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Notes On My Mock Draft

Posted by Matt Terl on March 28, 2011 – 4:00 pm

Over at the Redskins.com homebase, Gary Fitzgerald has posted our mock top ten picks for the upcoming NFL Draft. (“Our” in this case is the Redskins.com writing staff of me, Fitzgerald, and Larry Weisman.) There’s nothing hugely unusual about it, as these sorts of things go — we predict who goes where in the top ten picks and include a sentence or to describing our reasoning — but I figured I’d take the opportunity over here to expand a little bit on how I reached my conclusions.

And I’ll start with the most relevant one: the tenth pick.

10. Washington Redskins – Da’Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson
Falls because of injury concerns, but was projected to be selected much higher up. Is effective against the run and can play at defensive end in the 3-4 system. It may not sound like an exciting, glamorous pick, but a USA Today profile on Bowers does mention that he’s the lead guitarist in a gospel group, so that adds some blogworthy punch. Also blogworthy: the possibility of an improved defense.

In case you hadn’t guessed, he’s the guy pictured up top of this post, dragging Maryland running back Ronnie Tyler down with one hand back in 2009. And here’s how I reached that conclusion:

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Good Job, Superstitious Redskins Fans

Posted by Matt Terl on March 28, 2011 – 1:43 pm


A week ago I spent a few hundred words mulling over the possible existence of the Madden Curse, with special attention on that might affect Brian Orakpo‘s performance in the current open vote for the cover spot on Madden 12. My conclusion was that I was too superstitious to see Orakpo win, but that I would be fine seeing him advance through any and all rounds up until the finals. Many people — including Jon Robinson of ESPN’s The Gamer blog — told me that I was being ridiculous. That the Curse doesn’t exist. That it was my duty as a Redskins fan to vote for our representative.

That’s not exactly how it played out.

Either Redskins fans didn’t care about the vote at all (which seems unlikely to me, given past experiences mustering a Redskins vote), or they were even more superstitious than I. Either way, the whole debate became moot today when it was announced that Orakpo had lost in the first round to Giants WR Hakeem Nicks, 61% to 39% with more than 400,000 votes cast.

I’m fine with that. The Redskins defense had enough problems last year; we don’t need to add even the possibility of a Curse to the mix. I’m sure Orakpo isn’t pleased to have lost — no one likes losing at anything, obviously — but I think this serves the greater good. And so I say to whatever percentage of that 400,000+ people was comprised of superstitious Redskins fans: nice work, and thanks.

(Hat tip to @HogsHaven, who saw it first.)

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WalterFootball.Com Is Not Feeling Optimistic About Your 2011 Redskins

Posted by Matt Terl on March 28, 2011 – 1:04 pm

I was working on my 2011 mock draft today — my 2011 mock top 10, to be more accurate, and it should be up on Redskins.com any second now — but doing that leaves me depressingly behind the times. The folks at WalterFootball.com are serious about their NFL Draft coverage, serious enough that they’re already doing their 2012 mock draft.

You might think that this would be challenging, since neither the 2011 college football season (which might affect players’ draft status just a little bit) nor the 2011 NFL season (which would set the draft order) has happened yet. But the folks at WalterFootball are undeterred; they’ve simply reversed the order of their Power Rankings — which featured the Redskins at the bottom (and which means that, yes, my inflammatory headline is a bit inaccurate) — and extrapolated from existing college football data.

And that’s how they’ve determined that the your Washington Redskins will be drafting Andrew Luck, QB out of Stanford, in 2012. The reasoning? “With a poor 2011 quarterbacking class, Washington may have to roll with Rex Grossman (yeesh) and wait a year to find a long-term solution at the position.”

So that’s something to look forward to, I guess.

(Hat tip to @jamiegraham for spotting this.) Read more »

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