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About These Redskins 365 Hats

Posted by Matt Terl on May 20, 2011 – 1:31 pm

This picture of Bruce Allen is actually from the LAST golf tournament I covered, Brian Orakpo‘s leukemia benefit in Virginia, but it’s relevant because it’s the first time I had seen one of those Redskins-colored 365 hats. I didn’t ask about it at the time, because … well, it was just one hat. But when former Head Hog George Starke AND his wife Petra both showed up wearing variants on the hat at TODAY’S Mickey Steele Golf Outing, I figured that there they were more than just a fashion statement.

“When someone does something special, we hand it out,” Allen told me. “It started at the end of the season, and we give it to coaches and different people, to say that Redskins football is everyday.”

And it doesn’t necessarily have to be something football-related — Allen said that he issued the hats to George because, “he married Petra.”

Starke associated the hats with a different event of note:“We were having beers!” Starke said, grinning. “It was a very momentous occasion. We were having a couple beers together as a group, out in Virginia, and he gave us both hats–“

“And one for Little George,” Petra interjected, holding up the (currently-hatless) infant in question.

“–and one for Little George,” Starke continued. “We have three hats.”

Starke needed a similar assist from his wife to understand what the hat was all about. “I looked at the 365 and did not get it,” he said. “My wife, being much smarter than I, immediately knew what the 365 meant: that we, in order to be successful, need to work 365 days a year.”

“Not only that,” Petra added, “but you have to be a Redskin 365 days a year.”

“That’s right!” Starke said. “You need to think Redskins victory, 365.”

I’ve talked to Starke about the Redskins’ attitude toward their alumni a whole lot of times before — here’s one example, and here’s another — but this seemed to warrant yet another go-round with the question.

“This is awesome,” Starke said. “As you already know, because we’ve talked about this before, with Bruce around, it’s a whole different feel. Y’know, he’s a good guy, he brings a lot of positive emotions to the thing. It’s really nice.”

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