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Redskins Uncle Sam Explained

Posted by Matt Terl on May 11, 2011 – 11:02 am

Last week, in a post about the Redskins Fan Draft photo contest that’s currently ongoing at the Redskins Facebook page, I posted a few pictures of die-hard Redskins fans, along with some commentary on those pictures. This was one of them:

And my comment was “I’d be fascinated to know the evolution of this couple’s costumes.”

Well, it turns out that Redskins Uncle Sam is actually a fan from Manassas by the name of Tim Thompson, and “Betskins Ross” is his wife, Erin. Thompson came across the blog post and was more than happy to explain how the whole thing developed:

My brother gave me a pair of close Monday Night Football seats for my birthday in August. I told my wife, Erin, about an idea for a new Skins fan mascot and she really wanted me to do it for this game. I wanted to see a character that was region specific, original, and intimidating.

Uncle Sam fit all the criteria for me and would be easy to create since you could change out the USA color scheme for the Redskins palette. My wife sewed the whole Uncle Skins costume for me using an Uncle Sam pattern from a fabric store. Since there was a historical theme she made a Betsy Ross outfit with Redskins colors and went as Betskins Ross.

I also had a pair of toy Hulk Hands that I used as gloves for Uncle Skins. I wrapped some glossy white fabric around them and put a pointer finger on one for the “I want you” pose. It took us a couple of months to gather up all the gear. Erin was even sewing the day of the Monday Night Football game we went to.

When we got to the stadium all the Skins fans were excited about the costumes. They thought it was an awesome idea and remarked on its creativity. We took pictures with about 20 different Skins fans and at one point had a line of three people waiting. There were even a handful of Eagle fans who sincerely requested a picture, if you can believe that.

It’s good to hear that not all Eagles fans deserve their legendarily horrible reputation, and that even they can appreciate the obvious hard work that went into these costumes.

Thompson has submitted this outfit to the Redskins Fan Draft contest, so if you like the look or even just admire the enthusiasm, you can go show them your support. Or if you think you’ve got something as good or better, go ahead and enter.

Big thanks to Tim Thompson for the update; that makes one less thing for me to wonder about for the rest of my life.

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