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Jarvis Jenkins Doesn’t Need Attention, And Other Links

Posted by Matt Terl on June 20, 2011 – 4:01 pm

Defensive lineman Jarvis Jenkins hasn’t been able to do anything with the Redskins since being drafted in the second round of the NFL Draft a billion years ago. (NOTE: “A billion years” is an estimate based on my subjective view of time passed since the draft, and may be slightly off from the actual span.)

That’s not to say that he’s been wasting his time, though. In an interview with 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen, Jenkins says that he’s used the unusually quiet offseason to knock out some summer classes (he’s less than a semester away from earning his degree from Clemson) while also lifting and working on his agility and conditioning.

But my favorite part of Paulsen’s wide-ranging interview comes when Jenkins — who claims to be unsure if he’s going to to be playing at end or nose tackle — explains that he doesn’t really care about the relatively sparse opportunities for glory as a 3-4 defensive lineman:

“That’s one thing you have to be ready for if you’re playing nose guard, you’re not going to make many plays, you’ve just got to be the dirty guy. That’s one main thing I’m not going to complain about. I’m not a guy that likes attention. If I get attention that’s good, but I’m just a guy that wants to win.”

Sounds good to me, and he comes across well in the rest of the interview as well. Worth reading.

Here are some other Redskins-related links that merit your clicks:

  • At CSNWashington, Rich Tandler calls Kareem Moore and Chris Horton players on the bubble.
  • Mark “OM” Steven posts an excellent examination of Clinton Portis’ Redskins legacy via the novel approach of focusing on stats rather than goofy costumes.
  • New to Dan Steinberg and also to me, some nifty Sean Taylor graffiti at the Brookland Metro station.
  • Brian Orakpo shows up on a couple of pass-rushing lists (in a good way): ProFootballFocus and USA Today. Room for improvement on both, but it’s better than nothing.
  • At Bleacher Report, Brandon Katz suggests some free agents the Redskins should target, compares the offensive line to an episode of Jersey Shore. (“You are watching a disaster unfold as problem after problem keeps arising and random people off the street [Mike Williams] inexplicably become involved.”) This seems like a fine time to admit that I’ve never watched Jersey Shore.
  • And gaming website Kotaku illustrates a post about some staff changes at EA Sports with a screenshot of Video Rocky McIntosh and Video Adam Carriker converging on Video Eli Manning. The likeness of McIntosh’s face is eerily accurate, and the likeness of Manning’s face looks eerily like Peyton Manning.

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The Life of NFL Roommates, Explained

Posted by Brian Tinsman on June 20, 2011 – 3:15 pm

Much of what fans know about a player pertains to their life as a professional athlete. But every so often, players shed some light on their personal lives and show that they’re pretty normal off the field.

Lorenzo Alexander, for example, recently appeared on the “Chris Wilson Show” with Lake Lewis on the Sports Journey Broadcast Network (@SportsJourney) to discuss, among other things, previous NFL roommates.

When Wilson joined the Redskins in January 2007, he moved into the same house with Alexander and his then-housemate, Redskins defensive end Trumaine “Joe” Sykes. Alexander and Wilson give a light-hearted, albeit hilarious, recount of their time with Sykes, the deadbeat roommate.

Here, for example, is Alexander remembering a fun night out with Sykes–until the bill came:

I ain’t never seen a dude like this. You know how you go out with your boys? I got a round of drinks, have a good time. Everybody’s like, “Oh, I got this round.”

We kick it, everybody go out together. “Dub (Wilson), you got this next round? Alright Dub.”

(Alexander): “Joe, you got this next round?”

(Imitating Sykes): “Uh, no, I ain’t drinking no more.”

(Alexander): “Oh, alright, alright, I got this next round.”

(Imitating Sykes): “Oh, I got a–let me get a…” that’s Joe talking. “Wait, I’m back in.”

Wilson and Alexander are clearly having a good time looking back on it now, although the busting of chops had only just begun.

Alexander also shared a story about leaving his keys in the wrong hands when he went out of town:

[Sykes] had a [Lincoln] Navigator on 20 [inch rim]’s, that was nice. And I had a Maxima that was sitting low, black on black. I was going out of town, and I let Dub use my car because he didn’t have a car at the time. So when I left, it had gas in it. When I came back, I had to go to work that morning, I turned it on, and it’s underneath the E. So I’m trying to figure out how to get to work.

[Going up to Wilson in the lockerroom] I said, “Dub, that’s how you do it in Flint [Mich.]? You don’t fill the car back up?” And he was like, “What are you talking about, man? I put more gas in it, than was in it [before].”

Alexander and Wilson were able to get to the bottom of it when, according to Wilson, teammates had seen Sykes driving all over the place while Alexander was away.

Alexander also laughed about times with him on the practice field during Sykes’s brief stint with the Redskins:

That boy was the most-cuttingest-corner. We would do like abs or something, like 25. And he would do like two and then lay there.

Then he’d be like “What number are you on? Oh I’m on 25.” And he had just sat there. Or, he would wait for the coaches to come in, and then work extra hard.

Alexander has a reputation for being candid, and shows off his great humor in this guest appearance. The world may never know the other side of his roommate controversy, but if it was anything like Alexander describes then I’m sure he’s happy to be married and settled down now.

Check out the full Sports Journey show below:


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Mark Moseley Unretires His Jersey

Posted by Matt Terl on June 20, 2011 – 11:03 am

Whether or not John Beck surprises people by performing well in the NFL, former Redskins kicker Mark Moseley will definitely see his jersey worn by a highly-touted quarterback this season. According to Mac Engel’s blog on StarTelegram.com, Moseley’s college number (10) had been retired by Stephen F. Austin University in the early ’80s. On Friday, Moseley allowed the reversal of that retirement so that incoming quarterback Joe Minden could wear his preferred jersey.

Engel explains: “Minden is a freshman from Coppell. And he’s a quarterback. And he was highly recruited, hence the reason to un-retire No. 10. That’s the number he wore as junior and senior at Coppell.”

Coppell is a high school in a Dallas suburb; Stephen F. Austin is about 200 miles southeast.

To be frank, I’m much more interested in what the quarterback wearing Moseley’s pro number might do this season, but … well, in an offseason like this one, this kind of gesture qualifies as blogworthy.

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Kory Lichtensteiger Has A T-Shirt (And A Football Camp)

Posted by Matt Terl on June 20, 2011 – 9:37 am

WOHL TV, the ABC affiliate in Lima, Ohio, had a report this weekend on Redskins offensive lineman Kory Lichtensteiger‘s youth football camp at his alma mater, Crestview High School in Ashland, Ohio.

I’m always happy to see guys giving back to their communities, and the kids in the WOHL video seem absolutely ecstatic to be taking part in the camp, but the most exciting part to me is that Lichtensteiger’s camp apparently generated some Kory Lichtensteiger T-shirts. All we’ve seen so far is the snippet in this screenshot, but … well, I firmly believe that you can’t be listed as a center on the Redskins roster without having your own logo, so this is an important step for Lichtensteiger.

See the full video after the jump.

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