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An Unlikely-Seeming Madden 12 Screenshot

Posted by Matt Terl on June 16, 2011 – 8:53 am

Video game site IGN.com has a whole bunch of content about the upcoming iteration of Madden — Madden NFL 12, if we’re being technical — and a depressing amount of it (including two Dallas Cowboys videos out of nine total videos) seems to be centered on the other NFC East teams. Scanning through the 156 screenshots from the game, I spotted two that related to the Redskins.

One was the pass downfield to Anthony Armstrong that we’ve already discussed. The other one was this:

(Click to see a much bigger version at IGN.)

I hesitate to make very many predictions while this offseason of uncertainty persists but I would bet infinity-thousand dollars that you will NEVER see this particular scene take place. A few observations to explain why not:

  • The cheerleaders have pink pompoms, which means that this game is in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, formerly known as October. That rules out any possibility of “Well, it’s only preseason, something could change before the regular season.” And yet….
  • There’s Albert Haynesworth, cheerfully running out of the tunnel with his teammates. Still possible, yes — Haynesworth is absolutely still on the roster — although his text messages to 106.7 The Fan’s Grant Paulsen yesterday certainly don’t seem too promising. Still, that alone is absolutely possible.
  • Rex Grossman, meanwhile, is NOT currently on the roster (although he’s been showing up at the players-only workouts), and yet there he is, leading the team out of the tunnel, in front of ….
  • Donovan McNabb, who IS currently on the roster (although he hasn’t been showing up at the players-only workouts). Still, a quick Google News search suggests several places that NFL “insiders” expect to see McNabb next year … none of which are Washington. It remains possible that he could be running out of the tunnel at FedExField, but a lot of people are skeptical of that.
  • Carlos Rogers is another one. There he is off to the left of the picture, sprinting giddily to the Redskins logo at midfield. Which isn’t exactly how Rogers portrayed his expectations for 2011 in this interview with David Elfin, the one where he says, “You hear that the Cowboys and Eagles are looking for a corner. It would be fun to play against the Redskins twice a year.”
  • And if you look really closely, you can see what looks like Santana Moss — another guy who’s not currently on the roster — jogging out just behind Haynesworth.

Again, no one knows what the remainder of this offseason is going to bring, and, really, ANYTHING seems possible. One, two, or three of those guys could certainly be on the Redskins roster in October, but I don’t think I’m being out of line to suggest that this particular assemblage of players is seeming less and less likely to come running out of that tunnel as a group.

Hat tip to Intern Brian for spotting this.

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One Response to “An Unlikely-Seeming Madden 12 Screenshot”

  1. By Aaron Tyndale on Nov 7, 2011 | Reply

    Relax they were just going with who was currently on the roster at the time. What were they gonna have 7 people running out the tunnel??

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