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Here Is Your 2011 Redskins Preseason Schedule

Posted by Matt Terl on April 12, 2011 – 4:00 pm

It’s that surprisingly exciting time of year again: time to unveil the four opponents for the upcoming preseason games, and the sequence in which those games will occur. (Despite the fact that I call it the “preseason schedule” in the headline, that’s not exactly accurate — dates for three of these games are still TBD, and none of the kickoff times are set.)

  • Week 1: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Week 2: AT Indianapolis Colts
  • Week 3: AT Baltimore Ravens (Thursday, August 25, ESPN)
  • Week 4: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

And a few notes about these games (many of them courtesy of Redskins PR):

  • Much like in 2009, the Redskins face a brutal preseason road, at least based on the preceding year’s finishes. This year’s four opponents finished 2010 with a combined 44-20 regular season record and a 3-3 record in the playoffs, culminating in Pittsburgh’s Super Bowl loss.
  • This is not the 573rd straight preseason the Redskins are facing the Steelers, although it certainly feels like it. In fact, the Steelers and Colts (Baltimore AND Indianapolis) are the two opponents Washington has faced most often in the pre-season — this year marks the twentieth preseason meeting for each.
  • Week 2 will be the first time the Redskins play at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis; the teams faced off in the 2008 preseason in the Hall Of Fame game in Canton. (Many blog readers will no doubt remember that as the first time Colt Brennan made his bid for the Redskins Preseason Hall Of Fame.)
  • The Redskins have played the Ravens in seven of the last eight preseasons, and faced off in the regular season in the one year they skipped (2008).
  • Aside from the Week 3 contest at Baltimore, the other three games will be broadcast locally on NBC-4 and CSN Washington.
  • Times and dates for all games will be announced at a later date.

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And Now, A Mock Draft Where The Redskins DON'T Trade Back

Posted by Matt Terl on April 12, 2011 – 11:26 am

As we move closer and closer to the NFL Draft singularity — the moment when every single human being on Earth has published a mock draft — I’m finding myself steadily less interested in the predictions of the Mel Kipers and Todd McShays of the world. Their ideas have been out there for months, and I don’t understand how their assessments are still changing when no actual football has been played.

At the same time, I’m becoming increasingly entertained by the massive multi-person online mock drafts, in which an assortment of experts and enthusiastic amateurs each take the reins of a team and shepherd them through the entire multiround draft. I don’t necessarily believe that these are more (or less) accurate than anything Kiper & Co. put out, but they’re at least a bit livelier and more interesting, and showcase an assortment of different drafting philosophies.

Last week, I took a look at one such draft in which the Redskins’ “general manager” traded back out of the first round entirely; this weekend, a different Redskins “general manager” used an approach that was almost the polar opposite.

The draft in question was the Experts Mock Draft, hosted by The 3-4.com, a three-round mock with picks made by an interesting mix of draft pundits — Chad Reuter, Aaron Aloyisius, Evan Silva — and other engaged draft-watchers. The Redskins’ mock GM was Nick Stilwell, and his first-round selection inspired a tremendous amount of hand-wringing and shock on my Twitter timeline on Sunday.

I caught up with Stilwell via email to find out some more about his credentials — and what led him to take a player at tenth overall that I haven’t heard mentioned for that spot. Read more »

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Kevin Durant's Redskins-Colored Shoe

Posted by Matt Terl on April 12, 2011 – 9:26 am

I’m not sure if there’s a simple, self-contained word that means “polar opposite of a sneakerhead,” but if there is, that’s what I am. Few things in the world have less relevance to my sedentary blogging lifestyle than sneakers, but pricey retro reproductions of old sneakers would probably be on the list.

But I still think this is kinda cool.

Kevin Durant is one of the top young stars in the NBA. He’s currently on the Oklahoma City Thunder and he played his college ball at Texas, but he was born in D.C., played his high school ball at schools in Virginia and Maryland, and is still a pretty die-hard Redskins fan — even in the Madden video games.

All of which is long-winded, roundabout way of explaining why his new Nike Zoom KD III is being released in some very familiar colors.

Like I say, I don’t know a whole lot about the ins and outs of sneaker fandom, but I do know that that’s one mighty handsome shoe.

(From Sneakerfiles.com, where you can see a couple more pictures of the shoes, via @Unsilent.) Read more »

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