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Hail To The Redskins Walk: Part 3

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 2, 2011 – 4:22 pm

Thanks to the two new Redskins walls, we can take a step back in time in Redskins history.  Slick back your hair and take your best gal to the drive-in; let’s take a step back into the 1950s.

The Redskins entered the decade behind the arm of an aging Sammy Baugh, and the performance of the team was slipping.  The team brought in Packers legend Earl “Curly” Lambeau to coach the team back to greatness, but it was just no use.  After an illustrious career, Baugh retired at the end of 1952, and Lambeau was fired after the first preseason game of the 1954 season.

And who said preseason games don’t matter?

The decade had some highs too, as the Redskins became the first team to sign a television deal, putting them into living rooms coast-to-coast.  The team saw a return to glory by the end of the decade, and in 1959, signed a 30-year lease to keep them in the Nation’s Capital.

Here’s a look at the 1950’s section of the H.T.T.R. Walk:

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1930s * 1940s

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Redskins Leg Game Appears To Be Set

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 2, 2011 – 2:19 pm

AP Image

Going into a tense weekend of cuts at Redskins Park, there’s one unit on the team that appears to have found some stability.

After an up and down 2010, kicker Graham Gano came into camp as a relatively controversial character in Redskins Nation.  Since then, his fortunes have changed, and he has done nothing to give anyone any reason for doubt.  On field goals, he was perfect, going 10-for-10.  On extra points, he was perfect, going 8-for-8.

It’s hard to beat perfect.

At no other point in his NFL career, has Gano had a perfect streak for four straight games.  His previous record was two straight, with he had done on several occasions.

Gano was also dominant under the new kickoff rules, booming 16 of his 23 kickoffs for touchbacks.

[Random Gano Fact: The name “Graham” loosely translates to “gravel area.”  “Gano” loosely translates to the “opening of a lake, river,” or someone who is “short in stature.”  Compared to punter Sav Rocca, I think anyone is short in stature.]

Will this preseason success translate to the regular season?  Will he handle the tough winter winds in Washington, New York, and Philly?  Will he handle the humidity of Miami?  Hard to predict, but he’s done everything asked of him in the preseason.

Even if there is another talented kicker on the team: Read more »

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The Untouchable Brandon Banks

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 2, 2011 – 12:43 pm

How does one race 95 yards down the field on a punt return, without being touched?  One part blinding speed, 11 parts really good blocking.

Certainly everything went right on this return, and everyone managed to take care of their blocks without earning a penalty.  But there were three blocks that helped to eliminate the opportunity for a Bucs player to make a ‘saving tackle.’ Read more »

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Redskins Riding High After Win

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 2, 2011 – 11:15 am

AP Image

With a win last night, the Redskins secured their first winning preseason since 2008, finishing 3-1.

Exactly zero of those wins will translate over to the regular season, but it’s short-sighted to call the preseason meaningless.  For a young team with dozens of unknown entities entering training camp, this team certainly has a clearer picture of what they can do now.

For players with secured roster spots, last night was a feel-good win going into next week’s battle with the Giants.  But for players fighting for a spot, this is hardly a relaxing day off.  Players tweeted a range of emotion after the game:


Darrel Young summed up the emotion pretty well in his latest blog post:

Being with the players for so long through the offseason and training camp and then things change. People get cut or traded and it is tough because of the memories you build up with those players that you will never forget and then they are gone.

Carriker and Young appear to have a good chance to start this season, but Paul, Jones, and Gomes did a lot to help themselves last night and throughout the preseason.

This will be a stressful 24 hours for a lot of players.

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Fourth Quarter Redux

Posted by Brian Tinsman on September 2, 2011 – 12:28 am

I pity anyone that left the stadium or turned off their television sets at the 2-minute warning.

With three minutes left in the game, the Redskins were comfortably ahead.  After a 60-yard, 44 second drive by the Bucs, they were trailing by one.  After a 74-yard, 60 second drive by the Redskins, they were back up by five.

Clearly the fast-break offense was on the court.

Here’s a crowd reaction from the tunnel:

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After another valiant bend-but-don’t-break stand that saw a desperate shot at the endzone, the Redskins ran off the field, victorious.

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