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Delbert Cowsette On Being A Seventh Round Pick And The UFL

Posted by Matt Terl on June 22, 2011 – 4:20 pm

Defensive tackle Delbert Cowsette spent two seasons on the Redskins roster, 2001 and 2002. He appeared in all 32 games over that span, accruing 23 tackles and 2 sacks. It’s hardly a superstar statline, and that makes sense: Cowsette was never really a superstar. He was something of a fan favorite, especially since he was a Maryland product, but as a player drafted in the seventh round, Cowsette had to work from the day he arrived just to earn a spot on the team.

He was back at Redskins Park yeterday to participate in a Play 60 event with area kids, and — since the Redskins selected a defensive tackle in the seventh round again this year — I asked Cowsette what advice he would give that draftee, West Virginia’s Chris Neild.

“I coached in college football a couple years,” Cowsette told me, “and this is how I used to explain it to my guys: getting drafted in the seventh round is nothing but a glorified walk-on. Glorified [undrafted] free agent. They just picked you first out of their free agents. You’ve gotta work harder to earn respect and to prove what they see in you.

He continued, “Now, they drafted you. They obviously see a lot in you and expect a lot from you. But you gotta take it [as] you’re NOT one of the guys. You’ve gotta earn a spot just like everybody else — just like the guys they get [after the draft].

“You gotta put your nose to the ground, have fun, relax, and just play. Don’t change the game because you’re in a situation where you were picked last. That’s how I took it, anyhow. I worked hard.”

Cowsette is currently an assistant coach with the UFL’s Hampton Roads Destroyers, and he believes that the UFL potentially offers something significant to late-round draft picks and undrafted free agents: the chance to play.

“I think the UFL brings the same thing that NFL Europe did, but the good thing about the UFL is that it’s local. It’s in the states. It’s close enough that if scouts wanted to, they could come down and look. I’m based out of Virginia Beach.

“And it gives guys that wouldn’t have a chance because of numbers a chance to play and prove themselves at a high level, to show scouts and show coaches that they can play at this level.”

Speaking of the Destroyers, it’s also worth noting that Cowsette is currently an assistant under his former Redskins head coach Marty Schottenheimer, which essentially continues a surprisingly Schottenheimer-centric life.

“I watched him growing up,” Cowsette explained. “I’m from Cleveland, born and raised, so Marty Schottenheimer was definitely a household name. For him to be my coach here, it was a dream. And for him to be my boss is even more of a dream. It puts me closer to what my goal is, which is to be a professional football coach in the NFL, and to have the opportunity to work with him and with guys like myself … it’s a blessing.”

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Donovan McNabb Works Out With Eagles [UPDATED]

Posted by Matt Terl on June 22, 2011 – 12:53 pm

When I posted Donovan McNabb‘s YouTube video yesterday, I said that I wasn’t “quite sure what to read into” it. I think you can file this bit of McNabb news into that exact same category as well.

The picture above and these two tweets come from Mark Meany, an executive sports producer with WPVI-TV in Philadelphia:

Well, then.

H/T to @BurgundyBlog, who brought it to my attention.

UPDATE: CSNPhilly has posted a story about this, and the more I hear the less dramatic it sounds:

  • The practice included just “a half-dozen or so” Eagles players.
  • According to the report, the group “did agility drills with cones and weight training with medicine balls on the artificial turf field for about 45 minutes.” Which isn’t exactly what I was envisioning — my own fault for projecting, but I had figured it was something like the Redskins player-only practices.
  • From the story: “I’m just working out right now,” McNabb said when asked about his future. “As you can see, I’m in some great shape and I’m only gonna get better.”
  • Eagles center Jamaal Jackson told CSNPhilly’s Dave Zangaro, “We’re out here — it’s not we play for the Eagles and he plays for the Redskins, it’s we’re out here just trying to get better.” Which sounds reasonable as well.

So, again: well, then.

I also updated the headline, as the original — “Donovan McNabb At Eagles Players-Only Workouts” — was flat-out wrong.

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Kareem Moore Is Apparently In Rehab With Elvis

Posted by Matt Terl on June 22, 2011 – 12:03 pm

Sometimes, you see a photo like this and it comes with all sorts of explanations. Other times, it’s entirely cryptic. This falls into the latter category. “Me and my boy @ rehab,” Kareem Moore tweeted, and this picture was at the other end of the link.

Sports medicine works wonders: both Moore and the King seem to be doing well.

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Chris Cooley Plays Flag Football

Posted by Matt Terl on June 22, 2011 – 9:02 am

If you’re fiending for football — and I mean FIENDING, to the point where you’ve maxed out on Arena League games and NFL Network rebroadcasts — NBC Washington’s increasingly indispensable Capital Games blog has the solution: watch brief highlight videos of Chris Cooley playing flag football in Northern Virginia. Here’s one such video, of Cooley making a catch; there’s a few more on the NBC Washington site, including a catch-and-run that looks distinctively Cooley-esque, opposition aside. Enjoy.


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