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Thursday Training Camp Schedule Shuffle

Posted by Brian Tinsman on August 3, 2011 – 7:41 pm

Say that headline five times fast.

Here’s the low down on what’s happening with tomorrow’s practice schedule.

The Redskins announced today that they have open another practice session to the public on Thursday, Aug. 4. The team will hold a walkthrough session at 8:30 a.m., as well as a full practice at 4 p.m.

Both practices will be open to the public free of charge. Parking lots will open approximately 90 minutes prior to the scheduled start of practice and gates will open one hour prior to the start of each practice.

For more information on 2011 Washington Redskins Training Camp Presented by RE/MAX, visit www.redskins.com.

In general, there’s a lot more action at the practices as opposed to the walk-throughs, but whatever you can make it out to will be good.  If the signed free agents can take the field tomorrow, there will be a lot of compelling storylines.

Hope to see you out here!

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New Names, New Numbers, Same Faces

Posted by Brian Tinsman on August 3, 2011 – 7:31 pm

AP Image

Nicknames and initials are usually used when you have a complicated name.  Eventually though, you earn the right to be called what you want, and that’s exactly what two “new” Redskins have done.

OJ Atogwe has alerted the team and the media that he will no longer be called OJ.  He would prefer his give name, Oshiomogho.  Which is fine, considering his middle name is Isaac.

“Oshiomogho” is harder to work into a cheer though.

In other news, the Redskins signed back free agent linebacker HB Blades, but he is no longer HB.  He is also going by his given name, which is Horatio.  Horatio Blades.  Horatio Benedict Blades, Jr., to be exact.

He already had one of the coolest names in all of football, but when you add in “Horatio” to the last name of “Blades,” he sound like a super-hero.  Expectations just went up for you, Horatio.

On a seemingly clerical note, John Beck has changed his jersey number to 12.

But here’s the skinny on No. 12: Read more »

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Ryan Kerrigan Getting In “The Mental Reps”

Posted by Brian Tinsman on August 3, 2011 – 6:42 pm

AP Image

It would be fair to assess Ryan Kerrigan’s first training camp as anti-climactic, at least so far.  There was a lot of hype, a lot of anticipation, and then his first day on the field was marred by a pesky bone bruise.

But Kerrigan isn’t discouraged or overly-anxious, as he’s been busy with the famed “mental reps.”

Mental reps are the process of practicing vicariously through a teammate, and watching what they do in order to understand a scheme better.

Technically you and I can do mental reps at outside linebacker too, we just wouldn’t get that much out of it.

For the time being, he has relied on the instruction of his coaches, and his fellow Bash Brother, outside linebacker Brian Orakpo.  Orakpo also went through the transition from line to linebacker and has shared his wisdom with Kerrigan.

“He’s an extension of the coaching staff out on the field,” Kerrigan said of Orakpo.  “You hear that thrown around a lot, whether it’s college or pros, but he really is. It’s really good to have a guy like that out on the field.”

Orakpo has no need to feel threatened by Kerrigan, since there are plenty of sacks to go around.  But there’s a lot more to playing the position of linebacker than just rampaging in the backfield.

“One of the things that he’s really helped with me, is he’s explained to me what he has to do on certain defenses,” Kerrigan explained.  “If I know what he has to do, then that helps me out. Whether he has to cover the tight end, that means I have to cover the back, or vice versa. He’s been really helpful in that.”

One aspect of the game that’s going to have to come quickly for Kerrigan is the concept of coverage against tight ends and running backs.  At Purdue, he referred to his “tunnel vision” for the backfield.

Not anymore.

“Certainly, there’s a lot of coverage involved with this defense, and it’s not something that I’ve done a lot in college,” he said.  “In fact, very little but I’m something that I’m gonna have to do and I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

Even though No. 53 has been relegated to the sidelines during practice, he’s moving around a lot better now and is expected to be cleared for practice in a couple days.  When he does play, he expects to be better adjusted to the flow of the pro game.

“It’s just faster and a lot different,” he said.  “In the two-point stance, you can see everything that’s going on and you just have to adjust, and you just have to drop a lot more. So, those are the biggest challenges, but I’m getting it down.”

Fear not if this was a little dry for the blog.  We’ll let Kerrigan get back out on the field before we berate him with questions about his iPod playlist.


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London Fletcher Welcomes Veteran Additions

Posted by Brian Tinsman on August 3, 2011 – 4:53 pm

AP Image

With a compressed offseason-rolling-into-free-agency-rolling-into-training-camp scenario unfolding in the last 10 days, the media has fawned over roster additions and subtractions on defense.

Meanwhile, the leader of the defense has patiently sat back and focused on football.

Going into his 14th season, London Fletcher is gearing up for another big year.  Even though he seems to performs at a high level no matter who is around him, Fletcher said he is excited to welcome free agent additions to the fold.

“I know those guys can play,” he said.  “We’ve played the Giants, I’ve seen Barry [Cofield] and what he can do.  Y’know Stephen [Bowen], we’ve played against the Cowboys, I know what he can do.  Obviously OJ [Atogwe] is somebody big for us.  It’s definitely gonna help elevate us to a place we wanna be defensively.”

The Redskins have added some quality players and quality human-beings to their defense so far this offseason.  With the subtraction of some ego from the lockerroom, I would expect to see Fletcher’s influence over this squad grow even more.

After last year’s poorly-ranked defense, I’d say that’s definitely a good thing.

Check out the full video of his post-practice comments below: Read more »

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The Redskins Sign-Guy

Posted by Ross Leonhart on August 3, 2011 – 4:21 pm

He comes early. He stays late. He gets better every year, and he’s always ready for training camp.

Bryan Ruble, of Winchester, Va., is attending his 27th Redskins training camp, and doing it bigger than ever.  A Redskins fan since birth, Ruble put on his Theismann jersey and shows up to camp year after year to do the same thing: get player’s autographs.

“I just love intermingling with my sports heroes. I grew up watching them passionately,” Ruble said remembering back to when Darrell Green showed up to his rookie training camp in a  blue Volkswagon Beatle with graphics in Carlisle, Pa.

Ruble still has the picture of Green and is hoping to get it signed one day.  But what he does nowadays is much more elaborate than just a few signatures on a football or picture.

Read more »

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Shaun Draughn Gets Honed And Toned

Posted by Brian Tinsman on August 3, 2011 – 3:56 pm

AP Image

In case you forgot (and couldn’t guess from the forced title), “Draughn” is pronounced “drone.”

For most undrafted free agents, the NFL lockout was a career purgatory.  Whenever the labor situation was resolved, they would have a chance at their dream jobs.  But when the lockout ended, there was no guarantee of getting that call.  It was a very anxious summer.

That is, except for running back Shaun Draughn, who felt very secure.

“I definitely knew I was gonna get a call,” he said matter-of-factly.  “Coach [Bobby] Turner and I had talked before the draft, so we already had, sorta, some plans.  I still was open to other teams calling me, because of the running back situation here.  So I was trying to go to the best situation possible.”

With a buffet of running backs in Washington but no clear-cut starter, Draughn felt like he had the best opportunity here.  It didn’t hurt to come play for Turner, either.

“I feel like the relationship was important too,” he said.  “He’s one of a kind, man.  There is no other coach like him out here.  He’s always saying, ‘This is what I coach, this is what I coach.  Not what the other coaches tell you.’  We try to have our own type of language going on so we can communicate with each other.”

So far during training camp, Draughn has looked pretty good.  He’s been inconsistent at times–missing gaps and dropping passes–but he could develop further given his talent and ability to be coached.

“I’m still living in the dream man,” he said.  “I just wanna keep going, keep impressing the coaches and everything.”

Draughn listed his strengths as follows: “I pass protect real good.  I’m physical.  I’ll make a guy miss in the open field.  I think my reads are pretty good.  And I think I fit this offense really well with the zone scheme.”

Obviously, Draughn speaks very highly of himself as a running back.  Not so about his time at safety in college.

“That was a fluke,” he said sheepishly.  “A little trial and error right there.  I sucked, basically.  Like I said, I’m physical, but it’s past the physical once you get to college.  It’s mental and the game must be understood mentally.”

A move back to running back and 2,000 college yards later, it sounds like the move paid off.  He finally has his chance in the NFL, and no amount of hard work could bring him down.

“It ain’t tough, man, it’s football,” he said, flashing a smile.  “I’ve been doing this since fourth grade.  It’s competition, that’s what it’s all about.  I feel good out there, I’m just glad to be back at it.”

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Your Wednesday Sav Rocca Update

Posted by Brian Tinsman on August 3, 2011 – 2:04 pm

AP Image

As part of my ongoing fascination with special teams, I couldn’t help but notice that new Redskins punter Sav Rocca is not in camp yet.

Apparently he’s not allowed in the country yet.

The 6-5, 265 pound Australian punter is stuck Down Under thanks to issues with his work visa.  Head coach Mike Shanahan didn’t sound worried about the issue, and hoped it would be resolved by the weekend.

“No update yet,” he said.  “He will not be here tomorrow. I’m hoping to get him here by Monday.”

Shanahan asked the reporter back: “Do you know anybody in the visa department that could help us out?  Really appreciate it.  If anybody has any connections, we could use some help right now.”

So the logical question then, is when does it become an issue?  Should the Redskins look elsewhere for a strong leg and Australian accent?

“No, no we’ve just gotta work the visa department,” Shanahan said.  “This is nothing major, they can’t keep him there for six, seven months.  He’s got a job here in the United States.  Eventually they’ll let him go–at least I’m hoping they let him go.”

“If not, I’ll tell him to get married to an American.  That’ll make it easier.”

Well played, Coach.  Any volunteers?

Watch the rest of the presser below: Read more »

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Beck’s Offense Taking Flight

Posted by Brian Tinsman on August 3, 2011 – 1:03 pm

AP Photo

Over the course of camp, I’ve written mostly positive reviews of John Beck, which has drawn the excitement of some, and the skepticism of others.  I’m here to clear the air, lest I be accused of “fluffery” again.

Beck was brought in on a minor deal last year to be a third-string quarterback.  The man has not thrown a pass in a regulation NFL game since 2007.  I get all that, but he has some qualities that could make him successful for this team.

First, he’s a mobile quarterback, and is very accurate on the move.  He’s not Michael Vick, and I don’t know that you would call him a dual threat.  But going up against some of the blitzes he will face this year, he better be able to move.  So far he’s been able to keep his eyes downfield, find that open man, and put the ball in his hands.

Second of all, he takes care of the football.  I haven’t seen a fumble on the quarterback exchange since the first day of practice, and his comfort with center Will Montgomery should only improve.  He also needs to learn the tendencies of his receivers, which will take time.

I find it hard just to remember all 11 names.

Like I said yesterday, when he’s throwing short and misses, he puts the ball into the ground.  When he’s throwing long, he misses long.  These are the safest places to miss, because they’re the places least likely to be picked off.

His receivers are still learning the routes and they’re still learning him.  But he’s gaining the trust of his teammates (which won’t really be tested until games begin), and the coaching staff has put him out there as the man to beat.

To put it simply, he does a lot of things well, and doesn’t try to do too much.  Does that mean he’s the answer at quarterback?  Not necessarily, but it’s the fifth day of practice and he looks alright out there.

With that being said, here are today’s…

Notes on offense: Read more »

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Morning Notes: Just Add Water

Posted by Brian Tinsman on August 3, 2011 – 12:14 pm

Tarps come off the field…a little too soon

If you’re a fan of down-pouring rain, you’ll be sorry that you missed today’s practice.

In all seriousness, it was really nice to have a break from the oppressive heat, and that seemed to be the consensus among players too.  These guys have all played in rain before and it’s a good experience to have for rainy Sundays this season (hello, Seattle).

Here’s a few observations from this morning’s practice, starting with drills.

Line Drills:

Drills are always hard to gauge at this point in the season, because there is a rotation at each position and some of the match-ups are particularly one-sided.  This particular drill featured offensive linemen trying to protect the quarterback from just the base rush of down defensive linemen.

One player that performed well was rookie Markus White.  White was a defensive end at Florida State and was anticipated to make the transition to outside linebacker in the 3-4.  At this point in practice however, he was putting in work on the line and looked very comfortable.

Another standout was rookie nose tackle Chris Neild, who has a reputation of being primarily a run stopper.  He wasn’t getting to the quarterback per se, but he was doing a good job at collapsing the pocket and disrupting the timing of the play.  Again, these are just drills, but it’s good to see two late-round rookies honing their craft.

More to come…

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The Photographic Tribute To Chris Hanburger

Posted by Brian Tinsman on August 3, 2011 – 8:18 am

AP Image

Deep in the heart of Redskins Park lies a treasure trove of memories stored in large manila envelopes and tucked away in filing cabinets.  There are game programs, news clippings, and of course, black and white photos.

Every now and then we take a trip down memory lane, and this week, I have a particularly timely sequence of photos of soon-to-be Hall Of Famer, Chris Hanburger.

Hanburger was a dominant linebacker and a lifetime Redskin.  Among his many accolades, he was named NFC Defensive Player of the Year, and was a nine-time Pro Bowl selection.

General Manager Bruce Allen said of Hanburger’s induction:

“He was a great competitor. Like you hear coaches today talk about the details, Chris was into the details. He made his teammates accountable.”

“Obviously his achievements even today when you look back are significant. Remember in his era, he called all of the defenses, not just the audibles,” Allen continued.  “There was no radio in the helmet from the coaches. He had to work to prepare and call all of the plays.”

“I think it’s magnificent for Chris and all of his teammates that he got honored with a selection to the Hall of Fame,” Allen continued.  “It’s going to be a special weekend. Chris’ speech will probably be about one minute long, but the party we are having for him and his teammates is going to be a great tribute for him and the Redskins.”

Hanburger also holds the distinction of playing over a 12-year period, during which the team changed helmet designs twice.

His own personal taste in hair style changed a couple of times too.  It’s not exactly clear when the yearbook photos were taken, but we can indicate from the helmet design approximately when it was.

The old Redskins helmet with the spear design was the team’s helmet from 1965–when Hanburger entered the league–to 1969: Read more »

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