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The First Fan-Created Uniform Of 2011

Posted by Matt Terl on February 17, 2011 – 12:19 pm

If it’s February, it must be time for the offseason ritual of posting fan-created uniforms! Last year was all about the rumored gold pants, which eventually became less “rumored” and more “actual pants,” and before that the black uniforms that never were.

The 2011 uniform conversation hasn’t developed that kind of specific narrative yet, but that didn’t stop reader Andrew DeFrank from suggesting a few changes.

(Obligatory note: these are FAN-CREATED RENDERINGS, and not authentic, official or anything like that.)

DeFrank doesn’t have any professional interest in this — at least not yet. He’s a fifteen year-old who’s a big fan of the Redskins and Paul Lukas’ UniWatch, and he created these using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and, he says, “templates made by designers much better than me.”

Which isn’t to say that he just haphazardly threw stuff together for no specific reason. Here’s the thinking on the jersey/pants/socks redesigns:

“Our asymmetrical striping on pants and jerseys (red, white) is nice, but we have symmetrical striping along our helmets and gold pants (and those are different!).” He notes that the asymmetrical striping issue was discussed on UniWatch and linked here, and goes on to explain “First off I matched up the striping. Along the pants, they are all now the same style, and along the jerseys, I changed up the striping a little. Now, the TV numbers are along the upper arm, leaving an extremely thin and irrelevant stripe below that. So, I moved the numbers to the shoulder, and now have the striping running along the upper arm, replacing those numbers. I also added the classic ‘spear’ logo along the stripes. I added the striping pattern to the socks to top it all off.”

The helmets are more drastically changed, and came from a totally different approach.
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