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The Universe Was Trying To Tell Leonard Hankerson Something

Posted by Matt Terl on May 2, 2011 – 1:43 pm

In hindsight, it seems like newly-drafted Redskins wide receiver Leonard Hankerson should probably have expected to wind up with the Redskins. Redskins.com intern Brian Tinsman has the story.

Story by Brian Tinsman

If an octopus can correctly predict the results of the World Cup, it shouldn’t be that surprising that a 5-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl can predict their dad’s NFL team.

After being drafted by the Redskins with the 79th overall pick, Leonard Hankerson revealed to Doc Walker on ESPN 980 that his toddler, Kienarria, correctly predicted the Redskins months ago.

“It was kind of interesting, because a couple months ago, my daughter took a picture with a Redskins helmet on,” Hankerson revealed. “And that was like in January, when she took a picture with the Redskins helmet.” [That’s the picture over to the right.]

Hankerson also posted Sunday night on his Twitter account, @HankTime85, about his son’s powers of foresight.

“Wow peeps look at this,” he wrote,”a pic of my son from months ago also… This must be meant… I had no clue about this one” [That’s the picture at the bottom of this post.]

So much for mock drafts and expert analysis. Apparently all you need is the intuition of child. And maybe a juice box.

Hankerson is the father of two children: Kienarria, age 2, and Leonard III, age 5. He figures to be a key component of the rebuilding Redskins offense, if he can stay healthy and productive.

It’s not just his children that make his selection by the Redskins seem almost meant to be; Hankerson had yet another story for Walker on Sunday.

“Earlier yesterday, my buddy Jack Doucette-he’s a big Redskins fan-and he was just like ‘I’m just gonna take all of this Redskins gear out the closet, just in case they draft you,'” Hankerson said.

“So he put all the Redskins gear on the table and they called me with the 79th pick in the draft and I grabbed the hat and put the hat on. It was a surprise to me.” [This, of course, is the picture up top.]

Congratulations Leonard, and welcome to the Redskins. Do your children do lottery numbers too?

All images via @HankTime85.

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