – 3:29 pm

AP Image

With the 2011 NFL season kicking off tonight in Green Bay, Commissioner Roger Goodell thanked fans for their support and pledged to continue to improve the game and league in all ways possible. Below is the email the Commissioner sent to fans:

To NFL Fans:

This may be the first week of the regular season, but it has the feel of a Super Bowl week for the NFL. One of the reasons is that we will unite with the rest of the nation on Sunday to reflect on the anniversary of 9/11 and honor the spirit of America.

All of us in the NFL appreciate your patience and understanding through what was a most unusual and challenging off-season. Now we are ready to enjoy what the NFL is all about — great players, great fans, intense competition, the performance and passion surrounding America’s most popular game.

Thanks to the hard work of our players, club owners, teams, and staff, the NFL’s pledge to deliver great football to our fans has been strengthened and is more secure than ever. We start the regular season and the race to Super Bowl XLVI with tremendous anticipation and momentum.

We want you most of all to sit back and enjoy it – in our stadiums, on television, and wherever else you connect with the NFL. Football fans enjoying football is what we love.

Be assured, however, that we believe in better. Players, owners, coaches, team and league staff – working together — will be putting our collective foot on the accelerator. We have more work to do to improve our league and game on a variety of fronts. We will do that by continuing to focus on the quality of the game and innovation. And we will do it relentlessly.

On behalf of everyone in the NFL, thank you for your incredible support, and thank you especially for sharing your views with us. Please keep it coming. We value your opinion because it helps make us better. The passion of our fans and communities is what makes the NFL so special.

Thank you again. Let’s get it started.

Roger Goodell

So grab your foam fingers and body paint, it’s football season.


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Tim Hightower Isn’t Afraid Of A Little Rain

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 8, 2011 – 2:29 pm

Never a dry moment at Redskins Park.

Legend tells of a fiery orb that used to hang high in the sky.  That orb has been A.W.O.L. since Sunday afternoon, and is presumed to have drowned.

Another afternoon of practice and another muddy day out on the practice field:

Yesterday, head coach Mike Shanahan expressed some concern with running his players at full-speed in the unsavory conditions.  But when it rains every day for an entire week, how much choice do you have?

The worst part is that the rains have undoubtedly affected the construction of the new practice bubble at the Ashburn facilities.  There’s something ironic about that.

The best part of the rain, however, is that there’s a possibility of rain on Sunday as well.  If the team practices in rain all week, it’s probably going to be ready to play in rain on Sunday.

Running back Tim Hightower had a great perspective on the inclement weather: Read more »

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Cofield Ready To ‘Start A New Era’ In DC

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 8, 2011 – 2:19 pm

AP Image

With such a long list of obvious story-lines going into this weekend’s opener against the Giants, it’s hard to believe that anyone can focus strictly on football.

Not a problem for the Redskins, says defensive end Barry Cofield.

“With game-week officially starting, I’m focused, the whole team is focused,” he said.  “We’re ready to start a new era in Redskins football.”

That’s a bold statement for any player to make, but Cofield plays at the nose tackle position.  In other words, there isn’t anyone on the field who has more of a team-first perspective.

His plan for this Sunday is pretty simple:

“Just go out there and do what I do, which is play hard and be a good teammate,” he said.  “That’s all I’m gonna do. I’m not gonna do anything to jeopardize our team. I’m not gonna let any personal battles, or anything like that, come in between us or get in the way.”

Coming to a division rival usually entails spilling the beans on all former teammates and playbooks.

Cofield a proud non-exception to that rule.

“Absolutely,” he said with a big smile.  “Every weakness that I think they’ve got will be shared with my new teammates. There’s a lot of little things I know about each guy from facing linemen every day in practice, and stuff like that, and relating those things to my teammates. I’m sure they know a lot about me.”

Cofield admitted that it’s weird to prepare against his old teammates, but don’t expect him to let up during the game.

After the game is another matter.

“Y’know, I don’t expect much interaction before the game, but after the game it’s hugs for everybody,” he said.  “Everybody on the roster gets a hug, but leading up to the game and during the 60 minutes of the game, it’s gonna be a battle.”

“I’m happy to be here and I’m excited to be playing those guys.  Hoping to beat those guys.”

For full video and his appropriate use of the word “prognosticators,” check out the video below: Read more »

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Redskins Launch ‘Women Of Washington’

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 8, 2011 – 1:49 pm

Tanya Snyder, wife of Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, held a press conference at the stadium today to launch the team’s official women’s club, called Women of Washington Redskins.

Women of Washington Redskins caters specifically to the female members of Redskins Nation.  The club will give members access to behind the scenes Redskins content, year-round events, special retail offers and more.  Members can sign up at the interactive Web site: www.WOWRedskins.com, which will debut later this week.

“I am so proud of WOW and the overall initiative to connect with our female fans. It provides female fans a space to connect with the team, each other and, essentially, their own Redskins community,” Mrs. Snyder said. “I look forward to being an active participant with WOW throughout the coming season.”

WOW will host events throughout the year ranging from football and fitness gatherings to intimate networking luncheons. The club will also work with the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation on numerous charitable events throughout the year but will focus largely on breast cancer awareness initiatives.

“The club presents a unique opportunity for the Redskins team wives to further enhance their role in the community alongside our players and coaches,” Snyder said.  “As one of our most passionate and loyal fan bases, I am so proud that we are able to recognize all of our female Redskins fans everywhere,” said Snyder.

For more information on WOW, or to join the club, visit www.WOWRedskins.com or find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/WOWRedskins and Twitter at @WOWRedskins.

To watch the message from Tanya Snyder out the debut video, check below: Read more »

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Cofield Sack Dance Will Live On In NYC

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 8, 2011 – 10:50 am

AP Image

Defensive tackle Barry Cofield confirmed the worst-kept secret in Ashburn yesterday: he’s excited to play his former team on Sunday.

“Yeah, I’m excited, I’m excited,” he said, trying to conceal a huge smile.  “Like I’ve said, I’m definitely looking forward to it. Obviously coming to a new defense, I had a lot to learn during training camp. So I had to balance the two and I had to put my excitement on hold.”

I can confirm that the excitement is no longer on hold.

Cofield played at defensive end for the Giants for six years before bringing his talents to the Nation’s Capital, and has nothing but respect for his old teammates.

“I’ve always stayed in contact with my friends that I played with, y’know, those relationships go past just teammates on the football field,” he said.  “It’s a weird sense of familiarity, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to what we do.”

After yesterday’s media conference call with Giants defensive end Justin Tuck, it’s clear that the respect is mutual, despite Cofield jetting for a division foe.

“He’s just a solid guy and I hate to see him go,” he said.

Tuck also gave Cofield positive reviews on his position move from end to nose tackle.

“I talked to Barry during camp and I think he feels pretty comfortable with playing nose He can multi-task. He can play the nose, two-gap, three-gap or whatever. I know he’s going to help the [Redskins] football team at that position.”

But Tuck did assure the media, that if he gets a sack on Sunday, Redskins fan will have visions of Barry Cofield’s sack dance: Read more »

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Landry Remains A Possibility For Sunday

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 8, 2011 – 9:44 am

AP Image

Despite safety LaRon Landry being held out of practice yesterday for a re-aggravated hamstring, head coach Mike Shanahan did not rule him out for Sunday’s home opener against the Giants.

“You never know what’s going to happen,” Shanahan told the media after practice.  “He was down a little bit with his setback, but hopefully he’ll be able to go tomorrow to have a chance to play. We’ll see how he feels.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but the door remains open.

Shanahan also suggested that Landry will have input into his status because “every hamstring is different.”

“Those guys know their bodies better than anybody,” he said.  “Sometimes guys come back quicker than they should. Only that player knows his body for sure.  A lot of times, a guy will come back and he’s not full speed. He goes half-speed or three-quarters-speed and he works his way up. A lot of people do it in a lot of different ways.”

In situations like this where a player is coming back from a series of injuries, Shanahan said he usually airs on the side of getting the player healthy before getting the player back on the field.

“I tend to go more conservatively than try to get a guy back too quick–I don’t wanna lose somebody,” he said.  “When you’re competitive, you want to come back quickly and you want to play.  The main thing you want to do is keep a guy healthy.”

Check out the full video of Shanahan’s presser below below: Read more »

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