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Larry Brown Is Still A Fan Favorite

Posted by Matt Terl on May 17, 2011 – 3:33 pm

If you were to ask me to guess the favorite running back of a random South Carolina high school student, it would take a very, very long time before I came up with the name of Larry Brown. Which isn’t a slight on Brown, who was a terrific running back — four Pro Bowls, three-time first-team All Pro, the 1972 offensive player of the year … the list of accolades goes on and on.

But it’s just not an obvious answer. Even someone who is a high school senior in 2011 would’ve been born seventeen years after Brown retired. And Brown has no specific connection to South Carolina, either: he was born and raised in Pennsylvania, went to college in Kansas, and played his entire pro career with the Redskins.

Nevertheless, Brown is apparently the favorite player of Calhoun Academy (S.C.) student Michael Pascoe … and, according to The Times And Democrat, Pascoe even had the opportunity to meet Brown.

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The New Madden 12 Franchise Mode And The Redskins

Posted by Matt Terl on May 17, 2011 – 2:20 pm

We’re at the point in the NFL offseason where the latest edition of EA Sports’ Madden football title starts rolling out the new features. Like the screenshot of Anthony Armstrong, above, for example. (I really think he’s gonna have to attack the ball in the air a bit more than he seems to be doing if he wants to make the play.) Or the unveiling of a revamped Franchise Mode.

I love Franchise Mode, mainly because I am old and stodgy and have no interest in playing Madden with other human beings online, and most of the announced improvements sound pretty cool to me. There’s a whole bunch of new scouting stuff, expanded rosters in the offseason, an NFL Combine, livelier free agent bidding … a whole mess of stuff that I’ve always wanted to see, actually.

Still, it made me sigh to see where the Redskins actually get mentioned in the blog post explaining all the cool new features: under the heading “Revamped Team Re-Sign and New Cut Dead Weight Logic”. Because the fine folks at EA Sports have chosen to use Donovan McNabb as their hypothetical example of dead weight.

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John Beck Talks About His Time In Miami

Posted by Matt Terl on May 17, 2011 – 12:44 pm

John Beck‘s appearance on Sirius XM Radio with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon has already spawned blog posts from WaPo’s Dan Steinberg, CSNWashington’s Rich Tandler, and non-CSNWashington Rich Tandler. That’s a lot of words (or, as Ted Leonsis would say, “pixels”). Fortunately, Beck talked for more than fifteen minutes, so there’s still more content left to mine.

Also, yes, this picture is very similar to the one I used in my last John Beck post, albeit from eighteen weeks later, all of which seems to have gone into mullet growth. I apologize for the repetition, but we are getting closer and closer to the day that I run out of John Beck Redskins photos entirely.

There are currently two quarterbacks on the Redskins roster: John Beck and Donovan McNabb. By sheer coincidence, the younger — Beck — made his pro debut as a rookie with the Dolphins against the veteran McNabb, leading the Eagles. It was November 18, 2007, a cold day at Lincoln Financial Field.

One of the quarterbacks put up the dreadful line of 3-for-11 for 34 yards and 2 interceptions before leaving the game with an ankle injury. The other one was John Beck.

Beck didn’t have a great game — 9-of-22 for 109 yards — but didn’t turn the ball over. He also didn’t lead his team to a win. (A.J. Feeley came off the bench for the Eagles and rallied them to victory, prompting a whole new round of speculation that McNabb might be traded out of Philly. What a ridiculous thought! Ha ha ha!) In fact, Beck wouldn’t lead the Dolphins to a single win in that disastrous 1-15 season, meaning that he has never quarterbacked a pro team to a victory.

So it’s understandable that people hearing that Beck may be given the chance to compete for a starting position in D.C. are a little bit skeptical, given the way his tenure in Miami went.

By even further coincidence, an ex-Redskins quarterback who hadn’t seen much success until later in his career was in the booth calling that Dolphins/Eagles tilt: Rich Gannon. Who, by even FURTHER staggering coincidence, had the occasion to interview Beck on Sirius Radio, and who brought up those rough days in Miami.

“You look at your career,” Gannon says, “Think about what you’ve been through. You go to a football team that was right in the midst of so much turmoil and transition — they fire the coach. You’re there in Miami two years, you go to Baltimore, you’re there a year, you go to Washington … I mean, it’s been a crazy four years for you already. What have you learned, and what would you have done differently if you could go back to 2007 and start all over?” Read more »

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Jarvis Jenkins Has An 'On' and 'Off' Switch

Posted by Brian Tinsman on May 17, 2011 – 10:05 am

The Redskins’ selection of DE Jarvis Jenkins in the second round came as something of a surprise — and, at least on this blog, it also got somewhat lost in the shuffle of the trades and other draft day drama. Intern Brian wasn’t going to sit still for that, so here’s his look at Jenkins’ post-draft radio appearance on ESPN980.

At 6-4, 310 pounds, Jarvis Jenkins is a mountain of a man, with the mentality and mean streak that’s necessary at the defensive end position.

“I’m a run-stopper, I’m physical at the point of attack,” he said at his Draft day conference call with the D.C. media. “I can play double teams, I can beat double teams, I’ve been seeing them all through Clemson.”

But that’s just when his switch is set to ‘on.’ Apparently Jenkins comes with an off-switch too.

In an interview with Kevin Sheehan and Thom Loverro on ESPN 980, Jenkins explained his split-personality.

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