Anthony Armstrong Gives The Director's Commentary On His Dougie

Posted by Matt Terl on January 13, 2011 – 10:00 am

In the course of digging through 2010 Redskins photos for yesterday’s post about the wide receivers, I discovered that one of our intrepid photographers at the Green Bay game had captured Anthony Armstrong‘s entire celebratory Dougie in a multi-image sequence.

This is the sort of offseason blogging gold that you dream of but rarely stumble across, and I initally planned just to run the sequence without any comment at all. To be frank, I exhausted my entire knowledge of the Dougie in my initial post about Armstrong’s celebration and wouldn’t have had any more insight to offer anyhow.

But a little later in the day, someone walked by my desk who absolutely had some commentary and was willing to share it: Armstrong himself. So here, then, is A Pictorial Of Anthony Armstrong’s Dougie, Annotated By One Anthony A. Armstrong And Also Including At Least One Amusing Digression About The Intense Football League.

To kick it off, though, the touchdown catch that was being celebrated. (Click any of the images in the post for larger versions.)

And now, the Dougie:

Most important: hold onto the ball, even after the catch. “I made sure I didn’t let go of the ball,” Armstrong said, “because it was kind of … it was a big time catch, and it was my first touchdown. So I didn’t wanna let go of the ball, didn’t wanna drop it like in the Buffalo game.”

The pink breast cancer awareness gloves add something to the performance. “It’s kinda like gloves on a mime,” Armstrong noted. “Draws attention to the hands.”

Part 1: The fist pump. “The fist pump, that was just a little something I put in myself — that was the way I was gonna get into it. The little gyratin’ and the shoulder moving, that’s your D-Town Boogie.” (RELATED: Random six-year-old kid doing the D-Town Boogie.)

Part 2: The Dougie. “THAT’S the Dougie,” Armstrong explained. “The Dougie is the backwards swipe of the head, like, ‘That’s my Dougie, that’s what you’re doin’.’ THAT’S the real Dougie. Where I popped my jersey, that’s all me also. You gotta put your own little taste into your Dougie.”

The post-Dougie reviews. Nationally, Armstrong’s dance didn’t receive a lot of love. “I heard that they had done the best Dougies of the year and they never even threw mine in there,” Armstrong joked. He has a pretty simple solution to this snub, though: “If you score more often, then you get your dancing recognized.”

And he was confident that his friends and family back in Texas were pleased. “They’ve seen me doing it for years, so they liked it,” Armstrong said. “In the Arena League, you get a lot more time to act up; in this No Fun League you’ve gotta do it real fast, get it in, get it over with.”

And in the Intense Football League, things were even stranger. “I wasn’t doing the Dougie back then. We would throw the ball into the stands…. At one point, they used to do haircuts at the game. If this was the field,” he said, sliding over a piece of paper from the desk and indicating one sideline, “they’d have elevated chairs with ladies giving haircuts. If you think about where all those fans are in the Dream Seats at FedEx, just think if those were, like, people down there getting their hair cut while the game was going on. One time a teammate scored and jumped in the chair, so I went up there and acted like I was giving him a haircut. It’s a whole bunch of different stuff like that in the Intense Football League. There’s really no rules in that thing.”

And his final analysis of the performance: “I think it was a good Dougie,” Armstrong said. “It doesn’t compare to the 1:30 of John Wall, but … y’know.”

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