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Ryan Kerrigan's Family Seems Happy For Him

Posted by Matt Terl on April 29, 2011 – 2:19 pm

New Redskins draft pick Ryan Kerrigan introduced himself at Redskins Park today. He said all the right things — namedropped his coaches, talked about his enthusiasm for transitioning to linebacker, and seemed honestly excited to be part of the Redskins organization.

Kerrigan’s parents, Brendan and Anita, also introduced themselves at Redskins Park, and they confirmed pretty much everything that Kerrigan himself said.

“I think you want the best for your child,” Anita Kerrigan said, “and — as a mother — I really was wanting a community that would embrace him, because I know what a good person he is and how he will embrace the community that he’s a part of. And I did really want him to go to a football city, so when the Skins came up it was just, like, this is all perfect. Because … his visit here, he came home — which he hadn’t done any other place — and said, ‘Mom, I can see myself there.'”

Everyone seemed very warm and happy and genuine, so that was nice.

The one thing that surprised me just a little bit was what Anita Kerrigan said when asked about other sports Ryan had played. I expected a basketball story (and was already a little disappointed that I had already posted about the basketball thing), but she went in a completely different direction.

“I guess the thing people don’t know if he was really a good swimmer,” she said. “All of the children are good swimmers and he was a very good swimmer. He swam on the offseason and stuff at Purdue just to stay in shape and what-not.”

She added, “His events were the freestyle — short free — or else butterfly. He was a beautiful butterflier.”

Unlike the basketball thing, though, the swimming doesn’t have a trickle-down effect on Ryan’s performance on the football field — at least, he doesn’t think it does.

“Well, that was about eighty pounds ago, so I don’t know,” Kerrigan said, laughing, when I asked him about the swimming thing. “Swimming was a different kind of shape, because you do things besides just run and hit people. I mean, you run and hit people, but … in swimming all you do is swim. I like football, and I’m glad I chose football.”

Seems like it worked out well for everybody, really.

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