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Reed Doughty Assembles Part Of ‘The Avengers’ At Home

Posted by Brian Tinsman on August 30, 2011 – 6:07 pm

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Pictured above, are Reed Doughty’s two children dressed up as Marvel super heroes, Captain America and Thor.  Not quite as ferocious as the originals, but pretty impressive.

This picture was tweeted by Doughty this morning, along with a happy birthday message to his son, Micah.  Micah is 5 years old today, and got exactly what he wanted in a Razor scooter.

“Well, we did 6:30 a.m. presents, of course,” Doughty said after practice.  “We’re always up by 6:30–or before 6:30–so we did presents then.”


“I’m gonna go home and play with the remote controlled cars, and maybe ride the Razor Scooter around,” Doughty continued.  “He wanted a scooter, and he’s really excited for it.”

This is the same son that was born with kidney failure in 2006.  He had a transplant three and one-half years ago now, and is pretty much your average 5-year-old.

“Most of it’s behind him now,” Doughty said with relief.  “He’s doing phenomenal, going to preschool, excited for his birthday, and doing all of the fun stuff that 5-year-olds do.  Y’know, he’s got his normal checkups and medicine, and stuff like that, but he’s doing great.”

Does Micah have the same physical prowess that his father has on the gridiron?

“I dunno?” Doughty responded.  “Can you tell if a 5-year-old is an athlete?  It’s not my biggest concern, that’s for sure.  I’m trying to teach him integrity, to love God, and if he wants to play sports, great.  If not, there’s other things for him.”

As for the costumes, Doughty admitted that it wasn’t even his first choice in the costume store.

“[Micah] wanted a Woody costume from “Toy Story”–he’s a big “Toy Story” fan,” he explained.  “I looked around and couldn’t find anything, so I got him Captain America outfit, and his little brother, I got him a Thor outfit.  It’s an unorthodox Captain America vs. Thor super hero contest.”

Doughty got a lot of geek-respect from the comic fans as confessed the inaccuracies of the costumes.  “Swords?  Yeah, Captain America didn’t have a sword, but somehow he ended up with a sword.  Oh well.”

And arming a 3-year old with Thor’s hammer might be a little much.  Happy birthday, Micah!

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2 Responses to “Reed Doughty Assembles Part Of ‘The Avengers’ At Home”

  1. By Trent on Aug 31, 2011 | Reply

    Brian – I am wondering if you could sit Doughty down and ask him about his hearing impairment, and what kind it is. I was born with sensory loss in my cochlea, and when I graduated high school, had an operation to remove a cholesteatoma in my left ear, which had deteriorated my middle ear. Now I have no hearing in my left ear.

    Doughty is an inspiration to me in that he is successful in a sport where being able to hear is extremely important!

    I know Terl talked to him once about it a while back. I’m just hoping that maybe we could get a more in depth view from him.

    If not, at least just let him know he’s got at least this hearing-impaired fan rooting for him to succeed!

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