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Lorenzo Alexander Eludes The Media In A Prius

Posted by Matt Terl on April 26, 2011 – 1:20 pm

The media was outside the gates when I showed up at work this morning, cameras pointed out toward Loudoun County Parkway in the hopes of acquiring footage of a player showing up at Redskins Park in the lull between Judge Susan Nelson’s ruling yesterday and the NFL’s appeal. They waved cheerfully at me but made no move to actually record my arrival; no matter how long I work at Redskins Park, no one will ever mistake my beat-up Hyundai for a player’s car.

Media Sits Outside isn’t much of a story, but it beats writing up yet another mock draft, so I grabbed my Flip Camera and walked out to join them. At the very least, I thought it might be a cute bit for the blog — “How long have you been waiting, how late will you stay, etc.”

And that’s all it started out as. It was a gorgeous morning, one of the few we’ll have that feels more like Spring and less like late Winter or early Summer, and the media folks were happily reading tweets and texts from their opposite numbers in much less temperate places like Minnesota and Green Bay.

The banter was solid, and would’ve made for a mildly entertaining if unremarkable blog post. AP reporter Joseph White had biked to the stakeout and was still dressed for cycling, and threatened to stick around for two years. WUSA-9’s Dave “Satch” Satchell joked good-naturedly about NBC4 having beaten him to the site that morning … and then a car turned into the driveway.

“There’s a car coming,” I said, “so I’ll let you guys get back to work.”

It was a clean white Toyota, with an Eastern’s Automotive front tag, and the entire media corps reacted to it pretty much as they had to my Hyundai. “What d’you think the chance is of that being a player’s car?” Satch asked, rhetorically, as the car approached.

And then it drove by and linebacker Lorenzo Alexander waved out the window and continued on through the guard gate.

“Daggumit,” Joe White said. “I really thought that would not be a player’s car.”

Maybe not in New York, where — according to a Twitter report from ESPNNewYork’s Rich Cimini — Bart Scott blew past reporters in a white Ferrari. But Lorenzo Alexander has always been a different kind of guy, so maybe the white Prius shouldn’t have been a surprise. At least the weather stayed nice.

After the jump, the whole encounter in video form.

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