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Enter The Redskins Kids Club’s Football Five Writing Contest

Posted by Matt Terl on March 24, 2011 – 3:39 pm

If you (or someone you know) is a creative first- through sixth-grader who loves the Washington Redskins, you (or that someone you know) have one week left to enter the Football Five Writing Contest. The rules are pretty simple: just write a story — one page typed or legibly handwritten — about anything dealing with the Washington Redskins and including ALL FIVE of the following words:

  • Community
  • Umbrella
  • Gold
  • Jump rope
  • Spoon

You can find the full official rules and the list of prizes on the official contest website.

If you (or your entrant) need something to jog your creative juices, may I suggest that you start with the word umbrella and extrapolate the rest from this vintage Redskins Blog post. Ah, memories.
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Larry Weisman And I Bicker About Rookie Quarterbacks, And Other Links

Posted by Matt Terl on March 24, 2011 – 1:00 pm

In case you missed it, yesterday saw the debut of a new feature over at Redskins.com: the Writer’s Roundtable. It’s pretty much what you’d expect: Gary Fitzgerald, Larry Weisman and I (writers!) pick an arbitrary issue and debate it (at a metaphorical roundtable!). It’s like a Redskins version of Around The Horn, only in print and (hopefully) much less aggravating.

That’s the theory, anyhow. In practice, this week’s installment largely degenerated into me and Weisman sniping at each other about the value of taking a quarterback at the first overall pick. Here’s a quick sample:

Matt: I’m sorry, I’m just over here pondering Larry’s suggestion of Gabbert. The offense was off the field too much, so the solution is to get a guy who “will need some work taking snaps under center”? I mean, if you’re drafting a quarterback with the first overall pick, maybe you don’t take the one who “needs work” on the one thing that quarterbacks do on, like, 80 percent of plays? I’m not a fan of any of the QBs in this draft even if they fall to the actual tenth pick, let alone at No. 1 overall.
I’m not in love with Von Miller, either — the idea of Miller has always been more impressive than any actual plays I’ve seen him make — but I’ll take him over Gabbert any day of the week.
Larry: Gee, I wish I could guarantee that Gabbert — or any player — would come to the Redskins fully formed and ready to be an All Pro. Any and every guy will need work. You think Peterson will come in and be a shutdown corner on the first day? Not without a pass rush. Not against top veteran receivers. You’re picking on words, rather than a bigger concept.

And then we started punching each other.

Okay, not really. But I think this turned out pretty well; if nothing else, it’s a chance to see our headshots over and over again, and who could say no to that?!? So give it a look, won’t you?

Meanwhile, here are some other links (that DON’T feature repeated images me in a tie): Read more »

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Ryan Torain Is The Face Of The 2010 Redskins Season

Posted by Matt Terl on March 24, 2011 – 9:49 am

NFL.com has posted NFL Films’ six minute distillation of the 2010 season, and it is (predictably) awesome. What it is not (equally predictably) is a showcase of Redskins highlights. That’s fair enough: the team finished 6-10 and most of the primary storylines wouldn’t condense well to two-second film clips. (I guess you could show Albert Haynesworth lying on the ground or Donovan McNabb on the sidelines and it would get the message across, but neither of those really suits the tone of the piece.)

Of course, that also means that the team suffered ten losses, none of which are shown here. And there were three Redskins in the Pro Bowl, and none of them show up either. No, the entire Redskins season is summed up in three seconds as follows:

First, Ryan Torain trucks Quintin Mikell on his way to the end zone. That looks like this:

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