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Bruce Allen Is Okay With Rooting For Dallas In Basketball

Posted by Matt Terl on June 13, 2011 – 10:48 am

Like so many other fans of D.C. sports, I was rooting pretty enthusiastically against LeBron James in this year’s NBA Finals. All these years later, the whole DeShawn Stevenson/Soulja Boy/Jay Z thing is still amazing, and the crab dribble still annoys me. And all of that doesn’t even account for his more recent spectacles of ego. So seeing a bunch of ex-Wizards (and one Player Development Coach who’s a Redskins fan) crush James’ hopes and dreams … I was pretty okay with that.

But I had a real problem admitting that I was rooting for Dallas. It just plain doesn’t feel right as a Redskins fan to root for a Dallas team, and that nagged at me right on through the Mavericks’ victory. Fortunately, I was able to ask an expert about the situation

Bruce Allen has lived and breathed the Redskins/Cowboys rivalry all his life, and feels it as keenly as anyone. So today, while Allen was getting ready for the Red Cross Invitational charity golf tournament, I explained the situation to him and asked if he believed it was acceptable to root for Dallas teams in other sports.
“You’re allowed, in other sports, to root for other teams,” he said, laughing. “Obviously you should have the Wizards at the top of your list.”

But that seemed to evade the question, which made me worry even more. So I asked again: in his opinion, was it okay to root specifically FOR DALLAS at that point in the playoffs. And this time his answer was more direct.

“Yes, because Dallas was playing as a team,” Allen said. “And, once again, it shows that the team that plays the best will win. It’s not about individuals in team sports.”

So there you have it, straight from a guy who was half-seriously disappointed at a local youth team being named the Cowboys: retroactive absolution from any guilt over rooting for Dallas, a backhanded zing at LeBron James, and a reminder to root for the local basketball squad. Bruce Allen is a guy who really knows how to efficiently answer a goofy, pointless question.

Related and worth reading: Dan Steinberg on the ex-Wizards who are now champions and Cindy Boren has a good overview and round-up of all your LeBron schadenfreude needs.

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