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Redskins Top Fan Dines With Bruce Allen

Posted by Brian Tinsman on August 5, 2011 – 8:35 am

Earlier this summer, the Redskins Facebook page ran a “Redskins Fan Draft Photo Contest,” to find their No. 1 Fan.  Who would’ve guessed that the top Redskins fan was an Oregonian?

Scott Duncan and his family teamed up to create this winning photo, below.  I got a chance to catch up with Scott and his wife Brandy on the sidelines at training camp earlier this week.

Click on the awesome photo for a description:

The funny thing is, Duncan and his family know more about Dallas than DC.

“I’m originally from Manassas, but moved when I was about 1, so I was pretty young when we left the area,” he said.  “I grew up in Dallas.”

You mean THAT Dallas?  “Every time somebody asks me where I’m from, I say ‘Dallas’’  ‘Oh, Dallas, Texas?’ And I’m like, ‘Nooo,'” he said with visible disgust.

Scott originally heard about the contest as a Tweet.  “I looked at it and thought ‘That’s one hell of a prize,’ y’know?  You can’t really pass that opportunity up.”

That listed prize included a VIP pass to training camp, tickets to the home opener against Giants, field passes for before the game, and the opportunity to have lunch with general manager Bruce Allen during training camp.

“Well, the whole prize, the package is just outrageous,” he said, shaking his head.  “I’ve never been to a home game.  I’ve always been to the Seattle games out there.  And then lunch with Bruce Allen, it was like they were just stock-piling the prizes.  It was like, “Wow.'”

The Duncans attribute some of their success to the help of players on the team.  Redskins Kareem Moore, Selvish Capers, Anthony Armstrong, and Reggie Jones retweeted links to their photo and helped push it above the other 492 applicants.

“It was very, very cool, that they would support us like we support them,” Brandy marveled.  “Everybody’s been so amazing.  The team, the players, everybody’s been so nice to us.”

Scott is a very subdued guy, but according to Brandy, the switch gets flipped when it comes to Redskins football.

“I’m from Idaho, and he got me into the Redskins, big time,” he said.  “I never cared much about football, and then this soft-spoken, mild-mannered man was bouncing off his furniture, yelling, screaming, throwing the biggest fits I’d ever seen.”

She may have been a newcomer at one time, but she’s a dedicated member of Redskins Nation–even in Seahawks country.

“The whole town just laughs at Scott and me,” she said proudly.  “We’re total enthusiasts!”

For the Duncans, lunch with Allen was a surreal experience.  Allen discussed some of Scott’s thoughts on how the team was shaping up and things that he would do as general manager.  They also talked a lot about Allen’s connection to football through his father, former Redskins coach George Allen.

“The way he put it,” Brandy said of Bruce, “‘Well, it’s kind of like growing up as a theme park enthusiast and having Walt Disney as your dad.'”

At the end of the meal, a very special guest came down to congratulate the Duncans: Redskins owner Daniel Snyder.  He also spent some time chatting with the couple, who admitted that they were star-struck.

“Oh, it was an honor,” Scott said.  “You’re not the No. 1 fan when he’s in the building.  Dan Snyder is truly the No. 1 Redskins fan.”

Brandy, Snyder, and Scott

So what are Scott’s expectations for the season?  Pretty simple: high.

“I always have high expectations,” he said.  “I don’t go into it thinking, ‘Oh, we’re gonna suck.’  You always gotta have hope.”

The trip to their first Redskins training camp has been an absolute success, and they’re the proudest Redskins fans that I’ve encountered so far.

“I feel like we’ve just been showered with affection,” Brandy said with a huge smile.  “Ever since we got here, it’s just been amazing.”

Scott added: “It’s been a dream trip.  We’ve been taken care of every day that we’ve been out here, and it’s just been amazing.”

Hail to the Redskins, no matter your zip code.

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3 Responses to “Redskins Top Fan Dines With Bruce Allen”

  1. By David T. Williams Jr on Aug 5, 2011 | Reply

    Hail to all the Redskins fans, Hail Victory! I’m from Dallas myself and i’m proud to hold my head up high for the Washington Redskins. I’ve been fan since day one. GO SKINS 2011!!!

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