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Speaking Of The Redskins Drafting A Quarterback…

Posted by Matt Terl on April 19, 2011 – 11:56 am

Seems like wherever you look, the Redskins are being linked to a quarterback in the upcoming NFL Draft. Some people say Ryan Mallet, others say Jake Locker, others insist that Blaine Gabbert is the guy … basically, if you are a draft-eligible human being who threw the ball a few hundred times in the last few years, you have been linked to the Redskins.

So it seems somehow appropriate that the last quarterback drafted by the Redskins has resurfaced in the news today. That’s right: it’s the first Colt Brennan post in ages!I don’t often cover players who have departed the Redskins to head on to other positions, but a defining characteristic of Brennan’s story with the Redskins was the debate over whether or not he could actually play pro ball. Brennan put up ridiculous, cartoonish, Madden-on-rookie-level numbers in college at Hawaii, but as he transitioned to the pro level, there were countless knocks on his arm strength, his leadership abilities, his passing mechanics. The Redskins took a flyer on him with a sixth round pick in 2008, and — in true backup QB fashion — he immediately became one of the most popular guys in town.

He was always good for an entertaining blog post (Colt meets the president! Colt gets pineapples delivered to Redskins Park! Colt and Chris Cooley mock Tony Romo!), and when he performed well in a couple of 2008 preseason appearances the questions got louder: Could Brennan make it in the NFL?

For the moment, the answer to that question is No. He spent the 2009 season on injured reserve and was cut before the 2010 season following the Redskins trade for John Beck. He failed to catch on with the Raiders, and since then his name has come up just once publicly, when he was injured in a car accident in Hawai’i. Most people assumed that would be the end for Brennan’s NFL dreams, and it very well might be.

But his pro dreams … those are still going, at least based on this Honolulu Star-Advertiser report:

In the first step of Colt Brennan’s comeback, the Hartford Colonials of the United Football League have secured the rights to the former University of Hawaii quarterback.

Hartford’s head coach is Jerry Glanville, who was UH’s defensive coordinator during Brennan’s sophomore and juniors seasons in 2005 and 2006.

“I’m excited coach Glanville reached out and protected my (UFL) rights,” Brennan said today. “I’m stoked about that. I would love the opportunity, if it happens, to play for coach Glanville.”

So if anyone still feels like carrying the “Colt Brennan can be a pro QB banner,” you might want to pick it up and jog to Connecticut.

Hopefully, if the Redskins do draft one of those quarterbacks listed in the first paragraph above, I won’t be writing about their signing with a UFL team just three years later — even if they are former blog favorites.

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One Response to “Speaking Of The Redskins Drafting A Quarterback…”

  1. By smiley4284 on Feb 1, 2012 | Reply

    ALOHA….Unbelievable how embarrassing Colt Brennan was in the NFL. I’m so ashamed of his suckage and sense of entitlement.

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