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Redskins Cheerleader Auditions Are Coming Up

Posted by Matt Terl on February 7, 2011 – 4:04 pm

Super Bowl XLV didn’t really live up to the hype, but only because nothing short of a manned mission to Saturn ever could. It was, however, another excellent Super Bowl that had just about everything you could ask for: star players playing well; young players making big plays; a chance for a game-winning two-minute drill — as long as you weren’t looking for a dominating ground game, this Super Bowl had it all.

Except for cheerleaders. For the first time since Super Bowl II (according to NFL Films VP Steve Sabol via USA Today), neither of the two Super Bowl teams brought a cheerleading squad with them, so the biggest game of the year wound up largely cheerleader-free.

Some people were not upset by this; former Redskin and current Steeler Antwaan Randle El, for one, who said in that USA Today piece, “Yeah, I care – I’m glad they’re not here. They are a distraction. You want to focus on the game. If you happen to look at the (giant overhead screens), it’s ‘Oh, my Lord” Especially in Dallas. They not only have cheerleaders, they have go-go (-style dancers) hanging from poles.”

And that’s a perfectly reasonable, appropriate response. Still, there are plenty of folks who don’t feel that way, and this notice is for them.

Redskins cheerleader auditions begin on March 26, which seems like ages away. But Audition Prep Classes begin in just over two weeks, on February 24. So if you know — or ARE — someone who would make a terrific Redskins cheerleader, now’s the time to act. You can find more information here, and the application forms here.

All of the early auditions are closed to the public, but longtime readers might remember my coverage of the (open) final round of auditions, and that’s worth looking back at if we’re discussing a new rookie cheerleader class. At the time I focused on Marisa, a former Redskins Ambassador who had missed the cut for cheerleader the year before, but made the squad this year. I wrote about her again when she made her public debut with the squad at the Draft Day Party, and since then she’s had the opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic for the annual cheerleaders calendar photo shoot — as you can see in this video.

Marisa’s no longer a rookie cheerleader, but it’s time for the people who WILL be the 2011 rookies to start the application process. Unless you agree with Antwaan Randle El’s theories on cheerleaders, in which case you should probably just disregard this whole post.

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Donovan McNabb And Joe Gibbs Read The Declaration Of Independence

Posted by Matt Terl on February 7, 2011 – 9:57 am

Well, if I thought that a practice squad offensive tackle reading one of Lincoln’s speeches was a big deal, this is probably worthy of a mention as well: Redskins icon Joe Gibbs and quarterback Donovan McNabb help a bunch of other NFL Stars read the Declaration of Independence in an NFL ad that aired before yesterday’s Super Bowl.

In other McNabb news, OK! Magazine named the QB one of the “hot quarterbacks of the NFL” — and, yes, I’m pretty sure they mean that as in “attractive,” not “experiencing a remarkable streak of statistical success”. The big tip-off is the blurb before the slideshow, which asks:

“What better way to celebrate football than to ogle some of its hottest quarterbacks? Even if your team isn’t in the big game, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate!”

Which … well, whatever. But congrats to McNabb for both of these remarkable honors, I suppose.

(Declaration Of Independence video via DC Sports Bog who got it via SBNation DC.) Read more »

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