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The New Madden 12 Franchise Mode And The Redskins

Posted by Matt Terl on May 17, 2011 – 2:20 pm

We’re at the point in the NFL offseason where the latest edition of EA Sports’ Madden football title starts rolling out the new features. Like the screenshot of Anthony Armstrong, above, for example. (I really think he’s gonna have to attack the ball in the air a bit more than he seems to be doing if he wants to make the play.) Or the unveiling of a revamped Franchise Mode.

I love Franchise Mode, mainly because I am old and stodgy and have no interest in playing Madden with other human beings online, and most of the announced improvements sound pretty cool to me. There’s a whole bunch of new scouting stuff, expanded rosters in the offseason, an NFL Combine, livelier free agent bidding … a whole mess of stuff that I’ve always wanted to see, actually.

Still, it made me sigh to see where the Redskins actually get mentioned in the blog post explaining all the cool new features: under the heading “Revamped Team Re-Sign and New Cut Dead Weight Logic”. Because the fine folks at EA Sports have chosen to use Donovan McNabb as their hypothetical example of dead weight.

Here’s the relevant paragraphs:

Along with rewriting the re-sign logic, we’ve also added some new team management logic in the offseason that forces teams to make realistic decisions.

In last year’s game, the Redskins would have signed Donovan McNabb to a 7 year deal and kept him on the roster until 2017 until the deal expired.

This year, they take a look at the roster every offseason and evaluate every player individually. If they feel like McNabb is over the hill, they cut him and move on. This leads to plenty of player movement in the offseason and makes the FA Bidding feature a lot more realistic.

Yes, yes, I know: they said “if they feel” and are just using this as a random example. I get that. But … c’mon, guys. This was a nice upbeat read for me. I was all excited about the upgrades. Couldn’t you have just used Carson Palmer in that spot? Or Chad Ochocinco? Or any of the other non-Redskins in the league who might be moving on this year?

That minor sigh-inducing glitch aside, at least the new Madden game looks awesome. That’s a plus.

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