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What Tuesday Means For The Redskins

Posted by Brian Tinsman on July 26, 2011 – 11:51 am

Under the new CBA, Tuesday could be a big day for the Redskins.  Here’s a rundown of what happens today, with a little help from the NFL:

1. Players report to team facilities:

Think of it like the prodigal son returning home, except that there are dozens of them.  The players are happy to be back and everyone here is happy to see them.  Everyone is euphoric about the labor resolution, which makes Tuesday a honeymoon day for everyone involved.

Once they get out in the heat for three weeks, the honeymoon may be over.

2. Sign undrafted free agents:

As of about dinner time on Monday night, the feeding frenzy that is signing undrafted free agents began.  Under the new conditions of the CBA, teams will be restricted on how much money can be given to rookies, and this includes those that went undrafted.  Teams will be allowed to have 90 players on the roster when training camp opens, and as of Monday morning the roster sat at 88 players.  Once the Redskins finalize those deals, they’ll be announced on here.  Dozens of moves will be made before training camp, which leads me to…

3. Negotiate with unrestricted free agents:

For the first time in free agency, there will not be a window through which teams are allowed to negotiate exclusively with their own unrestricted free agents.  In that past, this has led to rampant tampering, so this move appears to fall under “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”  However, this distinction was likely eliminated this year because of the compressed offseason timeline.   Players need to sign with teams and figure out where they’re headed for training camp, so the faster that deals can be made, the better.

Teams will be negotiating with all players on an open market, which means that most top-tier free agents will be winners  while others will be shuffled back and forgotten.  Teams cannot actually sign free agents as of today, so there is time for the market to develop before signings begin on Friday.

4. Trade players:

Trades in the NFL are traditionally not as common as other sports, and I would expect no differently this year.  The Redskins will certainly have some players that they’re interested in, and also some that they would like to get rid of.  Whether two teams can agree on a player or picks will be the determining factor.

However, there’s added incentive for teams NOT to move a player this year, given that there’s limited time to learn a new playbook.  Especially with the renowned complexity of the Shanahan playbooks, the Redskins might get the best value for a player if they trade for draft picks and invest in the future.

Today is the first full day of the league year and will go a long way to determining the outlook of the Redskins season.

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5 Responses to “What Tuesday Means For The Redskins”

  1. By B.A. on Jul 26, 2011 | Reply

    I’m not much of an advice giver, but here goes. Obviously everyone knows by now that Matt Terl is gone, which sucks, but hey, I suppose his salary was just becoming too enormous for a small time operation like the Reskins. A big reason why I, and a lot of other people, really liked reading Matt Terl’s posts is that he developed relationships with the players, coaches, and other people inside Redskins Park, and helped us, the fans, familiarize and identify with them more than just your run of the mill reporter. And he also let us get a glimpse of the inner workings at Redskins Park. Not saying he put us in “The Danny’s” office or anything, but he often covered subjects that would be mundane in the national media, but were actually really interesting to us everyday ‘Skins fans. He brought a personal touch to the blog, and that’s what made it successful.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking if you kept along these lines of covering the same stuff that we hear from our traditional media sources, this blog will quickly become irrelevant. Like for instance, this above post. There isn’t anything in this above post that would make me say, hey, this is the kind of stuff I want to read about, or will make me come back again to see what they are covering, since all of the above has been pretty much covered by every news outlet out there. One blogger Matt had similarities to is Dan Steinberg, of DC Sports Bog fame. Steinberg has his own personal touch, and pretty much covers everything you won’t read about on say, “The Insider”, “Caps/Wizards/Nats Insider”, or the blogs on ESPN. Nobody will read this blog if the readers don’t identify with you, and since all of your blog posts have been of the basic, uninteresting, covered-to-death variety, it’s safe to say if you don’t make some attempt to make this an interesting and relevant blog for us, the readers, than this blog won’t be around much longer, which is a shame, since this is the only blog that comes to us “straight from the source”, as they say.

    Again, this is only my two cents, so take it for what it’s worth, but I’d hate to see this once fine blog become another boring, uninforming blog that doesn’t cover anything original.

  2. By Kmart317 on Jul 26, 2011 | Reply

    First of all, “B.A.”, you just don’t like the change. The blog is trying their best to keep up with all of the changes, and with the season starting up again. Second, if you were a huge fan of Matt Terl, I would think that as a Redskins fan, you would want to be loyal and stay with the staff that they choose to hire and choose to keep. Third, I like the way that the new blog writes, and I think that you need to give it a chance before you decide that its going down in flames.

  3. By B.A 2 on Jul 26, 2011 | Reply

    This post won’t become irrelevant soon because these new changes to the Redskins organization will have a long lasting affect toward the owners, the players, the coaches, etc. Which, by reason, will effect every fan’s perspective on the game, not only within the Redskins organization, but also throughout the entire NFL. Every team is going through dramatic changes at this time because of the new negotiations made between the players and the owners of each team, which is what this blog is clearly stating. Clearly you aren’t willing to realize that these changes are coming about throughout the entire NFL, not just the Redskins organization. Give the new blogger a chance, and you’ll learn to give other people respect. Life isn’t over because Matt Terl’s enthusiastic thoughts won’t be blogged about, but everyone brings something new to the table, and maybe someday you will realize that.

  4. By B.A. on Jul 27, 2011 | Reply

    Thanks for the input guys, and let me just say all I was doing was offering advice. By no means was I jumping to a definite conclusion that this blog has gone down the drain, I was just commenting on the direction I saw it going. Maybe it was a bit hasty, but in the end it’s not going to have any effect on my desire to keep reading this blog. And let me just say no disrespect was intended, so if it comes across that way, well that’s unfortunate. I will admit, had I taken the time to look at it from his perspective, that this information will be relevant to fans who haven’t been keeping up with things throughout the lockout. I’m gonna end this by saying I do have much respect for Brian Tinsman, and am now confident that he will bring a voice to this blog that we can all enjoy. HTTR.

  5. By noname on Jul 29, 2011 | Reply

    I think Brian Is just the summer intern.. I read that he was a month or so ago…

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