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George Allen Recalls Deacon Jones' Extra Point

Posted by Matt Terl on February 10, 2011 – 11:01 am

Former Virginia senator and governor George Allen is the son of the legendary Redskins coach whose name he shares, and brother of current Redskins general manager Bruce. So it’s perhaps not surprising that when he found himself speaking to a conference of the Virginia Association of Realtors yesterday, George Allen had a Redskins anecdote to share — specifically, an anecdote about a previous speaker to the VAR, former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann, and Hall of Fame defensive end Deacon Jones. Fortunately someone in attendence had a camera and a YouTube account.

For those of you without 3-plus minutes to spare, here’s Allen’s story. If it were a children’s book, it might be called Deacon Jones Gets His Chance. Or it might not. Anyhow, here’s my transcription of Allen’s story:
“Remember Deacon Jones? Deacon Jones is, as far as I call him, ‘older brother.’ My brother Bruce calls him his oldEST brother. We grew up with Deacon Jones as the master of us Allen pups. And Deacon Jones in his very last game with the Washington Redskins — my father traded for him; you know, he played mostly with the L.A. Rams — so the final game, they’re beating the Chicago Bears. This is in 1974, Joe Theismann’s first year with the Redskins. And Deacon was always a backup kicker. So they’re ahead 35-nothing, he goes to my father and says, ‘Look, Coach. This is probably my last year. I don’t know how many more I’m gonna have. If we score again, can I kick the extra point?’ All these years, he had one of those square-toed shoes on the sidelines, and my father said, ‘All right, if we score you can kick it, Deacon.’ So he’s all excited.

“Lo and behold, the Redskins score, go up 41 to nothing over the Bears. Deacon goes in to kick, and Sonny Jurgensen was usually the holder for these, and Sonny said, ‘There’s no way I’m holding it.’

“So Theismann has to be the holder. So Theismann says to Deacon Jones — and Deacon’s told me this story — Theismann’s saying, ‘Now, do you know how to kick?’ and all of this.

“He says, ‘Just get the ball, put it down there, and I’ll kick the ball. And if you’re gonna be a pain about it, I’ll kick you’re a– over along with it.

“At any rate, in those days the goalposts were at the front of the end zone as opposed to the back. The snap went back, Theismann put the ball down — Deacon didn’t kick him — the kick hit one upright, ricocheted into the other, and went in. Double bankshot, the goalposts are going [back and forth]. So that’s my Joe Theismann/Deacon Jones story.”

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3 Responses to “George Allen Recalls Deacon Jones' Extra Point”

  1. By m.young on Apr 9, 2012 | Reply

    i heard it that deacon enters huddle before kick. theisman tells him get out of here you dont kick, deacons says you hold the ball rook or i<ll kick your head through goalpoasts!!!!

  2. By m.young on Apr 9, 2012 | Reply

    also heard deacon jones is in record books for 100 percent rating

  3. By david sandragorsian on Sep 26, 2013 | Reply

    The goal posts were moved to the back of the end zone in 1973.
    Deacon’s extra point hit one upright and went in.
    That was a great redskin team!

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