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Keenan McCardell Does Some Self-Scouting

Posted by Matt Terl on March 31, 2011 – 12:50 pm

Keenan McCardell is hip-deep in his second offseason as an NFL coach, the first where he’s had a full season to observe and evaluate the guys in his wide receiver group. So when he sat down with Larry Michael for an exclusive interview on Redskins Nation, it was natural that the topic of self-scouting would come up. McCardell broke down not only his own performance as a rookie coach, but also reviewed where his inexperienced wide receiver corps stands after one year.

The interview is airing in two parts on Redskins Nation; you’ve already seen (or missed) Part 1, and Part 2 airs on tonight’s show. Or you can watch the entire thing above — and even if you read all the quotes here, there’s plenty of stuff that I haven’t transcribed — but for the printcentric among you, here are a few excerpts of those self-scouting sessions:

McCardell On Keenan McCardell:
“It was a great experience for me, to get a chance to learn from Kyle, Coach Shanahan, from all the coaches on our coaching staff how to b ea professional coach. I’ve been a professional football player, but how to be a professional coach, how to do the tasks that you need to make your guys better. You need to show guys a lot of film; you being a player, you kinda forget about how much film your coach used to bring to you to watch, to make you better. And as a player that’s formerly played, you kinda think those guys should already know this, but you need to show ’em and continue to show them — the biggest thing is to show them themselves. You know, ‘This is why you’re making this mistake.’ It was a great experience for me.”

McCardell On Anthony Armstrong:
“He’s a great person to coach. He’s a great person, period…. I’m looking for him to make another step. People’ve gotta realize that this was his first year ever playing at this level. For him to make the next step, he has the want-to. I know he has the want-to in him, and it’s my job to help him make the next step to get even better than what he was this year.”

McCardell On Malcolm Kelly:“Malcolm knows it. He has to show something. I think he has to come out and show people that, you know, ‘I was a second-round draft pick for this reason.’ Not just for the organization, but for himself. I think that guys that haven’t had a lot of success and been high-round picks need the satisfaction of showing himself that he can be a very good football player and play at a high level, and I think that we expect a lot from him, bein’ that he’s been able to stay in the system, learned the system, he should come out ready to play and not be a guy that’s like a rookie that doesn’t know the system.”

McCardell On Terrence Austin:
“His learning curve is to take the next step. He made some rookie mistakes, but he also blossomed some as a rookie with the opportunity to play later in the year. I think he understands his role; it’s part of him coming back wanting to be on the field all the time, wanting to be able to compete all the time. And if he can come back with that type of attitude, I think he’ll contribute to this team a lot.”

McCardell On Brandon Banks:
“When you’ve got a guy that’s a playmaker like that, you wanna get him the ball as much as you can, in situations that [are] favorable for him. You don’t wanna put him in bad situations. But Brandon has to make that step also, like Terrence. They’re going into their second year. They have to mature to that next level, and it may be a walk before run [situation]. Right now I think they need to be jogging, by the time the season comes they need to be running.”

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