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See The Redskins Cheerleaders’ Final Auditions On Sunday

Posted by Matt Terl on March 31, 2011 – 5:15 pm

Final audtions for the Redskins Cheerleaders will be held this Sunday, April 3, at The State Theater in Falls Church, Virginia, and they’re open to the public. Doors open at 1:00, the event starts at 2:00, general admission tickets cost $15 — you can see all the details here.

It’s actually a pretty exciting event, somewhere between a beauty pageant and the final episode of a reality TV show (a comparison I made at length last year). If you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth checking out.

(Speaking of last year’s finals, the promo video above marks a nice coda to that story. Marisa, posing next to the text in the stop-screen thumbnail on the video, was the candidate I profiled last year. She’s gone from a not-quite-there-yet in 2009 to a rookie last year to, now, an established face of the squad inviting you to attend this year’s finals. It’s like the circle of cheerleading life, or something.) Read more »

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Reed Doughty Discusses Kidneys And The 3-4 With ESPN980

Posted by Matt Terl on March 31, 2011 – 3:29 pm

Redskins safety Reed Doughty spent some time the other night talking to Redskins beat reporter Chris Russell on ESPN980. The conversation covered the spectrum, from Doughty’s characteristic charity work to how the defense can improve their ranking. You can listen to it in the 980 Audio Vault (in the miscellaneous tab), but intern Brian Tinsman has the highlights below.

by Brian Tinsman

During a recent interview with Chris Russell on ESPN 980, Reed Doughty detailed his busy offseason. In addition to staying in shape for football, Doughty will be Honorary Walk Chair for this Sunday’s Northern Virginia Kidney Walk at the Reston Town Center.

“The reason why I’m doing it is because my son was born with kidney disease,” Doughty told Russell. “For my son, his disease was not preventable, but for so many people in the Washington DC area-which [has] the highest prevalence of kidney disease in the nation-it is preventable.”

The walk will be held on April 3rd at 3 p.m. and features both one mile and 5k options. Registration is free, but participants are encouraged to raise at least $200. All benefits will go to the National Kidney Foundation.

“There’s 26 million Americans affected by kidney disease and over 700,000 in the Washington DC area,” Doughty explained. “We’re just trying to create, obviously some donations and funds, but I’m also out there just trying to create some awareness for what causes kidney disease and how we can prevent it.”

As for Doughty’s son, he’s enjoying a regular life after wife, Katie, was able to donate her kidney to save his life. “He’s three years post-transplant and he’s doing great, but he was on dialysis,” Doughty said. “Obviously in regards to him having only one kidney, he’s not going to be playing a whole lot of contact sports and things of that nature. But no, he’s been doing great, he’s been going to preschool and he’s doing all of the things that kids get to do.”

Doughty also took the time to talk to Russell about some football.

Read more »

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Keenan McCardell Does Some Self-Scouting

Posted by Matt Terl on March 31, 2011 – 12:50 pm

Keenan McCardell is hip-deep in his second offseason as an NFL coach, the first where he’s had a full season to observe and evaluate the guys in his wide receiver group. So when he sat down with Larry Michael for an exclusive interview on Redskins Nation, it was natural that the topic of self-scouting would come up. McCardell broke down not only his own performance as a rookie coach, but also reviewed where his inexperienced wide receiver corps stands after one year.

The interview is airing in two parts on Redskins Nation; you’ve already seen (or missed) Part 1, and Part 2 airs on tonight’s show. Or you can watch the entire thing above — and even if you read all the quotes here, there’s plenty of stuff that I haven’t transcribed — but for the printcentric among you, here are a few excerpts of those self-scouting sessions:

McCardell On Keenan McCardell:
“It was a great experience for me, to get a chance to learn from Kyle, Coach Shanahan, from all the coaches on our coaching staff how to b ea professional coach. I’ve been a professional football player, but how to be a professional coach, how to do the tasks that you need to make your guys better. You need to show guys a lot of film; you being a player, you kinda forget about how much film your coach used to bring to you to watch, to make you better. And as a player that’s formerly played, you kinda think those guys should already know this, but you need to show ’em and continue to show them — the biggest thing is to show them themselves. You know, ‘This is why you’re making this mistake.’ It was a great experience for me.”

McCardell On Anthony Armstrong:
“He’s a great person to coach. He’s a great person, period…. I’m looking for him to make another step. People’ve gotta realize that this was his first year ever playing at this level. For him to make the next step, he has the want-to. I know he has the want-to in him, and it’s my job to help him make the next step to get even better than what he was this year.”

McCardell On Malcolm Kelly: Read more »

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Draft Day Party Flashback: Trent Williams Meets The Fans

Posted by Matt Terl on March 31, 2011 – 9:42 am

The 2011 Draft Day Party is on April 30, less than a month away, and it’s a good time every year. As this year’s event approaches, I’ll be looking back at Draft Day Parties past; meanwhile, you should go print your party pass and start making plans to hit this year’s event.

First up, a scene from last year’s event as newly-drated offensive lineman Trent Williams gets his first look at Redskins fans.

When new offensive tackle Trent Williams took the stage at today’s Draft Day Party at FedExField, it was the first time he had seen a large gathering of Redskins fans, but not the first time he’d heard about them. His good friend (and fellow Redskin) Malcolm Kelly saw to that. “You know, Malcolm told me a lot about the fans,” Williams told me. “He told me they was crazy about their football, and that — coming from Oklahoma — it was the same type of treatment. That was really important to me, comin’ to an NFL team.”And Redskins fans lived up the advance billing:

“I knew college fans were really die-hard, but I didn’t really expect that from NFL fans. I really expect we’ve got the best fans in the nation.”

Later, Williams was asked what the fans can expect from his tenure with the Redskins, and he answered with absolute conviction:

“Super Bowl appearances”It was, he told me after his appearance, something that he extrapolated from what Orakpo had told him before they took the stage. “He just told me that they got a great culture here, made some great offseason moves, and that we’re in the position we wanna be in. He said that if I come in with that chip on my shoulder ready to play, the sky’s the limit.”

At that point, though, Williams hadn’t so much as put on a Redskins jersey. So for a brief while, his best moment as part of the Redskins was meeting the fans at the Draft Day Party. “The ovation I got when I walked onstage,” he told me at the time. “Everyone was already standing, but the ovation was amazing.”

Click here for more details on this year’s festivities and to print out your party pass. Read more »

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2011 Draft Day Party Announced

Posted by Matt Terl on March 30, 2011 – 4:58 pm

I’ve gotten more than few inquiries about this, so here’s the answer: yes, there will be a draft day party this year, on Saturday, April 30, at FedExField. It’s always a good time, and this year promises to be no different — Redskins alumni, Coach Mike Shanahan at 5:30(ish), and more. The parking lots open at 11:00, and you can get your free invitation and much more information here. Read more »

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Steve Emtman With An Axe And A Redskins Helmet

Posted by Matt Terl on March 30, 2011 – 2:20 pm

It’s NFL Draft season, which means that it’s time to start trotting out the stories of classic draft busts. This is the time of year when guys like Ryan Leaf, Tony Mandarich, and, yes, even Heath Shuler get dragged out of storage, have the dust blown off, and have their depressing stories re-told yet again.

Which is fortunate for me, since otherwise I wouldn’t have an excuse for posting this inexplicable picture I came across while searching AP Photos for a shot of the Redskins 1992 Super Bowl parade. This is U. of Washington defensive lineman Steve Emtman, just a month or so before he became the number one overall pick for the Indianapolis Colts in the 1992 Draft, standing with an axe and a Redskins helmet. (Click to enlarge.)

The photo is particularly bizarre since Emtman wouldn’t join the Redskins until 1997, and even then only for four games at the end of the season (which also marked the end of his brief career).

There’s an explanation, of course: It’s a portrait for his NFL ProLine Profile card and the Redskins held the sixth overall pick in that draft, so Emtman posed with the helmets of teams who might acquire him. That idea was worked into a visual metaphor in a separate batch of pictures from the Pro Line shoot — you can see one of them after the jump where Emtman appears to be fishing for a team — but out of context here, it appears to be a large man brandishing an axe and stomping on a Redskins helmet. Still, that’s the kind of thing that happens during NFL Draft season.

(Click onward to see Emtman fishing for a team, if you like.) Read more »

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Phil Taylor And Value In The Draft

Posted by Matt Terl on March 30, 2011 – 12:03 pm

The second installment of our Writers Roundtable posted over at the big supercenter, and it finds Gary Fitzgerald, Larry Weisman, and I yet again discussing possibilities in the upcoming NFL Draft. This time around, the question starts with What should the Redskins do with the tenth pick? and ends up with me contemplating the abstract concept of value itself while the other two sort of gaze on in pitying horror.

The excerpt below features what wound up being, I think, my biggest question coming out of the conversation:

Here’s my question – and this is something I really wrestled with in my mock draft earlier this week, too – why not nose tackle Phil Taylor at No. 10?

I mean, if the team believes (as I do) that they need a nose tackle, and Taylor is (as Larry points out) the only nose tackle with a first-round grade … well, he might not suit someone ELSE at 10, but it seems like you’re filling a prime need with the best player at that spot. Maybe it’s a few spots higher than he’s “projected”, but … frankly, so what?

This kind of thinking has worked out in the past – Jacksonville taking Tyson Alualu at 10 last year; the Patriots taking Logan Mankins in the first round – so why not try it here?

As always in things like this, I’m feeling a little bit of esprit d’escalier about the discussion. (That’s a fancy-pants term for all the clever things you think of after the fact but didn’t say at the time.) Because both Weisman and Fitzgerald seem to agree that Baylor’s Taylor is a suitable pick for the Redskins, but there’s a lot of question about if he’s “worth” the 10th pick — and I don’t know that I successfuly explained why that idea of “worth” is meaningless here. So let me give it a shot now:

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Cricket And The 1992 Super Bowl Celebration

Posted by Matt Terl on March 30, 2011 – 9:44 am

It’s a cricket kind of day, which is something I never really thought would happen here. I know that cricket is insanely popular globally; I know that as soon as the weather turns nice, kids from families of South Asian heritage start playing street cricket in my neighborhood; I know that cricket provided a nice backdrop to part of the closing triptych of Sports Night‘s first season. But that’s really about it, and I never expected to see the day that cricket dominated the front page of as it does for today’s India/Pakistan tilt.

Sure, it’s just a top story about cricket and the scoreboard up top defaulting to cricket, but — by cricket standards — that’s the equivalent of ESPN renaming itself for the day. So, yes, this is an Important Cricket Match. And, like all capital-I Important sporting events, it was preceded by a few articles really pumping up it’s Importance.

Which is where the Redskins connection comes in. Read more »

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N.Y. Times Looks Back At Redskins During The Strike Seasons

Posted by Matt Terl on March 29, 2011 – 3:25 pm

Over at the New York Times today, there’s a nifty look back at how the Redskins emerged from two NFL work stoppages with Super Bowl championships. There are anecdotes from George Starke, recollections from Monte Coleman, Mark May, and Todd Bowles, and lots of stuff like this:

The seeds for the Redskins’ strategy were sown during the 1974 work stoppage. Starke said players worked out together in Georgetown then, where Coach George Allen would sneak over to supervise, or to hand out workout schedules.

With that in mind, the Redskins were built to withstand the 1982 strike. They played in a strong, pro-union area, and thus became a strong, pro-union team. They leaned on veterans like Starke, quarterback Joe Theismann and linebacker Monte Coleman, who said: “We weren’t all marquee players. So we had to band together.”

Very much worth reading.

(That’s Jay Schroeder in the shorts and Nike Airs in the AP Photo above. Man, I thought the bubble in those shoes was the coolest thing ever at the time.)

Read more »

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Video From Redskins Cheerleaders In Iraq

Posted by Matt Terl on March 29, 2011 – 12:24 pm

Late last week, I posted some video shot by the Redskins cheerleaders during their trip to Kuwait. In last night’s Nightly News, we got to see the next step in their tour as they visited with troops in Iraq. (It starts with a brief update from Larry Michael about the compensatory draft pick, but I promise it’s the correct video.)

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