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Final Thoughts From Baltimore

Posted by Brian Tinsman on August 26, 2011 – 12:51 am

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Despite yielding the go-ahead touchdown with 22 seconds to go, tonight should not be viewed as the game that got away.  In fact, there’s a lot of good that can be taken away from tonight.

On Offense:

Tim Hightower is the unquestioned boss in the Redskins backfield.  He had a game-high 6.1 yards per carry, and in the preseason is pacing a cool 6.8 yards per carry.  He reeled off another big run tonight, and suggested in the locker room after the game that he’s only just now starting to get comfortable in the offense.  According to tonight’s poll, Tim Hightower received 31 percent of the vote and was your MVR(edskin).

John Beck and Rex Grossman each held their own in their opportunities to start, and did well splitting opportunities tonight.  Neither was given the opportunity to settle into a rhythm, and as a result, neither was spectacular, but both led the team on multiple scoring drives.  Based on results alone, there didn’t appear to be a winner in tonight’s audition.

For the second consecutive week, Terrence Austin played a major role in the game, and this time on offense.  The former seventh-round pick put up nearly identical numbers to Baltimore’s Anquan Boldin, and finished with 5 receptions for 71 yards and a touchdown.  He was only given one opportunity in the return game, but the team saw what he could do last week.

On Defense:

Despite the score inflation in the second half, there were still players that did well.  For the second consecutive week, DeJon Gomes had a big game, sharing a portion of the team-lead in tackles with Reggie Jones.  He looks to be a very productive late-round pick, and somebody that may be given the opportunity to develop.

Another defender with a good second half was Horatio B. Blades, who finished with five tackles and a forced fumble.  He expressed uncertainty on making the roster a couple days ago, but his efforts on defense and his reliable work on special teams is hard to ignore.

Oshiomogho Atogwe is worth a mention tonight, not because he had a huge game (two tackles), but because he was on the field.  This was his Redskins debut tonight, and gave Redskins Nation just a taste of what he can offer.

Special Teams:

The fabled kicking competition seems like an ancient memory at this point.  Graham Gano got his biggest test of the preseason tonight, and split the uprights on a 48-yard boot.  Sav Rocca seems to be rounding into form as a punter and holder, and showed off some Australian Thunder tonight.

The reason why the Redskins didn’t pull out the victory tonight comes back to a couple things that they’ve been doing right this preseason, that they didn’t do tonight.  They didn’t control the clock (25:06 against 34:54), and they had too many penalties (eight for 52 yards against five for 30 yards).  These are both areas that can be improved upon, and areas that will certainly be addressed.

It’s never good to lose, but this isn’t a bad time–or a bad way–to do it.

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31 Responses to “Final Thoughts From Baltimore”

  1. By Carl007 on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    Brian, this was a horrible loss! The defense was non-existent and Kellen Clemons shouldn’t even be on the roster, not even as a third-string QB. All we had to do was get a few first downs and run out the damn clock, and failed each time!!! The INTs were brutal, just brutal.

    Tonight was a huge step back from what we accomplished the first two preseason games. It was painful to see what figures to be the Ravens third-string QB, march up and down the field in Q4 against our defense. The secondary, first and second-string, needs much work.

  2. By Huh? on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    Carl007, are you ok? What in the world are you talking about? You know these games don’t count right? Who cares what the 3rd teamers and guys who are gonna get cut did or didn’t do right? The first teamers performed great and that’s ALL that matters. THE ONLY THING.

  3. By Coach Brice Williams on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    I don’t believe Carl007 was watching the same game as everyone else. Preseason is about discovering talent ,building chemistry with established starters and occasionally determining 1st string. We met all those objectives tonight. Putting up 21 pts in one half against THAT defense is all I needed to see. Third string beating or getting beaten by their third stringers is just irrelevant in December. It’s still a preseason game so walk it off. – Coach Brice Williams

  4. By John28 on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    Carl- Even though it is counted as a loss, the game was very successful. The skins showed that their 1st teamers can ball with 1st teamers of the Colts, Steelers, AND the Ravens. I realize we could “IF” and “BUT” this all day/night long, but 1st teamers won that game for the skins, the Ravens tied the game up playing 1st team vs 2nd string skins (7 points scored for them). Clemons did hand it away twice basically, but with a little luck, Clemons won’t be on the field come week 1. Overall, I like what I’m seeing 1st team vs 1st team.

  5. By david on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    I think you’re being a bit pessimistic there Carl. The Ravens are a playoff team, and our first stringers beat the Ravens’ first stringers. Our first string defense gave up 14 points, but scored 7 of their own. Our first string offense scored 14 points against an elite Ravens defense. What happened in the 2nd half is not nearly as important, even if it’s true that the Skins 4th stringers gave up a game to the Ravens 4th stringers.

  6. By Carl007 on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    David, I’m just being real. When you have a game wrapped up and only need to move the chains a few times to clinch it, you ought to. If you can’t run the clock out against guys who likely won’t be on the Ravens roster in two weeks, then it’s time get back in the meeting room and address a few things.

    The Ravens were marching up and down the field all game long, against first, second and third-string Redskins defenders. And making Tyrod Taylor look like Eli Manning is inexcusable.

    I agree — it’s only a preseason game, but it pretty much nullifies the strides made against the Steelers and Colts.

  7. By dchoe13 on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    I don’t care what the stats say, but H.B. Blades, and Reggie Jones had a horrible game. They can’t cover worth anything. Perry Riley also has some covering issues as well.

    This game just revealed how terrible our backups are. They got man handled in the 4th quarter. They couldn’t penetrate the line defensively AND offensively, which made Clemens job a lot harder.

    On a positive note, both Grossman and Beck looked good, Jarvis Jenkins and Kerrigan are BEASTS! Hopefully the knee issue isn’t a serious one. We definitely had some good draft picks this year.

  8. By josh on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    Carl007, dude seriously were u watching the same game ravens had three good plays on them 14 points otherwise our defense shut them out,and that was without landry,fletcher,and josh wilson i would like to think they would of helped alot espically in the passing game,first string offense looked really good yes had a few bad plays but so does every other team,tyrod taylor is there 2nd string qb,who waas playing our 4th string defense,most wont make the team just do me a favor and watch the game and not just the highlights before u make ur uneducated comments

  9. By chris on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    Hey Carl its preseason!!!
    Who really cares what the third and forth stringers do!!! The first half of the game is really all that matters, and we won that battle. Yes, there were mistakes in the first half that need to be fixed. Both of the Ravens TD’s were on drives that were extended by penalties. All in all it was a good game by the first teamers, its kind of dumb to judge the team by what the fourth stringers (who probably won’t even make the team) did late in the game.

    To the Redskins nation,
    We are going to be competitive this year!!!! This is a good team in the making. Finally we’ve got a good coach and GM willing to build a team from ground up with talented YOUNG players instead of washed up over-payed free agents. Give this team a couple of years and we’ll be NFC East champs and possibly SB Champions going to Disney world!!!! HTTRS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. By willchill on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    Some of u guys seem a bit harsh these are 4 stringers some are not going to make the team i was very impressed with what i saw T. Hightower is a shot in the arm for a team who hasnt seen running like that in years yes theres some things that could be tighten up the 3rd down penaltys to keep the ravens O on the field that will be addressed im not mad a the TD Hall gave up he has film so he knows how teams are going to attack him he was right there great pass great catch forget about it move on i like the way the skins didnt allow the starters to bully them for years the skins have allowed the ravens to play smash mouth with them not this year the final score is nothing i feel good going into the regular season they will be a competitive team this year playoffs maybe not but who knows

  11. By Skinsfan on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    Yeah, I don’t think this is a game that should cause too much concern. 30+ points against the Ravens is amazing! The defense looked bad the 2nd half, but that was because it was 2nd and 3rd string. The first touchdown by the Ravens in the 2nd half was their 1st string against the Skins 2nd string. That is obviously not something you would see in the regular season. London Fletcher was also not in the game and he is the heart of the Skins defense. When you are changing players so frequently, it is hard to get into a flow. Preseason is not about finding a way to win the game, it is about giving guys like Clemens a chance to make the team. It is also about giving Grossman and Beck a chance to fight for the starting position. The fact the Skins lost this game is irrelevant. I think this game was well coached and some guys are stepping up and others are not.

  12. By zeesson on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    Carl, I think you are missing david’s point. If we had won this game your evaluation would be different. The reason is that you are looking at the outcome of the game, and the play of fourth stringers, as a reflection on the whole team. Remember, the same people that couldn’t “run the clock out against guys who likely won’t be on the Ravens roster in two weeks” will also not be on the redskins roster in two weeks. The first team played well against the Ravens starters. You have to realize that in the preseason, it’s not about the win/loss, it’s about how you play. We still executed and moved the rock consistently and looked like a professional football team. This is more than could be said throughout the entire past 4 seasons. You should go back and look at the stats before you make bold claims such as “The Ravens were marching up and down the field all game long”. If you don’t think it matters who was on the field when certain things happened, then that is your right; but it is also the right of others to not take your analysis seriously as a result.

  13. By OrakpoSackpo on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    Carl I agree with you on a few things you said and disagree on a few others… Yes, the Redskins should’ve won the game and they would have if the 1st string Defense started the second half, but they didnt and B-more 1st string Offense took advantage “Obviously they stayed out there as a confidence boost after being manhandled and destroyed by our D” I dont blame Shannihan for letting the back-ups play the second half after we lost Jarvis Jenkins “a very sad loss” so much potential.

    IMO, tonight was a HUGE step forward. We confused a good offense playing multiple Defensive strategies and picked our way through an elite defense. Tonight confirmed that we are ready to start the NFL season and I have $10 on the table that says we not only beat the Gmen, but embarrass them. It’s such a good feeling to see a healthy O-line and a running back that wants to do his job. Portis sucked.

  14. By Thomas on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    Skins looked good. Second half was a bunch of players trying to make the roster. They are out there to make plays and not worry about clock management. 10 of them will be gone by Wednesday. We beat this playoff team with our ones. Let’s get out of this preseason with no serious injuries.

  15. By Dave M. on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    We’ll their line (sans #74) played the enitre game. Take from it what you will, but the Skins played well, both #51 and #54 missed a few plays either over pursuing or getting caught up in the wash. The rushing TD, London would have stopped him.

  16. By Mango on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    Ahem, it’s down under thunder….

    Perth Western Australia

  17. By will on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    Carl and David you’re both half right and half wrong, in areas. Washington defense was quite evident up to the 4th quarter. The aggressiveness they had last night was the best I’ve seen in long time and it should had carried into the 4th qtr. Clemons as ineffective as he was should had been in the 2nd quarter only and either Beck or Grossman trade off in the 2nd half or one those two for the entire 2nd half.
    The offensive line needs to protect their Quarterback at all times, no matter whom gets the job, and they need to work on time management and work on moving the ball down the field. Until the Redskins become a playoff team again, they need play strong to the finish. Overall, last night’s performance was B+ grade, but they should do well with the improvements and the final preseason game.

  18. By BVM on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    Carl is clueless obviously

  19. By Tarheel32 on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    The way I look at it is that we actually put the ball in the endzone this week, thats way better than the last 2 games. Rex and John did look pretty good, but I feel like Beck has a hold on our offense, he looked real good minus the int.If we are gonna lose, then I dont mind doing it that way, but we do need to work on the time of possesion, cuz we should of managed the clock better for the win.

  20. By jt3 on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    HB Blades actually had a horrible game. I watched him and he missed two tackles and was inside on one run outside that he should of seen. Riley also missed some plays so don’t always pay attention to the stats! It would look like D Hall had a good game with a pick but he got toasted a couple times and basically gave up one touchdown and got burnt to put them in place for another. I think this game showed that we have a long way to go. Honestly, Beck and Grossman are system quarterbacks but they are not going to take us to the promised land unless our D is amazing and dominant. That isn’t the case.

  21. By TheNeedhamWrath on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    Redskins take the lose but i must say that i am impressed none-the-less. With multiple touchdowns. 2nd down conversions and 4 TD’s against the Ravens 1st string defense. Our defense also with one of those TD’s (D. Hall) and causing Flacco’s Ravens to have to punt it away several times. This year we left them giving their all until the end. Preseason or not you cant argue the Redskins look like a different team than last year. Great game and super excited for regular season. Redskins have played some of the best teams in the NFL for their first tests and show that they can hang. 1st String Vs 1st String for every game shows a common trend that we can shutdown top offenses and we can be offensively productive ending drives with TD’s instead of FG’s against some of, if not the best D’s in the league. Pull your tampon out and HTTR!

  22. By Redskins24/7Milennium on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    Carl, jtc, dchoe…. relax! Jeez, it’s meaningless preseason game. The Skins’ 1st string D was gone after halftime. Kerrigan and Orakpo showed what they can do.
    So did D. Holmes(goodf & bad), Atogwe, Fox, & the others starters. The O-line played well, as did the QBs.

    What Tayrod Taylor does against the future CFLers, delivery boys and meat cutters is irrelevant.

  23. By Carl007 on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    I’m most worried about the secondary and offensive line. In order for Beck and T-Rex not to be in position to throw away the game, the o-line has to be dominant and nothing less. And I just don’t know what to say about the CBs. D. Hall is a boom or bust type of corner — we need someone steadier. For every pick he comes up with, he gets burnt four times in return. If we’re not getting intense heat on the opposing QB, this secondary will get shredded every game!

    Shanny had better come up with something fast, because the Giants are on deck in two weeks.

  24. By Carl007 on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    I worry a lot because I’ve loved this team since 1973! I’ve been through the good and bad times, never once jumping ship. I feel that I have a right to worry and obsess.

  25. By DWILL on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    First off I never knew there were playoffs or a Super Bowl in preseason. LOL relax fellas. We have made vast improvements in every notable position on the field with the exception of QB. We made few general errors which resulted in massive yardage in penalties but nevertheless I like our intensity and focus that well exceeds beyond our doubters expectations of us! We had four starters on defense; Josh Wilson cb, L.Fletcher mlb, L. Landry, ss and Adam Carriker de who didnt play last tonight. So imagine if they were to play their respected positions last night. Needeless to say I understand some of you all’s frusrtration regarding decades of total losses than wins. I think that this offseason Mike and co put their project management skills in effect and this shall be an interesting season to say the least. Just remeber one game at a time no big long predictions!

  26. By RotGut on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    Let’s break the final results of this game down to 2 plays. We had a running into the kicker penalty that extend a Raven drive after we shut them down. Results, TD. There was also a defensive holding penalty that extended another Raven drive. Result, TD. There seems to be a lot of posting about the final result. We have played 3 of the best teams the league has to offer and have more than held our own. Manhandled Pitt and Indy and this game would have been a blowout minus those two penalties. It’s obvious from The Raven’s perspective, this game meant more to them than us. Why else would they trot out their 1st teamers in the 2nd half if they weren’t embarrassed and needed a feel good moment. We’re not going to be a cakewalk for any team this year. Gone are the days of smacking the Redskins in the mouth and laughing. This dog finally has some teeth. Not ready to hand us the Lombardi Trophy, but we’ll be a factor in deciding who gets to play for it… HTTR!!!!

  27. By Carl007 on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    RotGut, I agree. However, the problems in the secondary and at LT are REAL. The Giants game is two weeks away. If D. Hall is still getting toasted like this in two weeks, we’ll be lucky to win eight games.

  28. By Rich on Aug 26, 2011 | Reply

    The loss of Jarvis Jenkins is probably go to be huge over the course of the season. He was coming into fine form as a 3-4 DE. There is a huge hole there now. The DL thus far had been much improved and as a result so was the pass rush.

    I loved the A-gap blitz that was called, I don’t remember that being called at all last year.

  29. By mark on Aug 27, 2011 | Reply

    Carl…you’re and idiot.

  30. By Carl007 on Aug 27, 2011 | Reply

    Mark…kiss the crack of my @ss!!!! I’ve been a Skins fan longer than most of you clowns have been alive, so STUFF IT!!!

  31. By Carl007 on Aug 27, 2011 | Reply

    Our secondary SUCKS! You guys can sip the purple Kool-Aid all you want, but I’ve seen this movie before…many times.

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