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FedExField Seats Gone, In More Ways Than One

Posted by Matt Terl on June 24, 2011 – 4:42 pm

The removed seats from FedExField that were being sold for charity are now sold out. All the available seats have been spoken for, and must be picked up from FedExField at 9:00 a.m. on July 22 of this year. If you missed out, though, there’s still hope: any of the spoken-for seats that go unclaimed on that day will be available for sale at the stadium on a first-come, first-served basis.

In the meantime, I’ve put a few of the straight-on shots of the seat removal into this one animated GIF. It’s not perfect, but it’s a pretty cool look at those sections going away.

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Doug Williams On Jimmer Fredette And Racism In The NBA

Posted by Brian Tinsman on June 24, 2011 – 12:15 pm

I watched last night’s NBA Draft mainly to see what the Wizards did — which, for what it’s worth, I liked. Here’s Brian Tinsman with a slightly more nuanced read on the subject.

[UPDATE: The original headline on this piece was “Doug Williams Attacks Reverse-Racism in the NBA”; a couple of commenters pointed out that this headline implied that racism is ONLY bias against non-white people. I’ve adjusted it accordingly, and dialed back the “attacks” as being a bit over-the-top.]

When it comes to beating stereotypes and overcoming the odds in sports, who better to talk to than Super Bowl-winning quarterback Doug Williams?

Last night’s 2011 NBA Draft saw sensational BYU shooting guard Jimmer Fredette taken 10th overall by the Sacramento Kings, via the Milwaukee Bucks. In case you are immune to March Madness, Fredette is pretty awesome, and won all versions of the NCAA National Player of the Year award.

Fredette also happens to be Caucasian, 6-2, 195 pounds, and possessed of an average vertical leap, which was enough for many to write him off.

Not so fast says Williams, the first African-American quarterback to ever win the Super Bowl. Talking to Ian O’Connor of ESPNNewYork.com, Williams said that racial overtones surround white NBA players just as they did African-American quarterbacks:

“It’s unfortunate that some people, whether it’s the media or outside forces, will always look at athletes from a black and white standpoint,” said Doug Williams, the man who helped crush the vile stereotype that African-Americans couldn’t make for winning quarterbacks.

“When I was playing football, an African-American quarterback didn’t have as much time to prove he can play. It’s unfortunate that [Fredette] might have to deal with the same thing in the NBA.”

Williams knows all too well what the odds are against Fredette being given that opportunity. He did, however, express some hope that the stigmas in sports were giving way to more open minds:

“In the NFL the quarterback position was only for whites, regardless of what you did, and I think that’s now changed,” said Williams, the head coach at his alma mater, Grambling State.

“But there was pressure on me as a black quarterback, and I think unfortunately there will be pressure on this Fredette kid to put up good numbers as a rookie so that people don’t question whether he can succeed in a sport where most of the great players have been African-American.

Just as Williams did not want to be judged for his color, he’s never let that cloud his judgment of athletes in any sport:

“For me, it’s never been about color. I love how Tom Brady and Peyton Manning play, and I like Josh Freeman, too. The color of an athlete should never matter.”

Williams is living proof that athletic talent is colorblind. He was a pioneer for other African-Americans at the quarterback position, and showed that opportunities should be based on ability. Hopefully Fredette can be successful in the NBA and open the door of opportunity for others.

Enjoy a dose of “Jimmer Fever”:

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DeAngelo Hall Nominated For An ESPY Award

Posted by Matt Terl on June 24, 2011 – 10:55 am

After DeAngelo Hall intercepted four Jay Cutler passes this year, all but single-handedly winning the game — and after Cutler made a few unchartiable coments about Hall’s abilities — Hall half-jokingly told the NFL Network that “if I had to play Jay Cutler every week, man, I’d be in the Hall of Fame.”

Shortly after that, Hall’s jersey did indeed make the trip to Canton. Then Hall himself went to the Pro Bowl in Hawai’i, where he earned the game’s MVP award. And that seemed like it was all the awards the sometimes- controversial cornerback could expect for the 2010 season.

ESPN apparently disagrees: they’ve got one last 2010 awards show, and that means Hall’s got a shot at one more award. ESPN has named Hall as one of the three nominees for the “NFL Strongest Performance” ESPY award. Not only that, but you can vote for Hall here.

The show airs July 13, which a countdown clock helpfully informs us is just over nineteen days away. So get votin’.

In other D.C.-related ESPY news, one of the show’s commercials features Wizards point guard John Wall in a dance-off with Packers DT B.J. Raji, which is kind of amusing. Check it out after the jump.

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Hail! Throwback: Joe Bugel

Posted by Matt Terl on June 24, 2011 – 8:48 am

I’m hesitant to even write these words for fear of jinxing the situation, but for the first time in recent memory almost NONE of the drama swirling around the D.C. sports scene has anything to do with the Redskins. Managers are retiring, Czechs are getting drafted … and we’re free to just kick back and enjoy one of writer/artist Ben Ceccarelli‘s finest Hail! comic strips to date.

As always, click the first panel or the Read More link to see the rest of the strip. And for more great Joe Bugel hijinx, go here. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just be over here knocking furiously on wood to negate that first paragraph jinx.

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Chris Cooley Offers Social Media Advice

Posted by Brian Tinsman on June 23, 2011 – 4:42 pm

Brian Tinsman brings a report of Chris Cooley sharing some social media tips and tricks with the NFL.com guys.

Social media is a great tool for sharing and communicating information in the sports world. But for every athlete that shares a good story with his/her fans, other athletes share a little too much.

Redskins tight end Chris Cooley appeared on the NFL.com’s “Cover Two podcast” with Steve Wyche and Bucky Brooks, and was asked about the ongoing feud between Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora and Eagles running back LeSean McCoy. Always one for a good time, Cooley thought it was great:

I think it’s fun for everybody, it’s obviously a blast for the fans. I’m never worried about it. And let’s say it was between Osi and me? The second we see each other on the field it’s like, “Oh, what’s up man, that’s hilarious.” I get a kick out of it.

As a contributor to the Redskins blog, I can attest that reporting Redskins activity on Twitter is my meat and potatoes some days. It’s a good place for seeking out the peculiar and flamboyant.

Much to my delight, Cooley said that he would not hesitate to start a Twitter war of his own:

I’m always thinking of what would be the best way that I could start a little Twitter war with someone, so maybe I’ll have to come up with one. To me it’s not a big deal.

Y’know who I think would be a fun Twitter war, would be [Eagles defensive end] Trent Cole. I think that he’d be a big part of it, and that’s a good rivalry.

Cooley, who is a veteran media socialite (@thecooleyzone) and also has his own blog, also notes the dangers of social media, especially Twitter:

Social networking is so–here’s my opinion on athletes social networking: everyone that does it should have an assistant that gets the tweet before it goes to Twitter. And they should say yes or no, because there’s so much nonsense. If I do anything else, it goes to someone before it goes out there. That’s my take on it.

Cooley’s warning is well-founded, and this offseason has brought that to light for several notable athletes. Although it hasn’t started yet, perhaps the first shots of a Cooley-Cole Twitter war will be fired in the near-future.

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Kareem Moore’s New Wheels

Posted by Ryan Gracia on June 23, 2011 – 3:02 pm

Yesterday, I wrote about Kareem Moore’s twitpic with Elvis. Today, Intern Ryan checks in on Moore’s twitpics of his ride — and some reaction to it.

I’ve never been one to get very excited about having brand new cars with the biggest rims and windows with the darkest tint (or whatever it is that people do to their rides nowadays), but I do know plenty of people who like those sorts of things.

So I figured when Kareem Moore posted three pictures of his newly revamped white Range Rover on Twitter, people would enjoy seeing a close-up of what a Redskins player rides around town in (including myself). Take a look:

I assume the reason Moore posted the pictures was to show his Twitter followers the new color changes he made, including the white calipers, black vents and black rims that his Range Rover now sits on. And that change certainly received some responses from followers who seemed to prefer the white rims, including teammate Reed Doughty, who offered a nice alternative for those who aren’t fans of Range Rovers:

See, the black rims may not appeal to Doughty but it’s good to know that at least he and Moore can both agree on Doughty’s own choice of vehicle:

That’s teamwork at its finest.

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Nesting Dolls Of Soviet Leaders In Redskins Gear

Posted by Matt Terl on June 23, 2011 – 12:52 pm

A couple days ago I posted about some “wacky” Redskins nesting dolls. In hindsight, the wackiness quotient wasn’t that high. “Oooo, it’s Willie Parker, and Fred Davis’ number is wrong! ZANY!” Following that post, Reader Jason sent in a slightly zanier set of nesting dolls from his late mother’s collection, and I suspect these will remain just as bizarre in hindsight as they seem in the moment.

“Apparently,” Jason writes, “someone decided to create a nesting doll with pictures of Russian leaders wearing Redskins uniforms.”

And … yep, that’s what these would appear to be. (Click photos to enlarge.)

From left to right, that appears to be Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Boris Yeltsin. If there’s a rhyme or reason to who was assigned which jersey, I haven’t been able to figure it out, and I welcome suggestions.

More pictures after the jump.

Reader Jason offered no explanation as to why these things exist at all. They are amazing.

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Ex-Redskins OLB Says He’s ‘Still Got It’

Posted by Brian Tinsman on June 23, 2011 – 12:16 pm

Intern Brian Tinsman checks in with another report from Tuesday’s Play 60 event.

Fans and the media fall in love with the comeback story, as everyone gathers around to marvel at an ageless wonder. Michael Jordan made a comeback. George Foreman did it. Brett Favre did it. So could we see a Redskins Renaissance?

Earlier this week, former Redskins players gathered in Ashburn to conduct the Play 60 Mini-Combine for area elementary school kids. One familiar face was former outside linebacker Lemar Marshall, on the team from 2001-2007.

Originally undrafted and signed by the Buccaneers in 1999, Marshall was a special teams contributor and reserve linebacker with the Redskins. He had his breakout season in 2004, starting 14 games in place of the injured LaVar Arringington and becoming a solid player on the Redskins defense. Injuries derailed his 2006 and 2007 seasons, eventually leading to his release and retirement.

Since his time away from the field, he hasn’t lost the itch to return. “When you stop working out, that’s when you feel all your aches and pains,” Marshall said. “So you gotta stay in shape. For a couple years I was still staying in shape to get back in [to the NFL].”

For Marshall, it was more difficult than most players because he didn’t pick his time to retire. “I ended with my injuries, so I had to come back [first]. You get healthy for that–that was one–and then the second thing was like ‘Okay, I still got it.’ Y’know, you watch games like, ‘C’mon, I still got it.'”

Marshall looks to still be in great shape, but realizes that his playing career is probably over.

“You just learn that eventually, you gotta do what you need to do for your family, as well as still live your dream,” he said. “It’s a balance that you’ve gotta meet, which becomes hard and frustrating. Then you know that you’re still capable and then you see people you know you were better than-they get that phone call and not you.”

Several years removed, Marshall sounds like he landed on his feet on the other side of his playing career, and the 34-year old owns a gym/training facility called Phenom Strength and Conditioning in Ashburn.

But it seemed like there was still an itch there to scratch, so I asked point blank: do you still “got it?”

“Uh-huh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I got it,” he said emphatically. “But just like I said, it’s a balance. Right now there’s the lockout, so you gotta pay the bills now.

That itch might go unscratched, but it would be fun to watch if he made a comeback. At this point, one thing is certain: he would need to consult Brian Orakpo about getting his old number back.

After talking to Marshall, I also caught up with Frank Grant, a wide receiver with the team from 1972-1978. In the mood to state the obvious, I remarked that it had been a little while since his playing days, to which he laughed and said, “Really?”

Grant then shot down any rumors that he would make a comeback, saying “No! Like Tiki Barber?”

He was having a good time, so I couldn’t help but share my previous conversation with Marshall. With a mischievous grin, Grant responded, “If LeMar comes back, then yes, I’m coming back.”

For the record, both sounded very happy in their post-playing-careers, and it would be shocking if either of them would pick now to return (especially Grant at 61 years old). It does make you wonder what Doug Williams is up to, though.

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Rocky McIntosh At The Nats Game

Posted by Matt Terl on June 23, 2011 – 9:25 am

It’s always fun — and usually blogworthy — when a Redskins player shows up at another local sporting event. But when that player ALSO holds the finish line for a group of racing presidents (with gymnast Dominique Dawes holding the other end of that line) AND the race is interrupted by a samurai … well, that’s a no-brainer, really. And it should be no surprise that the Redskins player in a story involving presidents, samurai, gymnasts, and baseball is linebacker and generally quirky dude Rocky McIntosh.

Dan Steinberg has the details on that whole samurai thing, and these pictures are via the Twitter feed of National News Network‘s Cheryl Nichols.

Here’s McIntosh signing some autographs for Nats fans:

Here’s McIntosh and Dawes holding the finish line:

And Rocky just looking happy to be there.

The one lesson I really took away from all this is simple: there need to be more samurai appearances at sporting events.

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Delbert Cowsette On Being A Seventh Round Pick And The UFL

Posted by Matt Terl on June 22, 2011 – 4:20 pm

Defensive tackle Delbert Cowsette spent two seasons on the Redskins roster, 2001 and 2002. He appeared in all 32 games over that span, accruing 23 tackles and 2 sacks. It’s hardly a superstar statline, and that makes sense: Cowsette was never really a superstar. He was something of a fan favorite, especially since he was a Maryland product, but as a player drafted in the seventh round, Cowsette had to work from the day he arrived just to earn a spot on the team.

He was back at Redskins Park yeterday to participate in a Play 60 event with area kids, and — since the Redskins selected a defensive tackle in the seventh round again this year — I asked Cowsette what advice he would give that draftee, West Virginia’s Chris Neild.

“I coached in college football a couple years,” Cowsette told me, “and this is how I used to explain it to my guys: getting drafted in the seventh round is nothing but a glorified walk-on. Glorified [undrafted] free agent. They just picked you first out of their free agents. You’ve gotta work harder to earn respect and to prove what they see in you.

He continued, “Now, they drafted you. They obviously see a lot in you and expect a lot from you. But you gotta take it [as] you’re NOT one of the guys. You’ve gotta earn a spot just like everybody else — just like the guys they get [after the draft].

“You gotta put your nose to the ground, have fun, relax, and just play. Don’t change the game because you’re in a situation where you were picked last. That’s how I took it, anyhow. I worked hard.”

Cowsette is currently an assistant coach with the UFL’s Hampton Roads Destroyers, and he believes that the UFL potentially offers something significant to late-round draft picks and undrafted free agents: the chance to play.

“I think the UFL brings the same thing that NFL Europe did, but the good thing about the UFL is that it’s local. It’s in the states. It’s close enough that if scouts wanted to, they could come down and look. I’m based out of Virginia Beach.

“And it gives guys that wouldn’t have a chance because of numbers a chance to play and prove themselves at a high level, to show scouts and show coaches that they can play at this level.”

Speaking of the Destroyers, it’s also worth noting that Cowsette is currently an assistant under his former Redskins head coach Marty Schottenheimer, which essentially continues a surprisingly Schottenheimer-centric life.

“I watched him growing up,” Cowsette explained. “I’m from Cleveland, born and raised, so Marty Schottenheimer was definitely a household name. For him to be my coach here, it was a dream. And for him to be my boss is even more of a dream. It puts me closer to what my goal is, which is to be a professional football coach in the NFL, and to have the opportunity to work with him and with guys like myself … it’s a blessing.”

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